Intuition Stories of Intuition Solving a Problem

Intuition Stories of Intuition Solving a Problem

Let your intuition be your guide through challenges

Intuition stories of Intuition solving a problem.

When we listen to our intuition we are guided to the solutions we need to solve life’s many challenges.

We are connected to the source of all intelligence in the Universe. All answers are available to us if we will only listen. The technology for conveying this information to us is our intuition. Let your intuition shine a light on your problems.

Get quiet and listen to your intuition and it will lead you the solution to a dilemma in your own life.

You will be glad you did – just as these authors were glad they listened to theirs.

Intuition leads to correct diagnosis for a sick pet

“Puck and the Pendulum”
My adorable rescue kitten, Puck, had just arrived! But after a few days, he started having what looked like asthma attacks. I took him to the vet twice, but the he couldn’t help Puck without seeing an attack. I was beside myself.
Around that time, I rediscovered the pendulum as a tool to access my intuition. I meditated with little Puck in my lap, then asked the pendulum some questions regarding his condition.
I “got” that he had a sinus problem, not asthma. And that I should film an attack. Of course! I shot three separate incidences (it was agonizing watching the little fella suffer through a lens), uploaded them to my laptop, and headed back to his vet.
The doctor watched the footage, shaking his head in amazement.
“Will he be okay?” I asked.
“Oh, yes.” The doctor smiled. “Great footage. It’s not asthma at all. Poor little guy’s ‘sneezing backward’ into his sinuses. I’ll give you a sinus wash to apply twice a day.”
Today Puck weighs 20 pounds and has learned to sneeze in the right direction. His doctor trains other vets to recognize his unusual condition with those clips. I still work with my pendulum. Although I remain somewhat a skeptic, I’m also astonished by its insight and accuracy. 
My “scientific” explanation – a pendulum acts like a software program, giving us access to our intuition and to more of the data our wondrous computer brains process daily.
–Debra Eve,  Later
Intuition leads to dramatic healing from brain injury

Six years ago, I found myself a forty-three year old, depressed, divorced, single mother of two sons with no idea of whom I was or why I was here. No matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t locate anything resembling the strong, smart, feisty woman of my youth. I’d gotten so lost, so far removed from my own soul, and out of touch with any inner wisdom that I felt like a ping pong ball, always looking to others to tell me in which direction to proceed in life.

With a pill popping stunt, I tried to commit suicide resulting in a serious brain injury and losing custody of my children. Months after the incident, while I’d healed some, I was still very mentally impaired, alone, and desperately in need of guidance.

Although I rarely watched television, I had this undeniable sense one afternoon that I just HAD to watch The Oprah Winfrey Show because there would be information on it which I needed. When Dr. Oz, Mehmet Oz MD, appeared touting the healing properties of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), I knew immediately that was my message.

I discovered private HBOT treatment available fifteen miles from my house which was very fortunate because HBOT facilities were few and far between, and independent services, not affiliated with a medical center, were even rarer.

With HBOT, which I still do today, I experienced dramatic healing. Like the sun bursting through on what had been a cloudy day, my brain fog cleared, and I returned to full consciousness with the invisible, but very real veil of the brain injury, separating me from the world, evaporating.

Over time, I learned to listen to and trust my inner voice more and more and let it successfully guide my recovery.

–Debbie Hampton,  The Best Brain


I hope you enjoyed these stories of  how following intuition led to solutions in these writers’ lives. The highest use of your intuition is to solve problems in your own life in order live a happy healthy life.

What stories from your own life can you share with us? How has following your intuition helped you? Share a story in the comment section. Your story may help a reader understand their own intuition better.

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