Reincarnation: How Past Life Therapy Heals the Present

Reincarnation: How Past Life Therapy Heals the Present

Author Atasha Fyfe shares how past life therapy can heal your present life.

Past Life Therapy

Atasha Fyfe was kind enough to send me a copy of her new book:  Magic Past Lives published by Hay House, which I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend if you are interested in the topics of reincarnation, past lives and past life therapy.

I’ve always been interested in reincarnation and past lives.  Having had a past life regression years ago I can attest to the healing aspect of remembering a past lifetime(s). It’s a fascinating topic and Atasha, a psychotherapist and past life regressionist, is just the expert to learn from.

1. Atasha, please introduce yourself to Powered by Intuition readers and give us your background.

Hi everyone! My life began with a childhood of freedom and sunshine, in Central Africa. The noise and pressure of the western world was muted and far away. I can see now why my spirit chose that – it was so healing after some tough past life experiences in the Second World War.

As I grew up, I knew in my heart that I’d return to England one day – partly because it was my family’s original home, but mainly because it was part of my purpose and destiny.  

After graduating from university, I taught high school history and English, then entered the world of journalism. When I discovered the New Age movement, I took to it like a duck to water, and decided to make spiritual counselling my career. While living in London I took several courses towards this, including Hypnotherapy, Rogerian Counselling and Transpersonal Psychotherapy.   

2. How did you become interested in past life regression?

It happened in strange ways. When I’d done those courses, odd synchronicities took over my life. Doors in London closed and doors in Glastonbury opened – so I decided to go with the flow, and moved to Glastonbury.

Once there, I was rather bemused to find that when my clients knew I could do regression, all they wanted was past life therapy. By then I’d also been getting messages in dreams and meditations showing me that my path ahead was all about past lives.

In another magical synchronicity, I found a shamanic teacher who was happy to give me private tuition in past life regression therapy. Those lessons taught me more than all the official courses I’d taken!

In the years that followed, I studied everything I could about past lives and reincarnation. At the same time, I started publishing articles in New Age and esoteric magazines.

As I went along, I began to notice the healing power of positive, spiritually-centred past life memories. I collected those examples, and Hay House has now published my book about it – “Magic Past Lives”.


3.  Have you had your own past life regressions? What did you learn from them?

The first regression I ever had was at a workshop given by Chet Snow in London. I went back to Roman Britain, where I was a young boy in a Roman family. Although my parents disapproved, I loved listening to tales about Celtic magic. In my teens I was tempted to run away with a young Celtic girl – but my family stepped in and sent me back to Rome to train as an army officer.

As an adult, I did well enough in that world – but in my heart, I wasn’t really happy. I still yearned for the Celtic ways of mystery and magic.

I’ve since realised what a long-term positive effect that experience had on me. It made sure that in later lives, whenever I could, I’d choose spiritual rather than pragmatic paths. Those choices generally turned out well – although I did go up a blind alley now and then! For  example, the life I had in the French Revolution.

Since my teens I’d been having dreams about those times. It looked like I was involved with some kind of intrigue – the dreams were full of coffee shop meetings, secret hand signals and people in disguise.

When I accessed that life through regression, I discovered that I’d lived near Paris in those days. Although I wasn’t one of the downtrodden people, I believed strongly in the ideals of the Revolution, and did what I could to promote them. But in the end, like many others like me, I was arrested and guillotined.

That left me feeling that it’s unsafe to ever put your head above the parapet, or to be seen doing well. When we make this sort of decision after a negative experience, it’s as powerful as a vow. It goes deep into our psyche, and until we become aware of it, it will unconsciously shape our subsequent lives – usually not for the better.

That particular memory – or rather, my reaction to it – held me back until I realised the negative effect it was having on me. Just becoming aware of that unconscious block and completely re-thinking those issues was enough to melt them away.    


4.  What is the value of doing a past life regression? Can it change you or your life?

Yes – definitely! One reason is because so many of our problems come from past life experiences. These could be abundance issues, relationship difficulties, strange fears, phobias – even physical problems. But the great thing is, when we find out how those issues began, we can overcome them.

Another transformational effect is that when we discover our past lives, it becomes clear that we never actually die. It become obvious that the spirit always lives on. Knowing this greatly reduces fear of death – which is a powerful, insidious force that underlies many other fears that hold us back in all kinds of unpleasant ways.

Past lives can also remind us of positive aspects of ourselves. For example, we can reclaim and update abilities or knowledge that we once had, which can enrich our lives again.

Even more  importantly, positive past life memories remind us of our innate self-worth. When we get that back again, it becomes so much easier to live a happy, comfortable and fulfilling life.

5. Can you do a past life regression on your own? If so, can you give us a brief overview of how it’s done?

Yes, you certainly can. There are all kinds of good ways to do this for yourself. For example, If you know how to meditate, you’ll be able to get past life information in meditation. Focus on the question you want to ask; sit quietly, clearing your mind; then accept whatever images, feelings or messages come up from your deeper self in response to your question.

Relaxation, guided visualisation and self-regression CDs are easy to use and can be most effective.  

If you remember your dreams, ask for past life information to come to you in a dream – and keep a notepad by your bed!

“Magic Past Lives” includes guided visualisations to help you find out about different kinds of past lives in an easy and enjoyable way.

Whichever method you choose, it always helps to ask for the guidance and protection of your higher guides and guardian angels to be with you during your explorations.

6.    In “Magic Past Lives: Discover the Healing Powers of Positive Past Life Memories” you focus a lot on memories of lifetimes when we used magic. Why is it important for us to become aware of those lives?

Because those lives remind us of the inner powers that we all have. They make it clear that we’ve always had intuitive, psychic and telepathic abilities – they’re a natural part of our human heritage. I give workshops on this, and it’s become clear to me that people really are now ready to use these powers in conscious, positive ways that will benefit everyone.

7.    What is the main point you wish readers to take away from reading “Magic Past Lives: Discover the Healing Powers of Positive Past Life Memories?”

I’d like everyone to know how much power past life awareness has to enrich our lives, reduce our fears and expand our consciousness. I’m convinced this is a key part of our evolution; and that in the future all these benefits will be the new normal.   

8.   What do you think lies ahead in the area of past life regression?

Past life awareness is just the beginning. People are now accessing knowledge of the between-life worlds, future lives, lives on other planets, and other-dimensional connections with their higher guidance. These are all signs of how rapidly human consciousness is expanding. It may not always look like it on the surface, but we’re really in the process of moving into an exciting new world!                

Have you had a past life regression? Share your experience with us. Was it healing? Or, ask Atasha your question about past life memories.  

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Atasha Fyfe past life regressionistAtasha Fyfe is a past-life therapist living in Glastonbury, England. Hay House published her book “Magic Past Lives” in April 2013. You’re welcome to contact her through her website:




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