Intuition is Intelligence for Your Life

Intuition is intelligence for your life.

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Intuition is so simple yet we continually complicate it.

Intuition is that little  voice you hear when you are getting ready to go out that says, “Take the umbrella.”

And, it’s the internal pull you feel toward befriending one single solitary person when in a room full of people.

It is also the sickening sense you get when you know you’ve been betrayed even before the facts come out.

Intuition is a form of intelligence.

And just what is intelligence? Intelligence is the ability to understand and use information to navigate your life.

Intuition tells us it’s going to rain before we listen to the weather, that someone across the room is going to become your new best friend or future mate or that someone has lied and betrayed you.

This is useful information for your life. And that’s just what your intuition is there for, to give you useful information about your life.

So, why do we complicate intuition?

We mix up intuition with psychism, and mediumistic phenomena and speak about it all in the same breath when in reality the three are very different. Psychism goes beyond the self to gather information about others. Mediumiship is communication with discarnate beings.

While not everyone is a psychic or a medium, everyone is intuitive. Our non-stop busy world is full of distractions that make it easy to overlook these subtle pieces of information. Intuition flashes through the mind so quickly that if we don’t train ourselves to listen or become aware of our bodily reactions we quickly forget them and move on to the next thing.

If you listen to your internal voice, become aware of your gut reactions (that pull toward or feeling of aversion) which is how your body communicates you will be equipped with more information with which to make better decisions and choices in your life; even if it is simply that you don’t get caught in a downpour because you left your umbrella at home.  That’s what I try to get across on Powered by Intuition.

Intuition enhances your life

Developing your intuition enhances your life by providing you with more information than meets the eye in every situation. When you have the inside track on things you make the right decisions for your life and far fewer mistakes.

Fewer mistakes mean more success! You will successfully discover your true calling in life, your right mate, your true friends and whom to avoid, the right business venture, the right time to move forward with something and when to wait and on and on and on.

This is the gift of receiving intuitive insight in situations.

Develop your intuition

To develop your intuition is simple because you are already getting information intuitively all the time. You just haven’t been trained to focus upon them.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Create an intention to become aware of your intuition. Simply tell yourself that you want to become more intuitive – that is creating an intention. Remind yourself of this everyday.

2. Use an affirmation to keep yourself focused. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. A simple affirmation such as, “My intuition now comes through to me loud and clear” is enough. Repeat it often throughout the day. The more you instill the belief the more your intuition will come through!

3. Stay present. Don’t think too much about it. When you have a gut feeling don’t analyze it to death! If you hear a thought that stands out in your mind – go with it. Over thinking is the kiss of death when it comes to intuition.

People write to me all the time with questions on how to know the difference between intuition, instinct, imagination, rational thought and the ego all the time. I put the answers to their questions in a book titled, “The Intuition Answer Book.” Click here to find the book on Amazon.

Here’s a valuable tip: Your intuition feels right from the get-go. If you have to think about it too much it’s not your intuition.

4. Take action. Follow your hunch and take your umbrella. Pick up the phone and call that former colleague when the thought comes to you. Don’t divulge too much information to that person you think is shady.

5. Record your intuitive process. Keep an intuition journal. Any simple pad or notebook will do. Write down the thoughts, hunches and gut feeling you had and what actions you took or whatever transpired afterward. Recording your intuitive insights is another way to strengthen your intention to become more intuitive. It also enforces the belief that you are intuitive and allows you to see in black and white just how intuitive you really are.

This is the most powerful step of all. If you do nothing but step 5 your intuition will flourish.

The more you see how intuitive you are and how following intuitive guidance leads to better outcomes in your life the more intuitive and in turn successful you will be – in every area of your life.

Do you allow your intuition to lead you in life? If not, what’s stopping you? What are your greatest challenges and questions about using your intuition?

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  1. Enjoyed reading this because I can always use a reminder. I especially have to remember to make affirmations. I know they are very powerful.

    • Hi Rosemarie,
      I’m so glad you found this useful as a reminder!

  2. I really enjoyed this article. Your perfect discernment of the comparison of tuition with psychism, and mediumistic phenomena says it all. We have only learned to feel hokey about trusting our intuition because it is often lumped in with those things. Great post!

    • Courtney,
      I love how you described this: “We’ve only learned to feel hokey about trusting our intuition because it is often lumped in with those (psychism and mediumship) things.

      Great assessment of the article. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  3. I really don’t get how some people feel proud to say they don’t believe in intuition and feel very sad for them. Unfortunately, people tend to wait for a major episode to prove to them that they must trust that inner voice.

    Wonderful post, Angela. I see what you mean – people do tend to group intuition, psychics and “mediums”. Just today, we were talking to guests about how we went by our intuition for a major decision that paid off for us.

    Hugs, Vidya

    • Hi Vidya,
      I totally agree with you. Every single person on the planet has had a “hunch” at one time or another that they followed despite the lack of rational explanation. I try to stay away from that type of individual myself. We all see exactly what we want to see in life!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it Vidya. I want people to know that following intuition is not “airy faery” stuff. It has less to do with “angels and spirit guides” than to do with our connection to the “source” of life, our own innate intelligence and all the stored data that we’ve forgotten.

      Hugs back!

  4. Angela,
    Thanks for explaining the differences between intuition and being a medium or a physic. I love your tips, too. I like the idea of recording the intuition in your life. What a record that would be.

    • Hi Betsy,
      I’m so happy you found this post worthwhile. That makes it worth doing!
      You’re welcome my friend.

  5. Angela –

    This is a post that can be useful to everyone. I have always called our intuition our ‘still small voice’. You have taken that concept and woven it into the story of our lives – how we can live differently IF we choose to listen to it – rather than questioning its ‘powerful truth’.
    The question ‘why do we complicate it?’ is a good one Angela…as far as I’m concerned, we have been taught by Western Society to shun it in favor of logic – unless indigenous cultures who listen intently and use it as their guide. As always, thanks for a great post – xxoo-Fran

    • Hi Fran,
      I’m glad you see it as useful. That’s the perfect way to describe it: the small still voice.
      So many people question its truth……the moment we begin accepting the more powerful, dynamic and successful we become in our lives.
      Yes!! I so agree. We have been taught to ignore the intuitive intelligence we receive in favor of logic instead. Personally, I believe it is a consequence of living in a patriarchal society where all things considered feminine are given less value.
      Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. I love this Angela and I ma noticing as I trust my intuition more it is like having a friend by my side. What I am now doing is being more conscious of the nudges, whispers etc and it does take work
    I like your affirmation My intuition now comes through to me loud and clear that will make a good post it for the computer
    thanks Angela for your spirit

    • Dear Suzie,
      I love how you describe your intuition: Like having a friend by your side! Excellent.
      All we need to do is become aware of those nudges and our lives can become even better.
      Big hugs to you!!

  7. What a comprehensive article on intuition Angela. You have a way of making it sound the most natural thing in the world, which I suppose it really is. Love the idea of developing our intuition and your steps make it simple enough that we all can do it.

    Thanks Angela.

    Love Elle

    • Hi Elle,
      You’re so welcome. I’m glad you found the article useful. It is so simple….like breathing. We all have it and we are all getting intuitive information all the time whether we realize it or not.
      Big hugs to you Elle!

  8. Oh yes, I let my intuition guide me in many decisions as much as I can. Sometimes I get answers that are pretty surprising. My challenges come when I don’t trust these answers and I will keep asking the same questions over and over again. In the end, I get confused because the answers begin to contradict. Lesson learned: I find it much easier to get answers when I am not attached to the outcome.

    You wrote about doing “live” workshops in your newsletter. I think it is a great idea to have physical interactions. I wish you the best and every success with making your dream come true!

    • Hi Evelyn,
      You are so right. The less attached we are to the outcome the more easily we not only get answers but accept the answers our intuition brings forth. I receive letters all the time from people asking me about why they get contradictory answers and attachment is one of the biggest reasons and that they do not trust what they get.

      I’d love to do live workshops I’m just not sure I have the time. I’d truly love to though! Thanks for sending me your positive energy. I truly appreciate it and you!



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