Near Death Experiences and Spiritual Transformation

Near Death Experiences and Spiritual Transformation

Near Death Experiences and Spiritual Transformation

Guest post by Pam Johnson

Near death experiences, or NDEs as they are commonly called, have the ability to transform the entire way that a person thinks.

Dante's True Heaven

Of course, at these moments many people experience fear. However, people often return from their near death experience with changed spiritual perspectives.

In what ways do near death experiences change individuals?

New-found Religious Belief
It’s not uncommon for people to go through a period of religious questioning in their lives. They might wonder if they are practicing the right religion for them or if a God even exists at all. After having a near death experience though, many find a renewed sense of faith. Whether they believe that God helped them through the process and allowed them to survive or they saw a glimpse of the afterlife, their soul is transformed.

Seeing the Afterlife
Quite a number of people who have a near death experience also report that they saw the afterlife. Some say that these individuals were just dreaming, and doctors will state that the people were in a state where such thought was not possible. Furthermore, individuals who have NDEs often report similar experiences, which gives more credibility to the idea that they actually visited the afterlife. After having such an experience and getting a look at what the future holds for humanity, they now have proof that such a world exists.

More Positive Spirits
Another outcome due to NDEs is that the individuals see the consequences that might await them if they do not start changing their lives for the better. While this experience is not reported as commonly as the aforementioned one, it is not entirely unheard of at all. These individuals realize that they need to start living a life that is more spiritually sound. This might mean they follow the Golden Rule as laid forth by Jesus Christ or that they start devoting a bit of time to prayer each day or begin donating and contributing to charities. Whatever the case may be, they are inspired to start leading a better life.

Healing Others
It’s no secret that death is scary; it’s the unknown, and people have absolutely no idea what to expect. Do you know someone who has had an NDE? Try to talk to that individual about death if he or she is open to it, and you might find that your spirit and soul are healed too. Certainly, death may still scare you as you have not yet experienced it yourself. Sometimes, though, just hearing the words of another who has lived through the experience is enough. You can rejoice in the fact that this world is not the end and that you will see all of your loved ones again one day.

So many spiritual transformations are possible in life, and a number of ways exist in which a person can experience such a wonderful and glorious change. Not all individuals seek out these life altering experiences though and only find the wonder once they have had an NDE.

Have you had a near death experience? What happened and how did it affect you? Please share your story with us in the comments.

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Awaken To The Truth of Who You Really Are

Awaken To The Truth of Who You Really Are

“What I try to stress, to those who are prepared to listen, is that the material is only the reflection, the shadow, the husk and not the reality. The material exits because it is animated by the spirit. When spirit withdraws, matter disintegrates. Spirit is master, matter is servant. Spirit is king, matter is commoner. This is the great lesson that millions have still to learn in your world. They give priority to matter and very little attention to spirit. ” Excerpt from the book,  Light From Silver Birch. Silver Birch, a native American, was channeled through the medium Maurice Barbanell in England up until 1981 when Maurice Barbanell passed away. His channeled teachings were published in a series of 9 books.

Are you going through tumultuous changes in your life? Facing life changing decisions?

Do you feel like you might just be on the precipice of something, but you don’t know what? Are you unsure about the future and your next steps?

Many many people are going through some of the most challenging times of their lives right now. Some of have lost jobs, or lost homes and may have even lost someone close to them. There seems to be so much pain in the world with poverty, hunger, wars, terrorism and anarchists. Sometimes it feels as if our whole world is shaking like a wet dog flinging the water from his coat. Maybe all this shaking and quaking of our institutions and lifestyle is a good thing? Perhaps it will shake off the caked on mud and reveal a new more balanced way of living?

Could this huge global shake-up be meant as a wake-up call?

Is it perhaps, time for many of us to realize that we have become too attached to materialism? To become aware  that we truly are spiritual beings having a human experience? Maybe the pain and crises many people are facing now are meant to bring them to their knees so that they reemerge with an awareness of their true spiritual nature?

Could it be time to go within and stop looking outside of ourselves for the answers? Maybe the crumbling of our culture of conspicuous consumption is causing so much pain because it’s signaling that it’s time to awaken to the fact that worshiping materialism has cut us off from our true source?

I certainly think so. I also think that until the vast majority of mankind believe that spirit is what makes all things possible, not matter, and that we are connected by the spiritual essence that animates each and every one of us we will never end all the hatred and violence toward one another and our earth.

Last week I sent out this tweet on Twitter: How much good undertaken by good people will it take to override all the violence and hatred in the world? Be the good!

I really believe we are at a critical juncture in our history and that we have a huge choice to make here. It’s time to awaken to the truth that we are spiritual beings, and to do good, be good and spread good which is to say we need to focus on exuding love in our world.

I found this thought provoking video called Awakening on You Tube – it’s short. Give it a look see.. \”Awakening\” from You Tube

What do you think? Are we at a critical juncture? Do you feel a change taking place within? Do you feel a need to search for answers and take up a spiritual practice such as meditation?  Let us know – share your comments with us.

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