Your Intuition Questions Answered

Your Intuition Questions Answered

Today I am sharing a few of the many interesting questions I get from readers.


Your Intuition Questions AnsweredQuestion 1: One reader asks, “What is the difference between clairvoyance and intuition?”

Clairvoyance is the ability to receive information about people, places and things via “seeing pictures in the mind’s eye,” which cannot be  seen with the physical eyes. Clairvoyance is a way of receiving information from outside of yourself. It is information that you do not currently have stored in the many files of your physical brain.

Intuition is your own inner wisdom. It is a function of instinct and it is communicated to you via a reaction in the body – a feeling you get.

Clairvoyance is a psychic ability.  Information obtained psychically is obtained from outside of yourself.

Your intuition will inform you of information vital to your own well being, success, happiness and survival. Intuitive information comes to you in the form of “gut feelings” in the body. When you “feel” something isn’t right or if you have a sinking feeling in your stomach over something you might be contemplating doing this is an intuitive reaction. The information is “encoded” within your body’s reaction.

Everyone is psychic to an extent. Numerous studies replicated by various scientists show that we are capable of having an emotional reaction to situations before they have occurred. Study participants were shown random photos of either tranquil scenes or disturbing ones designed to evoke an emotional reaction. The participants were hooked up to monitors that measured changes in “skin conductance, heart rate and blood pressure.”*

What the studies showed was that prior to seeing these randomly selected photos the participants body reacted in anticipation of seeing the agitating photos according to the changes measured in their skin, heart rate and blood pressure. So, at some level the participants “knew” which photo they were going to be shown before it was flashed up on the screen.

Question 2: Another reader asks, “A friend of mine decided against going to church with me and within days suffered a horrific accident that left him disabled. He was sorry afterward but, it was too late. Is this intuition or “word of knowledge,” as in Christian circles?”

I had to look up what “word of knowledge was.” Here’s the definition from Wikipedia:

Among Pentecostal and charismatic Christians, the word of knowledge is often defined as the ability of one person to know what God is currently doing or intends to do in the life of another person.

“Word of knowledge” sounds similar to psychic ability according to this definition but, I’m not an expert in biblical or christian teachings.

Here is my opinion this though. I don’t believe this was an incident related to intuition. It sounds more like “synchronicity.”

Synchronicity occurs when what is going on within our consciousness is mirrored back to us by our environment. The stronger our belief or thought patterns are about something the more likely it is that we will come across it  in our reality.

I don’t believe in a “punishing God.”  I believe that we create our reality through our belief systems. Our beliefs define how we “label” the events of our lives. When we “look” for something – we find it only because everything, both good and bad, already exists in our reality. We only need to focus upon it for it to “appear.”

Your friend might have been distracted at work that day. He also might have harbored an unconscious fear that God was angry and might punish him for not going to church.
The accident and not going to church are not related but, we can choose to tie the two together based our our own belief system.
I hope you enjoyed reading these questions.
What questions do you have about intuition? How do you feel about my saying that I don’t think “not going to church and the accident” are related? Share your opinion.
P.S. to learn more about using intuition as a guide in your life – click here.
*(McTaggert, Lynn.”The Field.” Harper Collins. p169)

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