Numerology Forecast April 2013: You’re Number One!

Numerology Forecast April 2013: You’re Number One!

April 2013 Numerology Forecast – You’re Number One!

Numerology Forecast for April 2013

April’s Numerology Forecast brought to you by intuitive numerologist, Kari Samuels, is about manifesting your desires.

You will be showered with opportunities for empowerment and self-love.

Numbers are similar to planets in the way they affect us, since they are both vibrations.

All throughout 2013 we are experiencing the influence of the number 6. (2+0+1+3 = 6). 6 energy teaches us to have balance, foster healthy relationships, and create more love and harmony.

Every month, as the numeric value changes so does the energy.

April 2013 is the 4th month of the year. Therefore, we always experience the influence of the 4 vibration in April. Four is a number associated with the Earth, our physical bodies, and our material world. Squares have four sides, and are a stable shape on which to build a foundation.

It’s the perfect time to square your corners, get your finances in order, and create a structured plan for your future. No wonder this is the month for taxes! There are far more glamorous applications, of course. The most important being honoring your body, enjoying the Earth, and creating the building blocks for the life you love.

During April 2013 we are influenced by the number 1.

We get this by adding the Universal Year number (6) to the number of the month (4). 6+4 =10. In numerology, we reduce numbers until they are a single digit, 10 is reduced to 1 (1+0 =1). This is such powerful energy! 1 teaches you to put yourself first, follow your intuition and do something for the first time, and celebrate your uniqueness.

This is a wonderful time to learn how to listen to your own needs, rather than other people’s.

Do you often hold back from saying or doing something because you are afraid of what others will think of you? Do you accommodate other people rather than voice what you want? Is there an idea that you want to share with the world, but are afraid it is not practical? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s now time to say YES to you!

There is a beautiful synchronicity of energies in the Universe now that are encouraging you to believe in yourself by following your intuition. It is never selfish to be self-nourishing. In fact, it is the best thing you can do for the people you love!

The burst of energy you will receive is similar to a sprout pushing it’s way through the soil. Why not harness this force to promote some needed changes in your life?

Here are some tips for suggested actions you can take:

  • Release yourself from any social obligations you have that are draining you.
  • Make time for yourself every day.
  • Tune into your intuition
  • Put recreation and self-care on your calendar
  • Write up a business plan for your dream career
  • Share with your friends and family something about yourself you’ve been afraid to tell them.
  • Be yourself!

It’s time to celebrate you!

Remember, if you don’t make yourself number one in your life, who will? You’re the only one of you on the planet, and we all need you to be your shining beautiful self.

Happy April!

What will you do to take advantage of this month’s self-focused energy? Are you starting any new projects? A new job? Have questions for Kari? Share with us in the comments.

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