In the Presence of Spirit: Nothing is Ever Really Lost

In the Presence of Spirit: Nothing is Ever Really Lost

Have you ever become aware of the presence of someone you lost?

Nothing is Ever Really LostSpirits can and do communicate with us.

Visitations from lost loved ones is not uncommon. We just need to learn to become aware of their presence.

I have an aunt who visits me and when she comes around I smell cigarette smoke. My father likes to stroke my hair when he stops by and my grandmother speaks to me in Greek. Each of them has their own way of communicating their presence.

Today is the third anniversary of my father’s passing. Before I woke up this morning I was dreaming about a ring my father had given me when I was eleven. It was a star sapphire ring with two diamonds set in an ornately carved gold band. He brought it back with him from Germany after being stationed there in WWII. I loved that ring and wore up until a few weeks before he died.

A bad omen

In August of 2009, I took a vacation with friends to Asheville, North Carolina. For some inexplicable reason the ring I’d been wearing for decades suddenly became very uncomfortable. I took it off and put it in a zippered compartment in my make-up bag. I remember that when I took it off I felt a chill and was very careful to remember where I put it not wanting to lose it.

After that, I never saw the ring again. When I got home the ring was gone from my make-up bag. I looked high and low and searched every inch of my suit case and all the pockets of the clothing I’d taken with me but, I never found it.

Losing someone you love

My father passed away on September 23rd just a few weeks after my return from Asheville. I always wondered if somehow my taking off that ring had been an omen? Was it a sign that I was about to lose my father? If I had kept the ring on would he have lived? Probably not – he was gravely ill but, still I wonder.

Spirits communicate through dreams

So this morning just before I woke up, I was dreaming about the ring. I saw it so clearly. In my dream I had the ring and had never lost it. I was so happy to be wearing it.

I believe the dream was saying that while I don’t have the physical ring any longer, that it will always be a part of me and live on in my memory. Whenever I wish to recall the ring all I have to do is close my eyes and see it on my hand – just like all I have to do to feel my father’s presence is close my eyes and recall his smiling face.

Maybe what the dream was trying to tell me was that nothing is ever really lost; not rings nor our loved ones.

***As I was writing this I felt a familiar presence and a slight pressure on the back of my head as my hair was stroked. Thanks for saying hello Dad.

You can learn to become aware of the presence of your lost loved ones too.

Here’s how to open up to spirit communication:

1. You must first believe that they can hear you and respond to you. To help bolster your belief watch some of these videos.

2. Speak to them often. Develop the habit of speaking and then waiting and listening for their response.

3. When in meditation ask them to come close and make their presence known to you.

4. Be patient. It could take a while for your abilities to attune to the spirit level. Spirit communication is very subtle.

5. Don’t lose hope if nothing happens. Keep trying. Your loved one may prefer to make themselves known to you on their schedule not yours.

Have you ever felt the presence of someone you lost? How did it make you feel? What did you experience that let you know it was them?

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