Can you tell the difference between an intuitive flash and a psychic one?

Would you know if you heard a voice if it was coming from your intuition or from another source?

The other day I was responding to comments from my interview with Hulbert Lee on his blog, From Bottom Up and I got a very interesting question from blogger, Farnoosh Brock creator of Prolific Living. Farnoosh asked if there was a difference between intuition and premonitions? She’d had a few experiences and wasn’t sure what to classify them as.

The term intuition is used very loosely these days. Most people using it don’t realize that when they use the word intuition they’re using it to cover both intuitive and psychic experiences, or abilities.

In the last few years I’ve noticed that many psychics began calling themselves intuitives – me included. I’d always felt people judged me when I used the word psychic to define my abilities, so I decided to soften it by saying I was an intuitive. After all every one’s intuitive, right? It seemed to be more readily accepted and respectable than saying I was a psychic. The word psychic always brought to mind some storefront with a cheesy neon sign and fortune teller inside just waiting to tell you there was a curse on you.

The only problem in calling myself an intuitive rather than a psychic is that they are two very different things. If you’re psychic than you’re definitely intuitive, but being intuitve doesn’t mean you’re also psychic. Just as being psychic doesn’t guarantee you’ll also have mediumistic abilities.

Here’s how you can tell the difference.

1. There are three very different forms of communication that are beyond the five senses. They all fall under the realm of Extra-Sensory Perception and they are; intuition, psychic perceptions (also called psychism)  and mediumship.

2. Intuition comes from within. It’s your own wisdom, or higher self speaking to you and guiding you and protecting you from harm. If you have a gut feeling, or strong emotion like dread or fear, or sense that something is going to happen to someone, or something bad is going to happen to you it’s called a premonition, or presentiment, and it falls under the category of Intuition. I wrote an in depth post about how to recognize your intuition speaking to you. Click here to read it.

3. Psychic information comes from outside of you. It can come from another person, such as in mind to  mind communication, called telepathy. It can come from reading the energy of another person – their aura. It can come from projecting the mind to other locations to gain information at a distance which is called Remote Viewing.

There are three main forms of psychic communication; clairvoyance, clairaudience,  and clairsentience.

There’s also other “clairs” such as smelling things or tasting things that are not physically present as well but not as common as the other clairs.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see things that are not physically present mostly with the third eye, or mind’s eye, but there are times when things can be seen with the eyes open but only by the psychic. Clairvoyance is also called Remote Viewing.

This is what happened to Farnoosh. She has seen events exactly as they were going to happen, “I have foreseen a car accident exactly as it happened 8 days later and running into an old ex who lived in a far away state the day before I ran into him.” If you SEE the event as picture in your mind before it occurs than you’re having a clairvoyant vision. This is precognition, also called future sight, or knowledge of the future.

Clairaudience is information that is heard mostly within the mind. Sometimes it does come as a physical voice, but cannot be heard by anyone other than the psychic. For example last Saturday I was sitting at my kitchen counter reading an email when I heard this: “Hulbert is going to interview you.” It came into my mind from outside of me as a voice speaking in my head. It stood out from my normal mind chatter. A few hours later an email from Hulbert arrived asking if he could interview me.

Clairsentience is the ability to feel the emotion or state of mind of others or the pains they have in their body and is very common with psychics and mediums. Many healers experience this when they are working with their patients as well.

3. Mediumship communication comes from outside of you also, but instead of coming from another person it comes from a discarnate personality – meaning someone who has died and no longer has a body. Mediumship also uses all the clairs to communicate with spirits.

Betsy Henry, blogger and creator of How To Be A Zen Mama said the evening that her grandmother passed away, “I had an experience that my grandmother sat on my bed the night she died. I could feel her weight on the bed and her presence.” This was a mediumistic communication Betsy’s grandmother communicated using clairsentience wherein Betsy was aware of her presence.

This is just a quick over view and not meant to be the complete guide to extra-sensory perception. I hope you find it helpful and that it makes this clearer to you.

If you have any questions about experiences you’ve had please share them in the comments and I’ll be happy to clarify them.

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