Intuition: 6 Reasons You Wish Your Parents Had Listened to It.

Intuition: 6 Reasons You Wish Your Parents Had Listened to It.

The quieter you become the more you are able to hear. –Rumi

Intuition: 6 Reasons You Wish Your Parents Had Listened to Intuition

I am delighted to feature this guest post by Carol Tuttle of Carol has written a fascinating new book titled, “The Child Whisperer,” about intuition and parenting.

The Child WhispererImagine the house where you grew up.

Picture the room you were in when your parent said something hurtful. Maybe it was a fight or a punishment. You can still remember how those words made you feel, can’t you?

I wish your parent had listened to their intuition in that moment. Why?

Because their intuition would have taught them about you. That painful moment would never have happened.

Here are 6 reasons why your parents’ intuition matters to you:

1. Intuition illuminates (and celebrates) your differences.

Fact is, most parents raise their children the way they wanted to be raised. They discipline and teach the way that feels right for their nature. But—even if you sometimes worry you’re turning into your mother—you and your parents are not the same.

Intuitive parents pick up on differences and give unique support and validation, even if their child is unlike them.

What to do now: Recognize the times when your parent did honor your unique nature. Acknowledge that you are unique.

An affirmation to use… I am grateful for the differences between my parents and me and for the unique gifts we each offer to the world.

2. Intuition builds respect for your true inner self.

You began this life with an inner blueprint—a map that can guide you to your life’s highest purpose.

But you were told in childhood that other people knew better. You were supposed to respect adults’ perspective more than your own. Sometimes, your parents did know best. But other times, they didn’t and your intuition did.

What to do now: Express respect for yourself in the way you talk about yourself and your decisions.

An affirmation to use… I am respecting the decisions my intuition leads me to make.

3. Intuition shows up for those who listen to it.

In the areas of life where your parents ignored their own intuition, you may notice a pattern of doing the same. Whether or not you realize it, parents model how to tap into intuition. Or not.

What to do now: Although your intuition is always there, you can’t force it to show up. Start inviting it more often and more consciously.

An affirmation to use… I am relaxing and allowing my intuition to show up in my life.

5. Intuition fosters self-trust.

Ever second-guess yourself? Ever put yourself down or over-apologize?

That voice that nags at you is your mother’s (or your father’s), telling you to sit down (or sit up), or be quiet (or talk louder)—that voice tells you not to be who you are.

Even though your parents wanted the best for you, they may have believed they needed to shape you into their version of you. In some ways, they didn’t know that you were already the best version of yourself who just needed to be understood.

What to do now: Move forward. Your intuition exists to guide you toward the right decisions and experiences for you. But you have to act on your intuitive hits for them to matter.

An affirmation to use… I am trusting my intuition and taking action when I feel inspired to.

5. Intuition helps create mutually-supportive relationships.

Imagine a childhood where a parent intuits children’s needs, rather than react to their tantrums. Where children are encouraged to intuitively make decisions in their lives. When parents follow their intuition, friction easily melts away.

What to do now: Let go of past wounds. They happened. And now you have the power to intuitively heal past relationships and build new ones.

An affirmation to use… I am trusting my intuition and taking action when I feel inspired to.

6. Intuition leads to greater love.

When we follow our intuition, we stop judging and fighting what happens to us. We open ourselves up to love. As a child, you experienced some sort of judgment against who you are, but that can stop now.

You don’t need to continue believing lies that keep you from loving yourself.

What to do now: Forgive. Whatever wound you still carry, let it go. It’s getting in the way of your own intuition. The more you love yourself, the more you invite your intuition to show up.

An affirmation to use… I forgive my parents—they did the best they knew how. I love myself deeply and completely.


The power of intuition

Over the last 20 years, I’ve encountered countless adults who were shut down as children. They were taught to doubt their intuition—but it’s still waiting there to support them.

That used to be me. As an strong, determined child, I didn’t match my parents’ and my culture’s expectations for my nature. It took a lot of years for me to love my nature and trust my intuition, but I did it. And my own parenting experience has been an intuitive, joyful, fulfilling adventure. So can yours.

Remember that room in your childhood home? In your mind, fill it up with intuition and with love.

Could your parents have been better at communicating with you if they had worked on their intuitive skills? Could intuition make you a better parent? Let’s discuss this – leave a comment.

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Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, business woman—and the original Child Whisperer. Mother of five and grandmother of four, Carol supports parents live on her weekly call-in parenting podcast. Her fifth and latest book, The Child Whisperer, turns longstanding parenting assumptions on their head and gives adults eye-opening tools to understand and honor the children in their lives.

Visit The Child Whisperer website and enter a drawing to win a free copy of the book plus valuable bonuses! Click here now.

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