The moment we set the intention to be guided by our intuition is the moment we begin seeing the signs the Universe has been placing on our path all along. 

Intuition: Where do signs come from?

Where do signs come from?Some of you who have read my book, “Navigating by Intuition: How to Follow the Signs” know that I believe becoming aware of the signs that guide us is very important. I’d like to share some readers’ questions about signs:

Question: Why do I get signs that are wrong?

When we begin to expand our awareness and open up spiritually and intuitively we begin to “notice” that things “outside” of us often “reflect” back to us what we are thinking or feeling inside. This is because we are creating our reality with our thoughts and emotions and then we see our predominant beliefs, thought patterns and emotions mirrored back to us in the circumstances of our lives.

When we ask for a sign we are opening our awareness to seeing it. We will see a sign if we are ready to proceed with whatever it is we are asking for a sign about. If the thing we are asking for sign about is not aligned with our path or purpose there won’t be a sign. There will more than likely be a sign telling us not to proceed along this path.

But, when we really want to do something even when it’s not for our highest good we tend to ignore the signs telling us not to go forward. We also tend to “see” what we want to see. So, when we follow a sign that turns out to be wrong it was because we were attached to a specific outcome and therefore we saw a sign that falsely supported that outcome.

The way to work with signs is to let go of preconceived notions and desires. You have to allow the Universe to line up in the way it was meant to line up so it can orchestrate things that are for your highest good. Whenever we “force” things to happen we create problems for ourselves.

Question: Can I be getting signs and not seeing them?

Signs mirror back to us what is already contained within us. In other words we can’t perceive a sign for something that isn’t already contained within our consciousness. So if you ask, “Give me a sign that I should I should audition for American Idol,” but inside you haven’t yet wrapped your head around being famous or being in the spotlight or being a winner – you’re not going to see the sign. You have to already BE that person inside to see the sign.

If we aren’t yet ready to proceed on the path we are asking for a sign about we tend not to see the signs because we feel insecure about proceeding or conflicted or fearful about going forward. So, even if there are signs all around us we won’t see them until we are ready to perceive them.

For example, I asked for a sign for years to show me my what my true calling was. I was frustrated because it appeared that I never got a sign! Now, as I look back on it I realize that I was getting signs but my consciousness had not yet expanded enough to perceive them. I was still caught up in all the “fear” of letting go of my former life to “acknowledge” the signs that were all around me.

The signs I got and completely overlooked were: writing my first book at 11 years old; writing and illustrating my own comic books; keeping a journal since grade school; carrying pens and notepads with me wherever I went; enjoying taking copious notes; loved writing reports and stories for school, read biographies of writers and books about writing like they were going out of style, etc.

When you are ready on the inside you will see it on the outside.

 Question: Can bad entities send us a sign to purposely create “problems” in our lives? 

I do not believe in “bad entities.” If you confuse your intuition with your ego’s wants and are attached to a certain outcome you can and will “see” signs in things because you desire a certain outcome. The trick is to “let go”of all your expectations and be open to whatever comes. Then you will receive unbiased signs.

What questions do you have about “signs?” 

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