Is The Spirit World Real? The Forever Family Foundation Annual Conference

Is The Spirit World Real? The Forever Family Foundation Annual Conference

The 6th Annual Forever Family Foundation Conference titled: Is the Spirit World Real? A Scientific Investigative Presentation took place in Phoenix, Arizona on November 10 & 11th

The mission of the FFF, founded by Bob & Phran Ginsburg, is to “establish the existence of the continuity of the family, even though a member has left the physical world.”  Through the FFF support of research in this area they hope to educate and change societies’ understanding of the continuation of consciousness after death. Visit the FFF site.


Theresa Caputo, TLC’s “Long Island Medium,” kicked off the event at the FFF fundraising dinner on Friday evening.

Theresa, who was highly entertaining, is also a very gifted medium. She brought through healing mediumship messages to as many of the 150+ attendees as she could within two hours. At one point, Theresa let a little expletive slip out in her famous “Long Island” accent, to which she responded with a giggle, “I guess I’m going to get kicked out of he Medium Club for that!”

Watch her show, “The Long Island Medium” – you’re sure to learn a great deal about evidential mediumship.


The conference, held in an interactive format between presenters and the audience, centered on 5 key questions answered by a panel of experts.


 The expert panelists included:


Lloyd Auerbach, MS is the Director of the Office of Paranormal Investigation and an expert in paranormal studies and investigations. Lloyd is the author of numerous books on these topics and others such as ESP, hauntings and poltergeists. Auerbach was appointed to the faculty of Atlantic University in late 2010. Visit his site.




Eben Alexander III, MD went from skeptic to believer in the the continuation of consciousness outside the body via his own near death experience. Dr. Alexander is the author of: Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife. Visit his site.




Stafford Betty, PhD has made an academic study of accounts of the after life. His extensive research has made him the authority on what this plane of existence is like. Dr. Betty is the author of: The Afterlife Unveiled. Visit his blog.




Julie Beischel, PhD is the founder, along with husband Mark Bocuzzi, of The Windbridge Institute for Applied Human Potential. The Windbridge Institute uses proof-focused research to gather evidence as to whether mediums are receiving information from the deceased.


Claude Swanson, PhD, is an MIT and Princeton educated physicist and the recipient of the National Science Foundation Fellowship and Putnum Fellowship. Dr. Swanson has conducted extensive research into the mysteries of consciousness.  He is the author of two volumes on these topics: The Synchronized Universe and Life Force. Visit his site.


The questions answered by the expert panelists were:

How do we know the spirit world exists? Lloyd Auerbach took the lead on this question. The fact that accounts of interactions with apparitions and discarnate entities, young children’s memories of past lives and deathbed visions appear throughout cultures in the world shows us that this phenomena exists and is occurring on some plane of existence.

Can we visit the spirit world? Eben Alexander had an extensive near death experience when he went into a week long coma during a serious illness. From his experience, which he has written about in his book, Alexander concludes that we can visit the spirit world.

Where is the spirit world? Claude Swanson explained that the spirit world exists as a frequency within our own dimension. We are in many planes simultaneously but, our consciousness has become attuned to the one plane we experience as our daily reality so that we screen out any signs of other dimensions.

Can we communicate with the spirit world? Based upon many quintuple-blind research studies conducted with mediums at the Windbridge Institute Dr. Bieschel stated that accurate information is being received by a statistically high percentage of the tested mediums. From such a preponderance of evidence we can conclude that communication is taking place.

What is the spirit world like? Dr. Betty presented his research findings on this question. After pouring through a voluminous number of texts containing accounts of the spirit world and noting many similarities he stated that the after life is “a place where landscapes, seas and homes and cities like our own world” exist. He says the film, “What Dreams May Come is a good depiction, up until the end.” 

There was so much more to each panelists presentations that, I encourage you to read their books and visit each of their websites as this is only a brief overview.

I was a believer before I attended based on my own mediumistic experiences. After attending the conference and listening to all the presenters I find it hard to understand why mainstream science is still wearing blinders to much of this research. My bet is that in thirty years this area of research will be considered mainstream.

I hope to meet you next  year at the FFF conference!

What are your thoughts on the after life. Does the spirit world exist? Have you had a personal experience that convinced you that you would like to share with us?

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