Numerology: 2014 is a 7 Year (what does it mean for you?)

Numerology: 2014 is a 7 Year (what does it mean for you?)

Numerology: 2014 is a 7 Year

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” —Nelson Mandela

by Rob Ragozzine

How can you play BIG in your life?

How can you step into your own inner authority?

Numerology is one way for you to play big and recognize your strengths. It allows you to see patterns and themes that are normally hidden and simply seen as fate, luck or accident. But, you can utilize Numerology to lead a happier and more expansive life. You can start utilizing the benefits of Numerology by noticing the overall theme of the current year.

In Numerology each year is part of an ongoing 9-year cycle, and each year has a distinct theme, such as beginnings or endings, and brings new opportunities and possibilities into your life. I’m often asked how to best take advantage of the options and choices available in a new year. One of the best ways is to simply be mindful and open, so you can work with the theme and energy of the year, rather than struggling against them.

When you ‘re able to see and work with the potential available within a particular year, rather than being caught in a struggle and trying to swim upstream, you’ll be better prepared to move with the flow and more easily make any needed decision, change or transition. This means you will want to understand the prevalent Numerological themes for the year and work with them in your own life. The overall theme for the year is described by the Universal Year number, which provides details about how the year will look. This number influences everyone and there is also a Personal Year number, which only influences you.

The Universal Year number for 2014 is 7

In general, each number relates to particular characteristics. The number 1 relates to beginnings, while the number 7 relates to strategy and insight. As a Universal Year of 7, 2014 provides space and time for remembering, patience, reflection and reviewing your life. 2013 has been a Universal Year of 6, which involved compassion, care and support. This year many of us have felt the urge for greater self-care, and inner and outer support. Now, 2014 allows us the chance to settle down and look within.

How can you settle down? You can begin by finding ways to witness yourself, and develop a curiosity about the mystery of your own life. Curiosity helps you to remain open to your possibilities, but it also helps you to find meaning and value in your life. Be curious about the needs of your heart.  It’s likely that you already know what your heart is yearning for. Are you willing to pursue it? Deep inside you have probably long felt a pull toward a certain direction or decision. Your decisions can bring incredible shifts, change and transformation, if you’re willing to listen to your own inner guidance.

Settling down and stepping out of the noise and static of everyday life will aid you at this time.  Having a mindfulness, centering or meditative practice will help you to find calm and allow you to more deeply connect with your heart. Again, be curious and be willing to ask important personal questions that can aid in your reflection.

Some questions you might like to reflect with:

Am I still moving in my desired direction?

What would I like to create?

What divinatory tools might I use in my own reflection?

How do my choices allow me to step forward?

How am I holding myself back?

What have I been delaying?

Where can I find the help I need?

What has my heart been yearning for?

As we enter 2014 you can best aid your own transition by spending time in personal observation and reflection. Use whatever tools work best for you.  The questions above will help, but you will also  wish to mindfully observe yourself, take up yoga, or start keeping a journal. Simply know that now is an ideal time to remember and act on what’s important to you. These tools, and others, can help you to slow down and notice yourself and your heart. Focus on connecting with your heart and the yearning within it.

Be aware of the things you’ve been holding off. You only have this moment. What have you been delaying until the time is right? By delaying your choices, you’ve been denying your power and living in a diminished capacity. However, this process is not about labeling yourself as right or wrong. It’s also not about guilt or shame. It’s simply about acknowledging your creativity, passion and courage. It’s about waking up to your life. And, it’s understanding that we’re all creative, and your creativity can help your life to unfold in ways you haven’t thought of.

Many of us tend to get trapped or locked in an egocentric view of the world, which is limited and constricting. We get caught up in worry, competition and control. Letting this mode of living go, and living from your heart, is a way in which you can open your life up to new possibilities and situations you might not have even been aware of before.

You Matter

Have value for your life and no longer willingly being dismissive of your heart or your aspirations. You are unique. Your heart offers particular guidance, because of your gifts and your individuality. Your decisions and actions can help you to heal and inspire others. As we all decide to follow our hearts, we can inspire others who can then move on to make their own shifts and changes and these changes can then can bring transformation to individual communities and ultimately the world.

It starts with you. You have purpose.

Your mission begins by following your heart and living an expansive and courageous life.

Use the tools that speak to you so that you can bring mindfulness and awareness into your own life.

Spend time reflecting and rediscover who you feel you truly are.

You can work with Numerology to develop a deeper understanding of your life, needs and desires. Together, we can work your chart to help you see your own personal themes and patterns. We can review the energy available during this year and look to see how it matches the energy of your Personal Year. Working in depth with Numerology will allow you to live on purpose, and be expansive, expressive and creative.

What questions do you have for Rob? Use the comment section to share your questions, thoughts and experience with numerology.

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Rob Ragozzine hosts a weekly show, Your Unfolding Senses on where he discusses developing your intuition. He guides you in discovering your own abilities and helps you find tools for growth and healing that work best for you. Find him at: Intuition by Rob

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