7 Tips to Following Your Intuition When Under Pressure

7 Tips to Following Your Intuition When Under Pressure

“There is no such thing as talent. There is pressure.” –Alfred AdlerUnder pressure

Everyone faces challenges and pressure in their lives at some point.

Challenges motivate many people to begin to explore their intuition. When things are going well we don’t ask for intuitive guidance. We can coast through life quite nicely never questioning our path until we hit that “bump” in the road.

I usually hear from people after they’ve hit a few bumps and feel lost and scared about which way to go.

The l thing I try to tell them is that hitting a few bumps isn’t always a bad. For one thing it got them thinking about the idea that they need to learn how to hear and follow their intuition – their own natural inner guidance. And, secondly, it means that they have outgrown their old life in some ways – and that’s a good thing.

Outgrowing your old life shows that you are not stagnating as a person but, that you are continuing to grow and develop. If nothing were to ever change within you the bumps wouldn’t show up in your life. Our outer circumstances are a reflection of what is going on within us. And, the bumps on our path show us where the pressure points in our lives are.

Wherever you experience the greatest pressure is where you are being called to change.

As pressure builds up it needs to be properly released through changing something in your life. The bumps are warning signs that we ought to pay attention too. The result of not dealing with the pressure and changing to relieve it is stress, drama and a life in melt down.

Without pressure you would never change or grow

Most people don’t want problems and pressure in their lives. And, while that’s normal it’s not healthy to stick one’s head in the sand and ignore problems either.  Pressure is a catalyst for change. It is what gets us moving – and growing.

Pressure is the defining force that can take a lump of coal and change it into a brilliant diamond.  The more we let pressure and challenges polish us – the more brilliant we become.

Using pressure as a signpost

Wherever you feel pressure in your life is where you need to focus your attention.

Are you always “pressed” for time? You may need to become for organized and learn how to use time wisely rather than frittering it away.

Or, you may just take on too much all the time. Maybe you need to learn how to say, “no?”

You may also have a fear of being left out or left behind by giving up an activity.

Not having enough time could also stem from an inner belief that by giving up you’re a quitter.

Are you under constant pressure at work? Pressure at work could stem from not speaking up and saying that you need help. You might need to learn how to ask for help and not see it as a sign of weakness.

Perhaps you need to delegate more and learn to “let go” and not control everything? The need to be in constant control of everything stems from a lack of faith. We don’t have faith that things will be done right unless we oversee them ourselves.

Is the pressure coming from your family responsibilities? Are you in the “sandwich generation” of having to take care of children and aging parents? Again, do you need to learn to ask for help or to delegate some responsibility? Can you get any assistance through social services? Maybe it’s time for assisted living for a parent?

Do financial matters cause you unrelenting stress? Financial pressure may point to a belief that your possessions define you. You may have to learn how to budget your income and live within your means. Keeping up appearances for the sake of what other people think is a sure way to financial ruin.

Any area of our lives can be affected by stress and pressure. The way to handle it is to be conscious of the warning signs and make changes early on before the pressure becomes too great and explodes into a melt-down of our lives.

7 Tips to following your intuition when under pressure:

1. Recognize the pressure. Where is there “discomfort” or “irritation” in your life? Pay attention to these small intuitive signs. All pressure starts small and then builds over time. Don’t stick your head in the sand and pretend it’s going to go away – it won’t. Remember whatever you resist persists.

2. Make time to meditate and go within. The more stress and pressure you are under the more you need to do this. Going within is where you will hear your intuition. It is the voice of your inner wisdom and the only way you will hear it is to practice listening for it every day.

3. Ask the right questions. Write out some questions that you want intuitive guidance on prior to meditation such as: Why do I feel so overwhelmed? What can I do immediately to relieve this pressure? What needs to change in my life in order to move past this challenge permanently?

4. Listen for the answers. Ask the questions and listen to your thoughts while in meditation. Don’t expect to hear a booming voice. Your intuition is going to come through your own thoughts in your own voice. The voice of intuition is rarely heard with the physical ear. Your intuition is an “inner voice” not an external one.

5. Become aware of your feelings. Pay attention to how you are feeling too. The intuitive process is one of feeling. Excitement shows you where you have an open door to a solution. Dread, fear and discomfort show you where there is a “No Trespass” sign.

6. Breathe to release pressure. When you are too stressed focus on slowing down your breathing. Slowing down your breathing will also slow down the thoughts that are stressing you out. This will help you to hear your intuition too. Take a deep breath in through your nose. Hold it for three counts then release it through your mouth. Do this at least 10x when you are very stressed and you will relieve a lot of pressure and quiet the mind.

7. Rise above the pressure. Create a habit of thinking of something pleasant when you start feeling like you are going to “blow.” Rise above the problem by repeating a mantra, affirmation or a prayer. Use whichever you prefer to get your mind off the problem creating the pressure. Repeat it over and over and until you feel calm again. Calming yourself with an affirmation also allows your intuition to be heard more easily.

Example: You can repeat the word “peace” over and over as a mantra. Or, use it in an affirmation, “I am peaceful.” If you prefer, you can repeat a prayer such as the “Lords Prayer,” or St. Francis of Assisi’s “Peace Prayer.

Remember – pressure is not your enemy. It’s actually a good thing if you want to grow and develop to your fullest potential and brilliance in life so, don’t shy away from it.

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The more we let pressure and challenges polish us- the more brilliant we become.

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