5 Steps to Living Your Purpose

5 Steps to Living Your Purpose

Find your purpose

Are you living your purpose? 

When you live your purpose you are living up to your full potential and greatness.

Have you been contemplating following your soul’s purpose for years but not found the courage to actually go for it? Or are you still confused as to what your true path, purpose or destiny in life are?

Do you instinctively feel that you’re meant to do something bigger and to be of service in a greater capacity but try as you might, you can’t get clear on what this contribution is?

When you start living your purpose you’ve hit your stride—and you know it. It’s as if you’re on fire and there’s an undeniable pull from inside taking you forward toward accomplishing something that excites you and, ignites others around you as well. You exude confidence and a ‘knowingness’ about where you’re headed that other people sense. This energy magnetizes situations, circumstances and people to you that help propel you forward on your mission with greater ease.

When you hit your stride by living on purpose you live what I call an “Intuitively Inspired Life” and as I said earlier, you know it. You’ll know you’re living your purpose because of your high energy level and enthusiasm about facing each new day. And should challenges arise you tackle them with courage and fierce determination. Your intuition fires at full throttle so you constantly receive guidance about your course. And should you veer off-course your intuition sends you the impulse to “course-correct.”

You’ll begin making progress toward the accomplishment of your goals more quickly. Fortunate coincidences orchestrating situations, circumstances and people that support your efforts will arise out of the clear blue enabling you to arrive at your destination seamlessly. People will be drawn to you because of the quality and clarity of your energy. The more solely focused you are on your purpose the more of a courageous leader you become, and that clear single focus is the energy pattern you exude that magnetizes people to you. That’s what living an intuitively inspired life by living your purpose looks like!

Why Living Your Purpose is Important

Finding and living your purpose makes life rich and more meaningful. People who live on-purpose live longer and are happier. They live life courageously, more fully and with fewer fears dictating what they will or wont try. The courage to move ahead even if they are afraid means they take more risks but with more risk there are opportunities for more reward. This courage to act leads them to becoming leaders, change-makers and way-showers.

Their vision and drive help them to accomplish things that positively impact the world. They have an over-arching vision and strong belief system about what they’re doing. They instinctively feel that what they’re doing is important and, not just because it might have financial value but because of how it will positively effect people’s lives.

Their excitement and enthusiasm stem directly from the impact expressing their purpose will make in the world and many become purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Examples of purpose-driven entrepreneurs are people like Stacey Boyd founder of Schoola a company that sells used clothing to help schools raise funds and, Dr. Amit Goffer founder of ReWalk whose invention of an exoskeleton helps people with spinal chord injuries walk again.

How to Be On-Purpose and Live an Intuitively Inspired Life

Follow these 5 daily steps to help you begin living your purpose and an intuitively inspired life:

1.First you must know your purpose. Make time each day to listen to your own internal intuitive voice. Sit quietly in meditation or contemplation for 10 -15 minutes and listen.

2.Journal every day about what comes up during your morning quiet time. To help you flow easily into writing start with this writing prompt at the top of your page: Today I was inspired by 5 new ideas…and then begin writing the ideas that came to you in detail.

3.Give your subconscious a command before going to sleep each night. Tell yourself that you want to have a dream that will illuminate what your life purpose is. Keep a note pad by your bed and be sure to write down your dream first thing in the morning.

4.Test out the life purpose ideas that inspire you by trying them on “for size” If you do this you’ll soon feel if this purpose really fits you. You may live with a purpose for a week, a month or a year or longer before you realize it doesn’t truly fit you. That’s okay! I promise if you do this and keep moving forward by following the three previous tips daily you WILL eventually land squarely on the life purpose that does fit you to a Tee.

5.Celebrate. When you do land on that right purpose you will know it! You will hit your stride and you will find that things change quickly as all the stars align for you so that you can actualize this purpose and begin your life’s great work.

If you have the guts to follow your intuition and not give up too soon perhaps you will be the next leader who will make the world a better place someday.

Have you found your life purpose? How did finding it impact you? If you haven’t found it yet what have you tried to find it? Share with us in the comment section below.

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