Looking for the Path to Your Bliss?

Looking for the Path to Your Bliss?

Leap of faith

Living an intuitively inspired life is the path to your bliss.

I’d rather have the things I want in life come to me than have to go and “get” them. It makes life so much easier not to mention exciting. This is the transformation your life goes through when you rely on your intuition to guide you. The world comes to you.

Your intuition provides the “intel” or intelligence for you life. When you use this “intel” it’s always a “short cut” to whatever it is you are trying to create in your life. So why wouldn’t you want to begin listening to your intuition?

I’m living an intuitively inspired life and I’d like to encourage you to also. I followed my intuition and left a 16 year finance career and it has proven to be an amazing ride. Doors have opened and paths appeared before me that were not on my radar when I was living fearfully and holding back from listening to my inner wisdom.

 What does an intuitively inspired life look like?

“To live an intuitively inspired life is to be aligned with your intuitive wisdom. When we are aligned with this wisdom, we naturally gravitate toward those activities that honor our authenticity. Our path and true purpose become clear as we allow intuition to lead us. Conventional thinking no longer sways us; rather, we are moved to share out true talents and gifts with the world in loving service.

Centering our lives upon this wisdom activates a blueprint within us that has been dormant since our birth. This blueprint contains our true potential and reveals the route we are to take to remember what our chosen mission is at this time. As we focus our lives on this mission, and on this guidance, we find the obstacles that held us back in the past begin to fall away. Questions we have had are answered, and all the uncertainty we might have experienced about living within this new paradigm disappears.

The journey we take to fulfill our mission reconnects us to our joy and authenticity. We surrender and allow life to flow through us and take us to our next steps easily and effortlessly. We are infused with an energy that streams into us from an inexhaustible source. And, this life force energy carries us over the bumps int he road and headlong to the next steps on our quest. The flow of  joy we receive by reconnecting to our authentic selves inspires us to live up to our full potential and greatness; we, in turn, inspire others to reconnect to their intuitive wisdom.

As we live each day, fully connected to our intuitive wisdom, we accomplish more than we could have ever imagined. The journey takes down roads we never would have imagined we would take. We find ourselves enjoying our lives like never before. We surrender the emotional burdens that had us in knots—those that hindered us from living life fully. As a result we stop worrying so much and become more playful and open to this divine inspiration. By letting go of the need to control everything and moving with this flow we will find that we no longer have to go out and “get” the things in life we desire; rather, they begin to come to us and appear in our lives exactly when they are needed.  When we align with our intuition we are resonating with the wisdom that created the Universe and our original purpose. It is this harmony that brings the world to us.” The Intuition Principle, p. xv-xvi

As soon as you begin following the path your Soul longs to everything lines up for you.

It’s as if you have changed magnetic polarities. Where before your energy repelled the things you wanted it now “attracts” them to you.

Sadly, the large majority doesn’t live this way. They’ve become used to having to “make things” happen or fight through obstacles to get what they want. So, it seems “normal” and this is why the idea of “having the world come to you” seems so implausible. If people have been doing things one way for eons they just cannot fathom that there is another way.

The truth is you will never see that another reality and way of harmonizing with life exists until you take that leap of faith. There absolutely, positively is a net there……but you have to leap to see it.

Will you leap? Why or why not? What’s holding you back? Let me know in the comments. 

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Following Intuition Doesn’t Mean You’ll Never Face Challenges in Life

Following Intuition Doesn’t Mean You’ll Never Face Challenges in Life

“When we face challenging circumstances in our lives, we can to turn to intuition for help, comfort, and guidance. That is the reason why we have our intuition in the first place.” –A. Artemis, The Intuition Principle

Let your intuition be your guide through challenges

Following your intuition doesn’t mean that your life will be free of challenges.

I can’t stress this enough. Intuition isn’t a magic pill or a cure all. I wrote about this in “The Intuition Principle.”

Intuition is a way to receive guidance from the wisest part of yourself. Some people refer to this wise part as their “higher self” and others attribute the information to their “spirit guides.” Really, it doesn’t matter what you call it as long as you realize that this source of knowledge exists and is available to you.

Use intuition to solve problems in your life

Tapping into your intuition will help you make better decisions in your life and that will alleviate many problems from occurring in the first place.

When you make the right decisions in the first place you experience more joy and success overall. It’s the wrong decisions we make in life that cause our problems. Following your intuition will also lead you back to the path of peace and sanity when you find yourself facing challenging circumstances.

But nothing, not even following your intuition, can ever prevent all problems and challenges from ever arising in your life.

The myth of the perfect life

If you look behind the curtain of any celebrity who appears to have it all you’ll find that they too face difficulties and challenges in their lives.

Dealing with problems is a universal part of life

The fact of the matter is that life is about growth. And growth takes place when you are challenged. People who live a “charmed life” are usually pretty shallow. They haven’t developed the depth that comes with dealing with challenges. When you learn how to deal with your problems that is when you grow the most in character and competence.

“I wish I knew then what I know now.”

The experiences you master as you go through life teach you what to do to get the results you want and what not to do as well. You learn by your mistakes and hopefully do not repeat them over and over for the rest of your life.

If you’re one of those people who has made the same mistake again and again – take heart. You are not alone. It happens to most people. It usually takes a few times of making the same mistake for many of us to learn.

Repetition is the mother of invention

If you’ve identified a pattern of mistake that you’ve made over and over, the good news is that now that you know the pattern you can change it. The reason you repeated the mistake over and over is only because you weren’t yet ready to change. You may have been held back by fears and your own limiting beliefs. When you are ready to transform your life nothing will stop you.

Why problems and challenges arise

A. You are not perfect. From time to time you will make mistakes and wrong decisions that will create problems in your life.

B. You are not the only player on the stage in your life. Sometimes wires get crossed. Misunderstanding happen that lead to problems in relationships.

C. As you’ve grown you’ve become more enlightened but, you weren’t always that way. You may have done or said things in your past that are still coming home to roost. You have to deal with the consequences of your previous actions.

D. You allow your fears to take the reigns of your life. This creates huge challenges too. I know because I did it for years. Fears are the result of limiting or wrong beliefs. Who hasn’t got those?

E. You blatantly ignore your intuition and favor your ego. You don’t trust yourself enough to know what feels right or good for you. You operate under the assumption that others know better or what society dictates is better.

F. You continually resist change and/or facing your problems. You fear  you aren’t competent to deal with the challenges you face. Whatever we resist persists.  Until you surrender to what is and deal with the challenge head on and learn the lesson from it that you’re supposed to learn – it will continually present itself over and over again in your life.

How to use your intuition to your greatest advantage

1. Learn how to go within and hear your own intuitive wisdom. Meditation is the best way to cultivate your intuition. Make it a part of every day.

2. Develop the habit of not making big decisions until you check in with your gut. How many times have you said “yes” to something too quickly only to have second thoughts about it later? Take some time check in with your gut.

3. Take your feelings seriously. If something feels “funny” or not right to you – there is a reason. Get out of the habit of discounting your feelings. This is how your intuition communicates vital information to you. Feelings are the “short-hand” of intuition.

4. Respect your dreams. Dreams are one of the easiest ways to receive intuitive guidance. Create the intention to recall your dreams. Ask for specific guidance from a dream every night before going to sleep and you will get it.

5. When times get tough – journal. You would be surprised at how much wisdom resides within you.

Get a notebook and write a short description of the problem you’re dealing with.  After that relax and close your eyes. Allow yourself to write whatever comes to mind. Don’t look at it (you can keep your eyes closed or just look away) and don’t edit it. Keep writing until you feel in your gut that you’re finished. Put it away for a day or two. When you read it you will be amazed at your own words of wisdom.

6. Apply your intuition. Once you receive intuitive guidance act upon it. This is where I made a lot of mistakes in my life. I got the “answers” but, was afraid to take action. You’ve got to use it – or the moment is gone. The opportunity dries up.

If you receive an answer intuitively that is only the beginning. The next step is to put it into practice by taking action otherwise it of no use to you in your life. Once you put your intuition into practice the next step is to keep the faith – to keep going until you “arrive” at your destination. Be prepared this will take effort and may take a while but, most good things do.

Remember, following your intuition will never prevent all problems from entering your life but, it is one of the greatest tools to have in your tool box. With it you can find a solution to most any problem – provided you are willing to do what it takes to apply the solution.

Can you see how using your intuition can help you to solve the problems in your life? Has your intuition ever guided you back from calamity?

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