Evidential Mediumship Reading – A gift of peace, comfort and healing for those who are grieving. Connect and communicate with your loved ones who have passed. Feel their love for you which never dies. [Scroll down to purchase session.]

Intuitive Tarot reading – Get answers and direction for your life. See what the next 6 months to a year looks like for your life, or a certain situation. [Scroll down to purchase session.]

Absolute Intuition Home Training Program – Take your intuition to the next level. Learn how to get absolute answers you can trust and rely upon with certainty so that you make the right decisions that will create success in your life & ventures. (Email me if you’re interested in the home training program),


I’m an evidential medium and clairvoyant, and have been guided by the spirit world since childhood.

If you’re missing a loved one who’s made their transition book a reading to communicate with them and reconnect to their love for you – which never dies.

Let the wisdom they’ve gleaned from their transition gently guide you now and book an evidential mediumship reading now.

I had known Angela as a business acquaintance for several years. Being neither a believer nor a disbeliever in ethereal beings, I attended her public reading one evening, perhaps more out of curiosity than anything. I was stunned when, within minutes of her reading, I realized she was clearly describing my sister, who had passed several years earlier. Her physical description, the memories she brought up of our childhood, and the more recent events leading up to her death left me speechless. I was not just amazed; I was also comforted, and literally felt a warmth come over me during the entire reading. Angela’s emotionally supportive personality is very consoling, and I believe she is truly gifted.” –Erin Moran

My Mom succumbed to Parkinson’s Disease in December of 2014.   The last several months of her life she had become completely non-communicative due to her Parkinson’s.  I had a very hard time getting over her passing.  Through Angela, I was able to connect with my Mom in September of 2015.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was my Mom.  The things that Angela described during the meeting were only things my Mom would have known.  Words can’t begin to describe how much better I felt.  She made me understand that she has been, and always will be with me by the things she said.  She was happy, having fun and doing all the things she was unable to do at the end of her life, due to the constraints of Parkinson’s.

We reached out to my Mom, for the second time in March of 2020 and she came through again.  This time she was with our very close relatives who had passed.  Again, no doubt that it was my Mom, my Godparents and Grandparents.  They were all together, happy and perfectly described by Angela.

In both sessions, we were able to ask questions that were answered through Angela.  I had such an overwhelming sense of peace knowing that my Mom is happy and with her loved ones.

I would absolutely recommend Angela Artemis to anyone who is struggling due to the loss of someone special.—Joan D., Oakland, NJ

My sisters and I were able to communicate with our mom and other family members who were very important to us through Angela. It gave us all such happiness and peace. Angela is truly blessed with a special gift. Thank you so very much Angela.   Rose L., Penn Yan, NY

My two sisters and I had a meeting with Angela Artemis at the end of March 2020. This was the second reading we had with her. I just want to thank Angela for doing such a wonderful reading where we learned so much more about how my mother, in particular, and our other relatives are doing on the other side, in heaven. Her descriptions of our family were specific and clear. We were so excited to learn of what our relatives were up to. She described in detail what certain people were wearing or doing. Without knowing exactly who they were. In her description it was very clear to my sisters and I who these relatives were. We asked about our grandfather. Angela then saw a man wearing suspenders and holding a tomato in his hand. Our grandfather always wore suspenders and grew the biggest tomatoes in the town.

Angela was able to paint a picture of where our mom and relatives lived and how happy they are. We were amazed at the things that came through. Angela is very easy to talk to. She made us feel very comfortable. To be able to communicate through her to our mom and relatives is truly a gift. And to know that our mom is with us whenever we think about her is truly priceless. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone who needs to connect with a loved one who has passed on!Lynn S., Punta Gorda, FL

Clients rave about their readings because I help identify trends that will arise in the future from which they can create better more successful lives. (Want to read more of what clients are saying about my services?  Click here)

Let me use my own highly developed intuition to provide powerful, transformative insights for you.

I started reading the Tarot when I was 11 and casting astrology charts at 12. I knew about things that were going to happen or about people, that there was no way to explain, which pushed me to study and learn what the mind was capable of. I’ve studied spiritual and hands on energy healing modalities, astrology, EFT, trained with numerous famous and professional mediums, studied under several Spiritual teachers, and Eastern gurus and stayed at Ashrams, and have been a meditation instructor.

Here’s what my clients are saying….

“When Angela did an intuitive reading for me, she went right to the heart of what she saw for me, and to my delight, what she saw was where I was intending to head. Having her share her vision of what she sensed unfolding for me was such a rush! It gave me a surge of energy and confidence that has made staying on my path a whole lot easier than before.

Angela is a warm, perceptive, intelligent and discerning woman who clearly senses energy, and her own energy is very appealing. I’ve always been pretty aware of the vibes people have, and I either respond immediately or not at all to people I interact with. I liked Angela immensely from our very first encounter.

Not only did Angela give me that kick in the pants, “Yes, you’re on your path,” message, she also had some great practical advice for the unfolding of the path. Talking with her is like brainstorming on steroids. I got off the phone fired up and full of ideas.” –Ande Waggener


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