Is Spirit Communication Real?

Is Spirit Communication Real?

Is spirit communication real?

Is spirit communication real?

Years ago while doing a reading for a lady I clearly “saw” in my mind’s eye, an elderly woman.

While internal seeing was not unusual for me  – this was different.

The elderly woman I was “seeing” in my mind’s eye started to move around and speak to me. That had never happened before in a reading.

She showed me a big pot of pasta sauce cooking on her stove and then started speaking with a heavy Italian accent while pointing her wooden spoon to punctuate her words.

When I described this scene to my client she responded right away by saying that it was her grandmother. And then she said, “But, she’s dead.”

I really didn’t know what to say to my client at that point.

It never occurred to me that I might have actually “seen” a spirit. I also had no idea what a medium was back then either.

I assumed I was picking up a memory from my client and left it at that.

Things of this nature kept happening sporadically throughout the years. I never gave it a second though, until five years ago when the incidents began to happen frequently. It was at this point that I decided to see what might be happening to me and I began to learn about mediumship.

How do we know if spirit communication is real or not?

You could argue that all the information a medium picks up is contained in the memory of the client. There is no proof that is not so.

The conventional thinking on how mediumship works

Mediumship is mind to mind communication. The spirit will telepathically communicate with the medium and transmit information to pass along to the client.

We know for sure it’s not a memory when the spirit passes along evidence that the client has no knowledge of but, is later verified by someone in the client’s family.

I gave a reading to to my friend Eric Watermolen, and during the reading several of his wife’s deceased relatives showed up. He was aware of some of the details but, most of it had to be verified by his wife and mother-in-law later.

Mediums pass along information to clients that cannot be verified until they return home and question other family members all the time. I would call that “real.”

I would also go so far as to say that if a medium is given one piece of information that cannot be found in the client’s memory and is only verifiable by another family member not present at the session than, all the information that a medium gets is from the spirit.

When a spirit starts communicating the medium gets flooded by impressions. The spirit works very hard to try to “impress” the communication upon the medium telepathically. If a medium were only reading someone’s memories they wouldn’t “flood” the medium’s mind.

The client who goes to see a medium is not sitting there “sending” out their memories. The client is in a receptive state waiting for the medium to bring back the details from the spirit.

Yes, spirit communication is real.

Are there frauds out there? Yes, of course.

How to know if you are working with a “real” medium. 

The medium should not ask you for name, age, birth sign or address of the person.

They should be able to describe the person’s physical appearance and/or personality to a degree that you “know” who it is. Some mediums do not “see” but, “hear” so you may not be given a blow by blow description of the person. The point is that you are given enough information to “know” from the details who the medium is connecting to.

The medium should be able to give you some specific some details. For example they might tell you what the person died from or what their hobbies were or where they worked or how many children they had.

They should also be able to pass along a shared memory or two that the client would recall. If the spirit has a personal message for the client the medium should be able to pass that along as well.

The proof is in the “Spirit art”

One of my dear friends, Randi Silber, brought my father through last year during a reading exchange. She’s a gifted medium and talented spirit artist. Here’s the likeness she drew of my dad while communicating with him. Below is a photo of me and my father from before he got ill.

Spirit drawing by Randi Silber

Spirit drawing by Randi Silber

How could a spirit artist get so much detail from a memory? 
They couldn’t. I have trouble bringing up my father’s likeness in my mind sometime. I have to look at a photo to really recall the details of his face. My friend Randi had never seen my father before. How could she have drawn such a remarkable likeness?
The fact is that the person who is now in spirit has to be communicating and sending this information to the mind of the medium for them to “see” the person so clearly and draw them.


Check out this amazing video of Spirit Artist Coral Polge:

So, what you do think? Is spirit communication real? Have you ever had a mediumship reading? Share your opinion or experience with us.
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