The Intuition Principle Guided Meditations

Intuition Principle Guided Meditations album    Do You Feel Disconnected From Your Purpose?

           Afraid you’re “trapped” in your current life?

I completely understand because I experienced this too. That’s why I wrote the book, “The Intuition Principle” and recorded the meditations. I found the way out – and you can too.

The Way to Free Yourself is Here:

Are You Ready To Passionately Live Your Dream Life, Uncover Your Purpose, and Reconnect to Your Soul?


              Imagine Your Life The Way It Could Be….

     Begin now with “The Intuition Principle Guided Meditations.”

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How would you like to:

•          Unleash your innate wisdom, power and potential quickly and easily.

•          Tap into your inner genius to solve any problem under the sun.

•          Create financial success and live in abundance.

•          Do work that feels like play and makes you jump out of bed every morning.

•          Boost your confidence through the roof and never fear failure.

•          Nurture loving and supportive relationships with people who truly “get” you.

                         These Guided Meditations Valued at $147 Are Specifically Designed To Teach You To:

•       Trust your intuition – believe in it and allow it to lead you to the life of your dreams.

•        Quiet mind chatter in order to hear your inner voice when you need guidance.

•        Distinguish between your intuition, wishful thinking, ego or fears.

•        End inner conflict and resistance that gets in the way of your soul’s purpose.

•        Gain insight into your life by using your intuition.

•        Unlock the power to manifest your dreams.

•        Inspire you to change your life now!

Begin Your New Journey Today.

The Intuition Principle Guided Meditations: Connect to Your Soul, Passion & Purpose
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Plus for a limited time only receive the ReAwakening Guided Meditation System, a $147 value, as a free bonus!

The ReAwakening Guided Meditation Program

*Now you get both guided meditation albums ($147+$147) for less than the price of one. Only $97!!

This one of a kind guided meditation program is based upon my best-selling book, The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life You Dream Of

It provides the tools for finally creating the life you have always dreamed of living.

Wait No More!

These fourteen thought-provoking meditations will uncover what matters most to you.

Nearly 90 minutes of playing time!

The lovingly created guided meditations will take you to the deepest levels of your soul, where all the answers await.

The Album Includes: 

1. Welcome track

2.Instructions on How to Use The Meditations (PDF)

3.Meet & Connect to Your Guides Meditation

4.How to Develop Your Intuition Meditation

5.Get Answers from the Wisest Person You Know Meditation

6.Answering the Complicated Questions in Life Meditation

7.Identify Your Passion & Purpose Meditation

8.Remember Your Mission & See Your Life’s Blueprint Meditation

9.Meet the Authentic You that You Were Meant to Be Meditation

10.Complete Training for How to Ask for Guidance During Meditation

11.Guided Exercise for How to Ask for a Sign

12.Complete Lesson to Learn How to Meditate Deeply

13.Visualization to Check in on Your Health & Give Yourself a Body Scan

14.Guided Exercise to Get Answers About Your Career & Finances

15.Guided Exercise to Receive Guidance About Relationships

15.Exercise to Ask for a Direct Sign to Help You Make Important Decisions


Get The Answers & Guidance You Need Today. 

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One word of caution – don’t use these meditations unless you have a burning desire to:

……. •   Find out if you are on the right path in life and living your true purpose.

•   Live an incredible “intuitively inspired life” where synchronicity & serendipity guide you effortlessly through life.

•   Bring the “fabulousity factor” into your life and have everyone wondering what your secret is!

Take Your Intuition To The Next Level With The…


Plus for a limited time only receive the ReAwakening Guided Meditation System, a $147 value, as a free bonus!

The ReAwakening Guided Meditation Program

*Now you get both albums ($147+$147) for less than the price of one. Only $97!!

Download both meditation albums now! To be clear this is a fully digital product. Nothing will be physically shipped to you. So, no need to wait!

Order your album now to find your purpose, ignite your passion and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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*Haven’t read The Intuition Principle book yet? No problem – click here and get your companion copy.

P.S. If you are not delighted with this product simply return it within 30 days and you will be issued a full refund – no questions asked.

What people are saying about The Intuition Principle Guided Meditations:

“Angela’s soothing voice is just the perfect tonic for anyone who is looking for a complete collection of guided meditation tracks for all areas of their life. From relationships to health and from connecting your guides to finding your life blueprint, Angela has the perfect guided meditation for you.

Get Angela’s collection of Guided Meditations and be amazed as magical things start happening in your life!”

— Arvind Devalia, coach, speaker, author and blogger at Make it Happen.


“I love these guided meditations that Angela’s is sharing with the world.. They are empowering! I met my recent guide Lily through the Meet & Connect to Your Guides meditation and discovered my sign through the How to Ask for a Sign. I use one of Angel’s meditations daily and they are so practical and simple to fit into you daily life.
Whether you are just starting out to meditate or an experienced meditator, Angela’s guided meditations will help you open into your soul, your intuition or what I call your heart whispers.

These meditations will be a wonderful addition to your spiritual toolbox.

– Suzie Cheel, Intuitive Artist, Inspirational Author, Abundance Coach, at

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