Would Your Rather Have a Big House Or A Big Life?

Would Your Rather Have a Big House Or A Big Life?

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Do you hear a voice in your head whispering?, “I need to be free.” Is there a secret part of you that yearns for more adventure in your life? If money was not a factor would your life be dramatically different from the one you’re living today?

If you said yes to any of these three questions you might need to seriously reexamine your values and the life path you’ve chosen.

My response to all three questions is a resounding yes!

I’ve always known deep down inside finance wasn’t the right fit for me, but for some reason I was driven to do it. With each successive year I felt myself exerting more and more energy to squelch the voice that was screaming, NO, NO NO!

When I was growing up I dreamed of being a writer.

I’d read many of New York Daily News  journalist, Jess Stearn‘s books and longed to travel around the country to interview people and write books on metaphysical topics. He wrote best sellers such as, Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet, Yoga, Youth  and Reincarnation and Alpha Thinking.

I would see myself writing and I could feel how happy I would be doing it too. But somewhere along the way I got the notion that it was too risky. I opted for the safe thing, the sure bet. The job with the steady paycheck and my little dream withered. Everybody said I had a head for business didn’t they? At the tender age of 21 I figured that’s the way it was supposed to be. You took a job you were good at and you stuck to it until you retired. The only problem was that my job never made me happy nor satisfied.

They say there are no mistakes.

I feel I had to learn to be a business person and earn a living in a very conventional manner in order to complete my education on the earth plane this time around. But at this point in my life I can honestly say: Okay Universe  I get it now! I now know how to navigate the material world. NOW – can I  please finally do what I really want to do?

I feel ready to redesign my life in way that allows me to have more freedom to experience and do what I enjoy and to help others through my writing and by reconnecting the living to their loved ones who’ve passed on.

To finance my new lifestyle I’ve decided that my house has to go.

When I think of my dilemma: Big House vs. Big Life, a scene from the film The Wizard of Oz comes to my mind. You know the one where the Wicked Witch is crushed by Dorothy’s house and all you see are her red striped stockinged legs sticking out from under it? Dorothythen puts on the dead witch’s magical Ruby Slippers. Like Dorothy I realize I had the power all along too. All it took was my accepting that it was okay to sell my house and downsize. So, I’ve clicked my heels and decided, “There’s no place like home – and home is wherever I choose it be!” Now that I’ve accepted that this is the right decision I feel lighter and freer already – my house is no longer crushing me.

Over the last few years I’ve been reading more and more about the minimalist lifestyle.

I first encountered it 2 years ago on a blog called Zen Habits, written by Leo Babauta. At the time I had another blog on personal finance and one of the topics I wrote about extensively was scaling down and paying off debt in order to enjoy your life more.

When I discovered Zen Habits I realized there people who were actually doing this already. They were living with less and finding the joy in having more freedom and less stuff to maintain. Having all this stuff to contend with and then needing a big house to store all the stuff in created a vicious cycle of my having to work and work and make more money all the time. It was as if my stuff was running my life instead of the other way around.

After Zen Habits became such a huge success there was an explosion of blogs on the topic of living a minimalist life style. One of my new favorites is Far Beyond the Stars, written by Everett Bogue. He wrote a brilliant post I recommend reading on 27 Reasons Why You Should Never Have A Job.

Last week, I happened upon a wonderful post by Courtney Carver from her blog, Be More With Less. Her post really hit home with me. It’s the story of the American MBA and the Mexican fisherman. After reading it I could see how I’d adopted the values of the MBA in the story when what I really craved was the simpler more rewarding life of the Mexican fisherman.

I now know I’d truly Rather Have a Big Life Than A Big House.

So, that’s my story.  What’s yours?

Are you ready for a Big Life? What’s your idea of a Big Life?

Have you already scaled down? Tell us about your experiences, or what you’re going through.

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