The Tunnel:What it Feels Like To Cross Over

The Tunnel:What it Feels Like To Cross Over

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Image by Image Editor via Flickr

Since my father passed away in September I’ve gotten into the habit of having a conversation with him each night before I go to sleep. After keeping him up to date on what’s going on in the family,  I usually end by asking the same thing, “Show me what it was like to cross over.  I want to see what you saw and feel what you experienced.”

The evening of my father’s death  a dear friend and fellow medium, Andrea Attack, had spoken to  my father and  he told her that his crossing over had been a “fantastic ride.” Once I heard that – and that he was doing fine, among other messages, I was so relieved, but I wanted to know more about what he’d experienced. So, ever since I’ve been asking him, if possible, please show me. (more…)

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