Stop Worrying and Suck the Nectar Out of Life

Stop Worrying and Suck the Nectar Out of Life

Ruby-throated Humminbird

Stop worrying and suck the nectar out of life.

Over the weekend I visited a friend who lives in a log cabin surrounded by dense woods, horse trails and farms. What I love best about visiting her rustic home is how peaceful I feel when I hear the soothing sounds of many species of birds singing and cawing.

On Sunday morning I took my coffee outside and sat on the deck meditating on how I could be of greater service to my clients and community. Suddenly, I was startled by a loud “whirring” noise. It went right past my head and off to the right.

I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful female Ruby-throated Hummingbird taking nectar from a bright red Zinnia. Her wings flapped so fast all I saw was a blur on either side of her petite body. The morning sun glinted off her emerald feathers.

I sat transfixed by this private visit for nearly two minutes. I kept very still watching as the hummingbird zigged and zagged from one flower to the next that caught her fancy drinking its nectar. It was absolutely amazing to be less than a foot away from this beautiful creature.

The gift of the hummingbird

When the hummingbird had her fill she flew off. I sent a prayer of gratitude out to the universe for this special moment.

I closed my eyes and returned to my meditation and asked, “What is the meaning of being visited by the hummingbird this morning?”

And then as clear as anything I heard a loud voice not my own, “Let go of worry and suck the nectar out of life.”

What a profound message in a day and age where there are so many things to worry about….the violence erupting all over the world, the economy both locally and globally, climate change, retirement, finances, health issues, family issues and on and on….

I decided to ask another question, “How can we suck the nectar out of life?”

No sooner had I asked than an image of the hummingbird zigging and zagging from one flower to the next that caught her fancy popped into my mind.

We worry too much about absolutely everything. We focus on our worries and miss many opportunities to suck the nectar out of life. We’re meant to move in the direction of what brings us joy. To zig and zag like the hummingbird toward what catches our fancy knowing that we wouldn’t have that pull unless we were meant to be drawn to it for our own unfolding good and growth.

What would it be like to live free of worry?

The hummingbird didn’t worry that there would be no flowers to draw nectar from when she left her nest in the morning. She trusted the flowers would be there and that she would find them. She even trusted that they would be flowers with an abundance of nectar. She listened to her instincts and let them guide her.

The hummingbird exists without a to-do list, without painstakingly planning for, checking and rechecking every detail of her life and without agonizing throughout every moment of her day wondering whether she’s on the right track, should or shouldn’t be doing this or whether once she’s decided to commit to it that it will work out or not.

Why can’t we be more like the hummingbird flitting through life trusting what we need will be there and literally pulled toward it by our instincts or what we call our intuition?

Worry is why we don’t flit through life.

We ‘think’ we’re supposed to worry. Have you ever thought about that? We’re conditioned to worry. Who says you have to? Most of the things we worry about never, ever happen. What would happen if you just stopped?

Worry is also a huge intuition blocker.

I wrote about this in, “The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life You Dream Of.” Your brainwaves are so jammed up with constant worry you barely hear the messages that are being sent to guide you at all.

Plus when you declare your intention for something and focus on manifesting – worry is the reason why many times you don’t get what you want. Your intention which is a signal to the Universe for what you want is distorted by worry.

And of course there are mountains of studies that show that worry and stress are the underlying reasons for many health problems. Any way you look at it…worry isn’t good for much.

Kick the worry habit

The answer to finding joy, fulfillment and everything you need is let go of worry so that you can hear your intuition. When you do, synchronicity will draw you toward what strikes your fancy and in going toward it just the thing you need exactly when you need will show up. Trust, listen and allow that inner pull to guide you.

Are you a worrier? What kinds of things do you worry about? Can you see how worry blocks your intuition and leads you away from sucking the nectar out of life? Share with us in the comments.

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