Looking for Answers on Intuition, Destiny and The Future

Looking for Answers on Intuition, Destiny and The Future

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Today, I’m opening up the Powered by Intuition Mailbag and sharing questions about Intuition, Destiny and the Future.

Question 1.

How do I know I’m on the path of my destiny? I start heading toward something then I change my mind or lose interest. What’s going on?

It could be that you have a lot of interests and don’t know how to bring them together under one “umbrella.” You head off in the direction of one of them but it doesn’t completely feed your soul so you end up walking away from it. If this is the case you need to find a way to weave all of  your interests together so that combined they create an interesting and soul-satisfying career path for you.

It could also be a symptom of not trusting your intuition and instincts. You keep trying different paths because the thing you want (which is normally in plain sight) seems too easy, obvious or an unlikely source of income so you don’t trust that this is the right path. You somehow believe it couldn’t possibly be that “thing.”

It could also be that you don’t want to hear your intuition in this matter. You are resisting your destiny so you set out on all these other paths instead only to end up disappointed later.

What you need is some deep inner reflection. Go back over your life and look for the times you were the happiest and identify what you were doing. Make a list and see what your findings point to.

Question 2.

I’ve been reading your articles for a few years and I know it’s helped my intuition. I listen to it and get answers except when it comes to my future and knowing whether I should give up on my business. Whenever I ask about it I get nothing and just feel upset and scared – like I don’t want to know.

I think the big clue is in how you feel when you ask.

Many times our intuition responds through our emotions. When you say you feel, “upset and scared” and that you don’t want to know, what comes to mind is that you’re overwhelmed and confused about what to do make your business more successful.

It’s not uncommon to want to walk away when we have problem that we don’t have a solution for.

Fear is an intuition blocker. You need a way to calm down to allow the answers to come to you. If you’re a meditator use that or simply go for a long walk to clear your head.

What might also be helpful for you is to find a mentor who has successfully done what you’re doing and have them show you the way. They should be able to go over your business and pinpoint where the exact problem is and help you resolve it so you can go from struggling to solvent.

What questions do you have about intuition and your destiny? Share in the comments.

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