Mediumship Readings: Answering Readers Questions.

Mediumship Readings: Answering Readers Questions.

QUESTION: Can you make someone come through even if they’ve been deceased for 30, 40 or 50 years?

That’s a good question. The first thing to understand about Mediumship Readings is that a Medium cannot make a soul in the spirit world do anything. They have free will just as you and I do, and will show up to a reading if they want to. The length of time they’ve been on the other side doesn’t matter. It’s all up to them.

Interestingly enough, many times grandparents and great grandparents come through in readings even though they passed before the birth of the client. They know who you are and are aware of of you, and want to let you know they love you and are watching over you. When it’s time for you to make your journey to the other side they’ll welcome you home, as part of their soul family.

To show you that the number of decades a loved one has been deceased doesn’t matter, consider this example of a client who was researching the family tree. They knew nothing of their family beyond their grandparents, yet great grandparents and great aunts and uncles and their children (distant cousins) came through with many details of their lives to fill in the blanks about their family history. They were able to take the names and details about their distant relatives and delve more deeply into the online search of their genealogy.

Here’s a tip for you. If you have the opportunity prior to a mediumship reading, try to do some research, or learn from relatives who are still alive about your family tree. It will make the mediumship reading much more validating if you’re able to recognize the relatives when they come through.

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Mediumship: Getting Answers from Deceased Loved Ones

Mediumship: Getting Answers from Deceased Loved Ones

Answering Client Questions about Mediumship Readings.

After a loved one has made their transition to the spirit world you miss them, especially their physical presence and how easily you communicated. Often you want to know if they’re aware of how lonely you are without them, or the challenges you’re now facing, or if they know there was a new addition to the family, or know of your recent accomplishments. You may want advice on what to do about a certain situation, or changing aspect of your life. The list of questions is endless. Many times the answers come through in the mediumship reading, but sometimes they don’t.

The question that often follows is why didn’t they say anything about this during the mediumship reading?

There are a number of answers to this question. First, they’re aware of what’s going on in your life, maybe not minute by minute, but they’re absolutely aware of the highlights. Many times they’re so excited to be communicating with you and sharing all the wonderful memories of their lives that they momentarily forget to congratulate you on your promotion, or say anything about the arrival of the new baby. It’s not that they don’t know, it’s just that they have so much they want to share with you, that perhaps before they got around to it the hour flew by.

Another reason may be that you are intent on getting a specific answer from them about something. For example, you want to know where the life insurance policy is. They may or may not recall this, just like you may put things away and then not remember where you put them; they’re no different. So they may focus on showing you places where they think they may have put the insurance policy. They’re trying hard to remember, but consequently they’re so engrossed in trying to help you they forget to send that birthday cake image to say Happy Birthday to you.

You have to realize that making a transition from this world to the next does not automatically make your loved one a saint, or a seer. They retain their character traits and personality when they go to the other side. And, they may not remember everything. Have you ever talked about a memory of a family event with a sibling and learned that their memory is completely different than yours? Or, that you recall things about the event that they don’t, and they recall things that you don’t remember either. This doesn’t change when you go to the spirit world.

Another reason you may not get an answer can depend on the relationship you had with your deceased loved one when they were alive. If you weren’t in the habit of asking their advice, or discounted their advice when they gave it they may hold back from advising you now. Perhaps they know you never listen to advice! A word of caution, if they gave terrible advice when they were alive don’t expect them to be a sage now.

If they were the type of person who didn’t share much about their lives, or shared only what they wanted you to know and held back the rest, they’ll be the same in the mediumship reading. If they were shy, quiet, talked very little, slow to form relationships and, or distrustful of strangers they may not communicate any differently from the other side. If they loved being the center of attention and told stories to answer questions, they’ll do the same thing through a medium. Always keep in mind when posing a question who they were in life.

Conversely, if you ask a question such as, “How much more time does Mom have?” Or, “How am I going to get out of this mess?” They may not answer if it’s not in your best interest. They may know there’s little time left for your mother before she makes her transition, and not want you to panic. They may also know that your life mission is to figure out how to solve the problems you created for your own greater spiritual growth, and therefore not provide the answer.

The advice I give clients prior to mediumship readings is to let your loved ones know about the upcoming mediumship reading appointment. Ask them to be there and ask them to answer your question. Talk to them as if they were right next to you (most likely they are). Keep reminding them daily about the reading and the question you want them to answer. Do not make a laundry list of questions. Let them be themselves in the reading, and let it be an expression of their love for you. Allow them to share what they want with you. I guarantee they will bring up memories you had long forgotten about, and it will be much more meaningful because they remembered this special thing about you.

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Developing Intuition When You Feel like You’re Making It Up

Developing Intuition When You Feel like You’re Making It Up

Do you ever feel as if you’re making you’re intuition up?

If you do you’re not alone. This is a very common feeling.

When I work with students one of the first things they say as they begin to get images, symbols and words/phrases is, “I feel like I’m making this up!” And actually this is a good thing, but it’s also a double-edged sword.

When you feel as if you’re making it up this shows that the information that is coming to you is not coming from your own memory or preset beliefs. When the images, symbols and words/phrases that pop into your mind are surprising you are getting information that was not previously known to you, and that’s why you feel as if you’re making it up.

The information in whatever form it comes, whether it is seen visually in the mind’s eye or heard audibly within the mind is not something you were previously thinking about, so it just drops into your awareness very suddenly. This is why I’ve always referred to this type of information as a “download” as it comes from outside of you. To feel as if you’re making it up is a good sign of your progress in developing your intuition.

There is a downside to getting the feeling that you’re making it up, and it’s this; many times when you feel as if you’re making up the images, symbols and words/phrases you get you’ll sensor yourself. This means you’ll hold back and not share this information as you believe “you made it up” and therefor it’s incorrect. But 99.9 percent of the time you’ll learn later that it was actually correct. It’s a painful lesson in learning to trust what you get intuitively especially when it’s surprising, but this is how you learn.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been working to develop your intuition and psychic abilities either. I still have moments when I feel as if I’m making it up and I don’t trust the information. I’ll give you an example. In a recent mediumship reading I heard a name that I was reluctant to share because my rational mind kicked in. Now, I had not been thinking of this name and it WAS a surprise, however I immediately assumed this was too stereotypical of a name for the nationality of the person I was reading and didn’t say it. (For example hearing the name Nick if I was reading for a person of Greek heritage and assuming it couldn’t be right because it’s so common). I didn’t share the name and of course, it turned out to be the correct name. This is how the rational mind trips you up.

So how do you overcome the feeling of making up your intuition? Here are three important tips:

  1. Practice! Do not ever stop practicing. Join an Intuition Development Group. Developing your intuition and psychic abilities is a life-long journey that takes time, practice and perseverance. There is no such thing as instant mastery.
  2. Meditate every day. I can’t stress this enough. There is no better way to learn how to differentiate between the information you get from your rational mind and that of your intuition and psychic abilities than by going within. This will sharpen your intuition – absolutely.
  3. Let go of your fear of being wrong. This is the most difficult thing to learn to do. If the information that comes to you “surprises” you – trust it and share it. Try to adopt an attitude of play when you’re getting the information. NO ONE is right all the time – no matter what you see on TV shows about psychics. They edit out all the mistakes. Never forget that. So stop being so hard on yourself and enjoy the process!

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Why is Love All There Is?

Why is Love All There Is?

Why is love all there is? Have you ever thought about this?

In January of 1998 I had a profound spiritually transformative experience. In the middle of the night I was awakened by an aunt who had made her transition three weeks earlier. She came to tell me to, “love more.” And, during her visit I was enveloped in the most indescribable love I have ever felt. It was far beyond human love. The only word that might possibly describe it is celestial. I was so high from this love I don’t think my feet touched the ground for a week. Years later, from my research I learned that it can take up 20 years to process and integrate a spiritually transformative experience, and here it was happening to me right on cue.

In 2018, I began to focus on this topic of “love being all there is” when it occurred to me that the depression I had been experiencing wasn’t so much a depression, as it was homesickness. I longed to feel that amazing “celestial” love again. Where had it gone? Why couldn’t I feel it again?

One morning I was meditating when I had a flash of insight about this phrase. It came to me that “love is all there is” because at our core we are drops of eternal divine intelligence, or God having a human experience through each of us. This loving intelligence animates life and is the eternal force that leaves when the body expires. It loves us as self, as we are all one and the same in essence. And, it is ALL there is because without it there could be no-thing.

As part of our human experience we forget who we really are. The emotional problems of life in a physical body blot out the awareness of this love. But, when we make our transition out of the physical world we are freed from this build-up of emotions and we experience the truth again, and that amazing love again. This is why many spiritually transformative experiences have an element of unity consciousness or divine love to them. In that blissful moment we are freed from the layer of “forgetfulness” to experience that love really is all there is.

We can manage the “emotional build-up” and strengthen our connection to divine love every day if we practice meditation. Having a daily practice of meditation allows us to get quiet and see where the “build-up” is, so we know what part of our lives need attention. We may never have the blow-out high of a spiritually transformative experience, but at least we know the truth that we are all headed home, and when we get there we will bask in the full force of that amazing love that cannot be described.

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Getting Messages from Deceased Loved Ones Through Dreams

Getting Messages from Deceased Loved Ones Through Dreams

Have you been wishing that your deceased loved one would send you a message through a dream?

One of the most common ways that afterdeath communication takes place is through dreams.

It’s not unusual to have what is known as a “visitation dream” in the first few years after a loved one has crossed over. A “visitation dream” is characterized by how real the experience feels and how it stands out in your memory even years later. The love you feel during a visitation dream is palpable and the message touches your heart. Visitation dreams happen spontaneously. They are definitely a wonderful surprise gift from heaven!

But what happens when you’re loved one has been gone for a long time and you still wish to have contact with them? Is it possible?

The answer is yes.

If you wish to communicate there are a few simple steps you can take to send up flare that will get their attention.

I did this recently with my father. Since his passing I’ve been taking care of my mother who is turning 90 in 6 months. She is not an easy person to deal with and often more critical than appreciative of my efforts. Getting older is not easy as I’m learning first-hand through the experience of being her caretaker. I’m not blaming my mother for being difficult to please just stating a fact. I wondered if my father knew that I was doing my best with my mother?

It took nearly two months, but I did get a message from him in a recent dream. This dream was not a “visitation” but an answer to my request to hear from him on this subject..

Let me share the dream with you then I’ll give you the steps to follow to communicate with your deceased loved one.

Dream: I was walking on the side walk past the backyard of the house I grew up in at around 7 am. It was early on a Saturday morning and the street was quiet and no one was outside. I had just reached the hedge-lined pathway that would take me from the the sidewalk to the back patio when the back door opened and out came my father. He was carrying a brown cushion pet bed. He walked across the patio to the pathway and bent down and placed the pet bed on the path between the hedges. If I wasn’t standing at the edge of the path there would have been no way I would have seen that pet bed on the ground as it was completely hidden between the hedges.

As he stood he looked up and our eyes met. The edges of his mouth curled up in a slight impish grin.

I immediately knew that he was embarrassed to have been caught doing this kind act for stray animals. My father was a kind man and always eager to help people and animals. He never advertised his deeds – he just did them.

I believe he was telling me that while he is aware that I’m doing my best that I should not expect any recognition from my mother or anyone else. I should quietly continue to do what I’ve been doing just for the sake of knowing it’s the right thing to do like he would have done.

So I did get answer from my father after all.

Would you like to get an answer about something in your life from a deceased love one?
Try following these three simple steps:
  1. Be clear on what you want to know. Don’t send out a jumble of questions or requests. Narrow it down and focus on that one thing you want answered.
  2. Create the intention that you wish to hear from them in a dream. Every night when you go to bed be sure you have a pad and a pen on your bedside table. Say out loud, “I want to have dream communication with XX where they answer this (insert your question).”
  3. Talk to them frequently during the day – out loud. I find the best time to do this is when I’m in the car alone. I tell them to take a ride with me and imagine they are sitting in the passenger seat. Then I explain that I want to hear from them and I would like it if they replied to my question in a dream I intend to have that evening.

NOTE: It may take a couple of days or even weeks to have and recall your dream. It’s very important not to give up. It’s also important to keep your wits about you each and every day after you make your request to communicate with your loved one. They may try to get your attention in other ways to share the answer with you using signs and symbols during the day.

That’s it! Set the intention. Communicate this intention clearly to your loved one during the day. Go to sleep.

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