You are Always Manifesting

You are Always Manifesting

Creation of Adam by Michael Angelo

You are Always Manifesting

When it comes to the Law of Attraction your outer world reflects your inner world. You attract what you are or what you focus upon most predominantly.

There is an invisible all pervading substance in the universe that organizes itself around your desires. You might call this responsive substance the “unified field,” “field of pure potentiality,” “morphic field,”  “the universe,” “life force,” “source,” “infinite intelligence” or “God.” It doesn’t matter. It exists as surely electricity exists.

And it responds as reliably as electricity does when we flip on the light switch to our every “request” whether we realize it or not.

So, what are you manifesting?

Are you manifesting what you deeply desire and yearn for or are you manifesting what you say you don’t want?

You have been manifesting since the day you were born. You cannot help yourself. You are a creator. Creating is innate to your being and like it or not the field acts upon your thoughts and emotions. This interaction “creates” the circumstances of what you experience in your life.

This field responds to us

I like to think of the this field as an invisible “dough.” Some great intelligence mixed together “flour and water” to create it and the mixture sits dormant until it is given the key ingredient – yeast. Your thoughts inject the yeast that this mixture needs to “rise.” Every thought you think activates this mixture and makes it grow.

Where most people get tripped up

While most people today have an awareness of the Law of Attraction (thanks to The Secret) that it is a combination of our thoughts and emotions that create our circumstances they don’t take it seriously. This is exactly why we create a lot of what we don’t want in our lives rather than what we do want.

Each and every moment we spend contemplating (or talking about) something that upset us or that has gone wrong or even has the potential to go wrong we are transmitting a signal encoded with this information into the “field.”

The field is completely impersonal just as electricity is impersonal. It works for everyone no matter what you use it for and so does this “field.” It has no judgement around what signal it receives from you. There is no “good or bad.” It just responds and begins to “rise” or form around your signal.

You are a master at manifesting

You are a Master Manifestor skilled at the highest level. You get “everything” you ask for each and every time.

Unfortunately though because we human beings tend to have more negative thoughts running through our minds on a daily basis than positive ones we seem to easily manifest a lot more of our negative stuff than what we truly desire.

There is a silver lining

While you might have manifested a lot of the negative stuff you were unconsciously ruminating upon in your life you should take that as evidence that you are really, really good at manifesting! Look at how easily all that stuff appeared in your life. You didn’t stress over manifesting it, right? You didn’t sit around visualizing, creating vision boards or repeating any affirmations, did you? Nope. You didn’t have to. All that stuff just came hurdling into your life at light speed. And that is the silver lining that you can now use to your advantage.

Now all you need to do is get serious about focusing on what you do want.

You’ve been conditioned to focus on the negative stuff in your life.

We all have. The daily news we hear makes this quite evident.

Negativity always gets more of our attention because underneath it is fear. We fear for our safety and survival and that’s why we can’t stop listening to all the negative news stories. The news evokes our fears so, it’s no wonder that we focus more of our attention on what we don’t want. We live in a very fear-based world.

How to manifest more of what you desire

The secret of manifesting what you desire rather than what you don’t is to always be sending more positive signals into the field than negative ones. No one is going to be 100 percent positive all the time but if you can change the mix to more positivity in your thinking and emotion and what you talk about than negativity you’ll see immediate evidence of your efforts.

1. Go within. You need to create a sacred place inside of you that’s calm and centered where you can retreat from our very fear-based world. Doing this every day helps neutralize negativity so you feel renewed and restored and more positive. When you go within you’re reconnecting to the “field” or “source.” Think of it as “resetting the original factory settings” back to “positive” that you came with before you were completely hypnotized by our fear based culture.

2. Set the intention. You must create the intention to focus and talk more about what’s going right.  Just like you were hypnotized to see the negativity in the world now your job is to create the intention to change that. Your new intention to see the good has to become part of your daily agenda. You’ve spent your entire life focusing on what went wrong so it’s not going to happen unless you put some effort into it. This is a life long habit you’re trying to change.

3. Commitment. It will take a commitment on your part to change what you focus on. The definition of commitment is being dedicated to a cause or activity. This is not something you can do once in a while and expect it to stick. You’ve got to commit to permanently changing your internal wiring to seeing the “good” in your life and the world.

4. Gratitude. The most efficient way to stick with building an attitude of gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal. Every day before you go to sleep write down at least 10 things you’re grateful for. Some days you might have to          s-t-r-e-t-c-h to come up with things or repeat the things from the day before but do it anyway. An attitude of gratitude will completely change the signal you send out.

5. Celebrate. Celebrate everything no matter how small. Did you finish cleaning out the garage? Give yourself some little reward. Jump up and down and do a dance of joy. When you get in the habit of celebrating everything you’ll also be sending out a very positive signal to the “field.”

Do these activities each day and soon they’ll become deeply ingrained habits—as deep as the ones you’re now trying to change, and the evidence that you are a master manifestor of the positive results you desire will be undeniable.

Are you manifesting what you desire or what you don’t? Have you been trying to change things? What’s working and what’s not? Share with us in the comments.

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Image: Wikipedia Commons. Creation of Adam, Michelangelo

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