Intuition – An Incredible Travel Companion (an intuition story)

Intuition – An Incredible Travel Companion (an intuition story)

Intuition – An Incredible Travel Companion (an intuition story)

Intuition - Your Traveling Companion

by guest contributor Kathleen Gage

In 1983 I found myself restless and in search of deeper meaning in life. My quest for knowledge took me on a journey to numerous locations throughout the world with the Middle East being most memorable. After six months of living on the West Bank of Israel on a Moshav (cooperative farm) my traveling companion and I began having conversations about wanting to travel back to the Bay Area to resume our life there. The challenge was we had barely $800 between the two of us.

Knowing a flight home from the Middle East to San Francisco was bound to be more than $400 each we wondered how we would manage.

Within days of our first conversation we both decided to take a different route from the greenhouses we each worked in to the community home we shared with three English fellows.

Even though we had taken the same route from our work station to our home every day for nearly six months on this particular day we both “sensed” the need to go a different route.

As we went down a dusty, dry road we saw an Israeli soldier in the distance waving to us.

“Hello. Hello,” greeted the soldier.

“Hello,” we both replied.

“Where is your home?” he asked.

Both thinking he meant on the Moshav we pointed in the direction we were headed.

“No. Your home,” he smiled.

“San Francisco.”

“I love San Francisco. I was there many years ago and the people were so friendly,” he said in very good English.

“I had many people who made me feel very welcome during my time there. I told myself if I could ever do something for someone from San Francisco I would. Oh, by the way, I am not always a soldier. Nearly eleven months out of the year I am a travel agent,” he smiled even bigger as if he knew he was the answer to our prayers.

“Can you help us get a flight home? There’s only one problem though. We have only $800 between the two of us.”

“Let me see what I can do,” he replied without hesitation. “Meet me here in two days at this time and I will let you know what I find out.”

Neither Carole or I could believe what had happened. Here we both got a sense to go a different route from the only one we had taken for six months and we meet a travel agent. Mind you, we were on a Moshav miles from anything else. The only people within miles were the handful of farmers, their wives and children, the Palestine workers and the volunteers like us. And of course, a soldier or two.

As requested, two days later we arrived at the agreed upon spot at the appointed time. Sure enough our new friend was waiting for us.

“You won’t believe what happened. Yesterday I was checking into flights for you and a charter flight to San Francisco that was completely booked had two cancellations. They are not the best seats but you can get both for $790.”

Carole and I were like two kids in Disneyland jumping up and down laughing, crying and hugging.

Never once did we doubt the sincerity of this part time soldier. We just knew he would do us right. All this time later I have to wonder if he didn’t actually offset the cost of our tickets so we could safely get home.

I am completely certain that the nudge the two of us got that day to go a different route was our intuition. That still small voice inside that is a guiding force.

When we honor intuition the most amazing things happen. All we need is awaiting us. It’s only a matter of responding to the nudging.

Have you ever had a “nudge” from your intuition to go a different way or to do something out of the ordinary and it turned out to be the best thing you ever did? Tell us about it in the comments.

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