There can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis.” Malcolm Gladwell

Developing and learning to follow your intuition has many practical applications in daily life.

Intuitive insight, intuitive mind, intuitive thinkingIt’s been well publicized that some of the world’s most renowned creative geniuses use their intuition when making decisions. Names like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates spring to mind immediately.

Learning to tap into your inner wisdom can save you from making a wrong business decision, picking the wrong business partner, save you money and time and so much more.

You are already checking in with your gut and following your hunches for all kinds of practical uses but, just don’t realize it. Check out this list of common ways your intuition assists you in making decisions and choices and supplies you with information in your daily life.

You’ve probably been relying on gut feelings more than you know to…..

1. To see which of two nurseries has the type of tomato plants you’re looking for so you don’t waste the time and gasoline driving to the wrong one.

2. To get a feel for which summer camp your child would enjoy most and not be struck by a severe case of home sickness. There is something about the counselors at the one camp you feel would make your son feel more secure.

3. You have a hunch that your sister and her boyfriend will show up at your summer home this weekend and so you buy two extra steaks while they are on sale. And, they do show up.

4. Know whether going in on a shore house with that couple a good idea or it will ruin your friendship?

5. Throw a pair of sneakers in the trunk so you can change out of your sandals. You have a suspicion it’s going to rain even though there is no rain in the forecast.

6. Which tree service will the best job and not add on extra charges for cutting a few extra limbs while on the job.

7. The next two weeks are going to be crazy as your son is getting married. Your gut says that the leak under the sink is not serious enough for a plumber so taping it up with plumber’s tape is going to be fine for now. After the wedding you have the plumber out and he says had you waited any longer to call him you would have had a flood in your kitchen.

8. You refuse to open the door to the unannounced visitor from the gas company and later find out that it was a scam to rob people’s homes.

9. You always seem to “know” where to find for lost items in the house.

10. Seeing an expensive patio set at Lowe’s prompts you to call an old friend who had a similar set. When you tell the friend what prompted you to call the friend gifts you their patio set because they just bought a new one!

11. Suddenly think to ask the dealership to check the spare tire during a routine oil change just prior to your family’s annual vacation by car. Thank goodness you did because it turned out the spare was defective.

12. You insist that your husband move the grill from the wood deck to the flagstone patio because you feel uneasy about it being there. He tries to tell you there’s no reason to move it and that millions of people grill on their decks. You wonder if you’re being paranoid? The next time he is grilling the entire grill falls off the stand.

1 3. Something tells you to go to the local hardware store in your town even though it’s more expensive than to Home Depot out on the highway. Later you hear on the evening news that there was a water main break that flooded that stretch of highway.

14. You go with a friend to see a condo she wants to bid on and meet the next door neighbor in the parking lot – who creeps you out totally. She buys the apartment and it turns out the police are called regularly to break up domestic violence between he and his wife.

15. A friend tells you about a new department opening up at his company that you would be perfect for and sends your resume to his director. You immediately know that you’re going to be offered this job so you stop sending out resumes. Two months later you are offered the job and take it.

16. A colleague in a similar business is discussing developing a product or service that is similar to one you’ve been working on. A little voice in your head says it would be good idea to join forces. You bring it up and it turns out to be very successful.

17. Tell your nephew to consider it a a lucky break that he was let go from his job as something is “fishy” is going on there. The next month there is an article in the paper and the company is under investigation from the FBI.

18. You sense something is wrong in a friend’s marriage and have a strange foreboding even though your friend has said nothing to you. Two years later they are separated and getting divorced.

20. You are taking a walk and see one of your friend’s ex-husband’s contracting trucks drive by. This reminds you that he has been ill and you wonder how he is doing? The next day you read his obituary in the paper.

21. You are walking around past the window in your apartment in your nightgown when you suddenly get the feeling you are being watched. You look up and there is your neighbor from across the courtyard watching you!

22. You have a dream that you are at your doctor’s and she says you need to have a tumor removed. Three months later you find out that you have a nodule on your thyroid and schedule surgery to have it removed.

23. You are stopping at the grocery store after work and for some inexplicable reason pick up brownie mix even though you wife didn’t have that on the list. When you get home your daughter says that she had been in the mood to make brownies.

24. You attend a seminar and see a person from across the room and smile at them. You know at that very moment that you are going to like this person and become friends and you do.

25. You’ve become interested in a new hobby. While out for lunch you are drawn to stop in at a new gift shop that opened up. You meet the owner and she tells you that she teaches this hobby and will offering classes in her shop soon.

Intuition is so subtle that many times we don’t even realize it is working for us. I hope this list gives you a better idea of how you are already using intuition in your life.

Can you see how some of these examples may be similar to things you’ve experienced in your life? What experiences have you had with your intuition? Share with us or ask a question.

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