Use Your Intuition to Create A Vision Board

Use Your Intuition to Create A Vision Board

This is a guest post from Evelyn Lim from Abundance Tapestry.

Vision Board, Check Emotional Baggage

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It is important to connect with your intuition when making your vision board.  A vision board is a conscious life- planning tool that helps you leverage on the Law of Attraction, so that you can propel your dreams forward.  You allow for intuitive guidance to help you in the visioning process.

You have probably seen vision boards around.  They are also called collages, treasure maps or vision maps.  They comprise of pictures of the dreams that people want in their lives.  The pictures are usually taken from magazines or images downloaded from the internet.

When I first made a vision board, I had thought it to be simply a cut-and-paste weekend activity.  I ended up with a board that I did not feel connected to.  Later on, I found out that making a vision board is not a job to be rushed through.  Rather, it requires connecting with intuition, utilizing creative visualization and involving deep self-discovery.

Hence, it can take days or weeks just to make a vision board.  I have also discovered that if I am serious about building a life that I truly desire, I should view visioning as a lifelong process.  Thus, I regularly update my vision board, as I unveil greater clarity, consciousness and authenticity along the way.  I now hope to draw on my experiences to inspire others in making more effective vision boards and to use more powerful visioning techniques.

Inside Out Approach

Many of us have the tendency to adopt other people’s dreams blindly as our own.  We assume right away that it is money, a big house or a nice car that we want.  Thus, we make our vision boards with pictures based on these materialistic goals.

However, if you do not truly desire these, you will eventually find that attaining these won’t really make you feel happy.  You can spend half or more than half your life chasing these dreams but you are likely to find yourself in self-sabotage.

Thus, in order to build a life based on what you truly want, it has to be an inside-out approach.  You choose to focus on your own dreams, and not merely to fulfill the wishes of your parents, grandparents, guardian or friends.  In so doing, you become better able to create and manifest a life that you will love whole-heartedly.

Use Your Intuitive Guidance

The Universe offers a buffet of choices everyday.  Everything looks good on the plate.  And we want to experience them all at once.  However, we can easily get confused when faced with that many options.

Well, you will need to listen in quietly in order to connect with your intuition.  It is possible to have neglected using your intuition because you have not known how important this is.  If you have not been using your intuition for a long time, then it is time to get connected.

When connecting with intuition, you sit in peaceful contemplation.  Your intuitive self is wise.  It has all the answers for you.  You get to know more about your soul gifts, strengths, passion and who you really are.  You interweave these and set out to craft an authentic life for yourself.

Use Your Intuition For A Heart-Centered Vision

Using your intuition is an important part to building a heart-centered vision.  You are creating a vision based on love, wisdom and authenticity. Everything that you do, including your work, is a creative expression of your innate self.  Just imagine your vision coming true.

You may not immediately have all the answers on how to manifest your true dream.  However, with the vision in mind, you use your intuition to help guide you along.  You also allow for the unfolding of time for intuitive answers to emerge on what to do next.  Guided by your intuition, you are on the way to building an authentic heart-centered life for yourself.   In my opinion, nothing is more meaningful and valuable than creating and manifesting a life that you would love!
About the Author

Evelyn Lim is dedicated to the vision of inspiring heart-centered living.  She helps others gain inner power through loving themselves and loving their lives.  A life coach, energy therapist and intuitive consultant, she assists her clients with shifting into higher vibrational states internally for a more positive outer experience of abundance.

Evelyn Lim is the creator of The Life Vision Mastery Program, an online course that teaches on creating heart-centered visions.  The course covers topics such as self-discovery, creative visualizations, Law of Attraction and making a vision board.  Click over for more information on building a heart vision and live the life of your dreams now >>>

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P.S. To learn more about using your intuition to live the life of your dreams click here.

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The Simple Truth About Magic

The Simple Truth About Magic

Please don’t read this if you truly believe magic exists.

The Simple Truth About MagicThe simple truth about magic is that magic isn’t real.

Magic is an illusion created by trained magicians and is processed by the mind of the person watching the performance so that it appears to be real.

Magicians are called “illusionists” for a reason

Magicians create their magic tricks through slight of hand and by knowing how the human mind works. They know that while they distract you with one thing another part of the “trick” can be put in place and you won’t “see” it happening.

Magicians use the advantage of our “selective attention.” Selective attention is our ability to selectively focus upon a task while tuning out anything else that might pull our attention away from the task at hand.

How we create our own “magic”

The human brain is programmed for pattern detection. We give our brain the command to find patterns in our environment when we focus upon something intently. The brain is the most powerful computing device on the planet.

So when your brain is given a command it will continue “computing” until it finds the answer.

Thoughts have creative power

Our thoughts and beliefs, both the conscious and unconscious ones, create the patterns we recognize in our lives. This why we say “change your thoughts to change your life.” It isn’t because of “magic, it’s because the super computer behind your eyeballs is framing your reality from moment to moment.

I don’t believe in magic

No, I don’t believe in magic. I do, however, believe in the power of the mind to creatively filter what we see in our environment.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. –Arthur C. Clarke

Until we understand how things work we can chalk them up to being “magic.”

If you had shown a plane flying in the air to primitive people they would have assumed it was magic too. But, they would have been wrong.

Creating your reality

When you think about something over and over with great feeling you establish a deep neural pathway in the brain. Your brain begins rearranging your perception of reality around this deeply carved pathway. This is how each of us constructs our own reality.

Your experience is limited only by your own belief of what is possible. Your mind is creating the construct for your own personal reality at this very moment. If you believe that you can do something and set out to do it you are likely to accomplish it.

To accomplish great things discipline your mind

The person who sets a goal and achieves it has a desire and belief that they can do it. They work tirelessly at accomplishing the goal until it is manifested in their lives. Their brain has been programmed to recognize any pattern in their environment pertaining to accomplishing this goal. Wherever they go their mind pulls in patterns that support their beliefs to the foreground of their awareness.

Condition your mind with creative visualization, visioning boarding and positivity.

Create a “mind movie” of the thing you are working toward manifesting in your life. See it as being manifested in the present and feel the feelings you would feel if you accomplished this. This is even easier to do when you use the Re-Awakening guided meditation program.

Create an awesome vision board to seed your mind with “patterns” to recognize in your environment. When you create a vision board using the Life Vision Mastery program you are “priming the pump” of your mind to start selectively picking out the patterns in the environment which resonate to your desire.

Recognizing patterns is the key to synchronicity and serendipity! The more of these “fortunate coincidences” you experience the more easily you will move toward achieving your goals and desires.

Change how you think

Are you unhappy about the quality of your life? Do you think negatively? Do you hold false beliefs that undermine what you’re trying to do in your life? If you don’t clear out those beliefs you’ll never accomplish what you set out to do. Tune into the free Happiness Summit and learn how to become happier. A happier person will create happy circumstances in their lives.

Use the tools of modern day “magic”

Work hard, study successful people who have accomplished what you want to do and model yourself after them. Train your mind to see yourself accomplishing what you’ve set out to do and see life through a positive lens.

These are the modern day tools of “magic” at your disposal. Use them to create your greatest masterpiece – your life.

Do you use creative visualization, vision boards or a positive mindset to create “magic” in your life? What have you created? Share your comment with us.

P.S. Use your intuition to design the life you dream of click here.


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