Intuition, Destiny and the Call to Return Home

Intuition, Destiny and the Call to Return Home

Intuition, Destiny and the Call Home

Intuition and Destiny and the Call to Return Home

Have you ever felt a yearning from deep down in your soul to return home?

Yesterday I attended the Seventh Annual New York City Greek Film Festival – it was a first for me.

The film I saw, “Hello Anatolia,” was a documentary about a young Greek-American man from New York who moves to Izmir (Smyrna) Turkey to trace his ancestral roots. His ancestors, like 200,000+ other Greeks, lived in Turkey until 1923 when they were forcibly removed, many slaughtered in the process.

Prior to 1923, for the most part Greeks living in Turkey had lived side by side with the Turks and enjoyed good relations. The beautiful memories prior to the diaspora that Greeks had of the centuries their families had flourished in the Asia Minor were shared with their children and grandchildren.

Filmmaker, Chrysovalantis Stamelos, grew up hearing these stories. The stories of his grandparents lives in old Smyrna tugged on something deep in his soul and he felt pulled to “return home.” Leaving his corporate job and all that he knew he ventured to parts unknown to find his roots. In the process he married a Turkish woman and decided to stay in Turkey and has since started a family. “Hello Anatolia” chronicles his journey and immersion into the culture of his newly adopted home where he finds more similarity between the two cultures (Greek and Turkish) than disparity.

Following his intuition Stamelos was pulled home and in the process discovered his destiny: to be a bridge between two peoples with a history of difficulties.

The “pull” of home

Returning to the land of our ancestors is a strong pull for many. It had been a dream of my father’s since he had been a boy. As a first generation American he too longed to retrace the steps of his parents and return to Greece.

My father’s dream was realized when I was a teenager and he took our family took to Greece to meet our relatives and see the island of Samothrace (Samothraki) where all four of my grandparents were born. The famous statue, Nike of Samothrace also known as The Winged Victory, now in the Louvre Museum in Paris came from the island of my ancestors.

The Winged Victory of Samothrace, one of the b...

The Winged Victory of Samothrace, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The island’s legendary family sired the Trojan race, gave form to the personification of Harmonia, and taught humans the sacred rites of the mysteria.  Here, the parents of Alexander the Great first met, and two centuries later, the last Macedonian king, Perseus, held out against the Romans.

In antiquity, the fame of Samothrace emanated from its cult of the Megaloi Theoi, Great Gods, whose mysterious rites of initiation promised protection at sea and the opportunity to “become a better and more pious person in all ways.”   Set in a cleft in the earth carved by a cascade of water at the base of the mountain, framed by converging streams, and facing toward the sea, the Sanctuary of the Great Gods feels spiritually integral to the deities of the earth, sky, and sea who played a fundamental role in the mysteria.


The trip left an indelible mark upon me and I made numerous trips after that on my own back to Greece and Samothrace. I loved being there surrounded by a culture that was so familiar yet different from my own as a Greek-American.  I felt very much at home and found something very anchoring about rediscovering my roots. It made me feel “whole” as if I reclaimed a part of me that had been left behind in Greece in some way I cannot quite explain.

Years later I became captivated by the history of the ancient cult of the Great Gods in Samothrace. I often wonder if that is where my fascination with spirituality and metaphysics came from. The site of the mystery cult in Samothrace has been under excavation for years and years but yet, very little is really known about it.

The roots of intuition

I grew up reading Greek mythology. I particularly loved stories about the Oracle of Delphi. The oracle was always a woman. She sat above a chasm that emitted vapors that put her into an altered state. Once in this state she was able to divine the future. People traveled from all over the ancient world to learn their fate from the oracle.

When I was growing up, before I ever heard the world “clairvoyance” or “out of body experience” just before I fell asleep each night images flooded my mind of a magnificent mountainous landscape. I would soar like a bird over these peaks. I remember feeling as if I belonged there. It is still a vivid memory. But, it was not until I made the journey through the mountains and visited Delphi that I realized this was the landscape I had been seeing all those years.

At the time of my first trip to Greece and Delphi I was fourteen and had been doing readings for just a few years. I recall feeling very connected to to the area; as if being there was something important I should etch into my memory, for what reason I wasn’t clear about at the time.

As I look back on it now I believe the strong connection I felt was my soul’s pull toward developing my then budding intuition.

Your soul “knows” your path

There is a “pull” in each an every one of us. And, this pull is there to lead you in the direction you were meant to go in your life – your destiny. This is the pull of your soul speaking to you through your intuition. When you “feel” a strong pull to do something, especially when there is no rational reason, this is your intuition.

Intuition, in philosophy, [is a] way of knowing directly; immediate apprehension. The Greeks understood intuition to be the grasp of universal principles by the intelligence (nous), as distinguished from the fleeting impressions of the senses. The distinction used by the Greeks implied the superiority of intellectual intuitions over information received by the senses

Source: Intuition|

Perhaps the strong pull some feel to return to the home of their ancestors is a pull from the soul to find wholeness by rediscovering a part of themselves and awakening to their destiny?
Whatever that “pull” might be for you honor it. It wouldn’t be there unless it was trying to “pull” you somewhere important.
Where are you being pulled to go? What are you being pulled to do? Are you listening?
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Intuition: Boost Intuition with Mindfulness Meditation

Intuition: Boost Intuition with Mindfulness Meditation

Practice mindfulness photo banner

Practical applications for boosting intuition with mindfulness meditation

by guest author Sara Stringer

What is intuition?

Intuition is our personal inner GPS (global positioning system).  When we listen to this internal voice or feel its “nudge” we are guided to the solutions to life’s problems. Our intuition is the technology with which we receive guidance from an all pervading intelligent universe.

What is mindfulness meditation?

Practicing mindfulness meditation is the experience of staying fully in the present moment. When you practice mindfulness you focus completely on the task at hand. You are aware of your thoughts and watch over them much like a shepherd, continuously bringing the stray ones back to a single focus on the present moment and whatever it is you are doing.

Developing a practice of mindfulness allows your intuition to blossom simply because you have removed all the “clutter” from your mind that distracts you from hearing your inner voice.

When we listen to our intuition we are guided to the solutions we need to solve life’s many dilemmas. We are all connected to the source of all intelligence in the Universe. All answers are available to us if we will only listen. The technology for conveying this information to us is our intuition. Let your intuition shine a light on your problems. – See more at:
When we listen to our intuition we are guided to the solutions we need to solve life’s many dilemmas. We are all connected to the source of all intelligence in the Universe. All answers are available to us if we will only listen. The technology for conveying this information to us is our intuition. Let your intuition shine a light on your problems. – See more at:
When we listen to our intuition we are guided to the solutions we need to solve life’s many dilemmas. We are all connected to the source of all intelligence in the Universe. All answers are available to us if we will only listen. The technology for conveying this information to us is our intuition. Let your intuition shine a light on your problems. – See more at:
When we listen to our intuition we are guided to the solutions we need to solve life’s many dilemmas. We are all connected to the source of all intelligence in the Universe. All answers are available to us if we will only listen. The technology for conveying this information to us is our intuition. Let your intuition shine a light on your problems. – See more at:

The right time to apply intuition and practice mindfulness

One of the first things that you will want to know when you become a student of developing intuition and mindfulness is whether or not there is a “right” time to practice your new craft. This is a complicated question and there is no one correct answer. However, there are some instances in which being experienced in developing intuition and mindfulness can be helpful.

Dealing with Your Finances

When you apply for a loan or are trying to find the best credit card balance transfer offers it is easy to get distracted. Your own nervousness can play a large role in this and that is why it is so important to be able to stay calm and keep a good state of mind when dealing with important issues like your finances.

Being able to practice breathing and mindfulness can help you clear your head and really focus on what you are trying to do. This is especially helpful when talking to a representative of a bank or loan company.

Before your meeting, do a few deep breathing exercises and focus on the task at hand and what you want to get from it. This helps to slow your heart rate and increase oxygen flow to your brain. The extra oxygen fuels your brain and helps it to calm your nerves. You’ll be able to block out the bustle, your nerves, and everything else and use your intuition to figure out whether or not what your rep is saying is in your best interests or not.

Applying to College

Getting an undergraduate is no longer the ultimate option. We see Bachelor degrees the same way we once saw the high school diploma. This means that there are more students than ever competing for the same number of spots and that kind of competition is intimidating. It gets worse when you have to find, apply and interview for scholarships in order to be able to afford that degree.

Use your intuition to pick up on intuitive insights and cues your interviewer (or interviewers) are giving you so that you can respond appropriately. The unspoken cues are hard to read when you’re nervous.

Getting to your interview early to practice your breathing and spend a few minutes being mindful helps you focus to make this easier as well as to be present in your interview so that you can showcase your best characteristics.

Meeting New People

Some of us are blessed with an inner confidence. For others, social situations are—on a good day—a total nightmare. Being able to practice your breathing so that you don’t find yourself inwardly trying to beat back a panic attack at the next dinner party is good for everyone.

Some people have found that by following their intuition, they are able to open up more in social situations. Because they are focused, they are better able to intuitively pick up on body language cues and other subtle hints as to whom to approach and befriend at the party.

Knowing that you’re not the only one there who is nervous and freaking out has an intense calming effect that can be beneficial (and makes you more approachable).

Dealing With Major Life Changes

For some of us, major career changes and lifestyle changes send us into spirals of despair and anxiety. A daily mindfulness practice, when paired with your intuition can help you work through the changes and do the things you need to do in order to build structure around your new situation.

Mindfulness can help you focus on a job search or rebuilding after a move or relationship change; it can help you get through stressful nights after having a baby. Mindfulness helps you stay present in the moment. It keeps you grounded and controls your brain (allowing it to wander into all of the stressful unknowns is dangerous for your mental health during times of change). This helps you focus on exactly what you need to do to get through that moment before you focus on the next one. It’s kind of like “baby steps” but with better breathing.

The fact is that while there are many situations in which you can use your intuition pairing it with the practice of mindfulness can make things so much clearer and will make life less overwhelming.

Have you been practicing mindfulness meditation? Did it boost your intuition? Share your experience or ask a question in the comment section.

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P.S. Get started developing your intuition – click here!

Sara Stringer is freelance writer who most often writes about personal finance. In her spare time, she enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle through swimming and practicing yoga.

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Intuition: What to Do When Intuitive Insights Contradict One Another

Intuition: What to Do When Intuitive Insights Contradict One Another

Intuition: What to Do When Intuitive Insights Contradict One Another

Conflicting Intuitive Responses

Today I’m opening up the Powered by Intuition mail bag.

In the last few weeks I received several emails from readers asking very similar questions about what to do when their intuition seems to contradict itself.

Here’s an example of what readers have been asking:

Q. How am I supposed to trust my intuition when I keep getting different answers? One day I am being guided to do one thing and then the next day another. What can I do about this and why do I keep getting different answers?

A. For starters, I suggest you stop asking the same question over and over. Doing this will only confuse you and desensitize you to your intuition. Your rational mind will take over and begin posing as intuition and you won’t know the difference between the two.

Go back and review the first answer you got and try to recall how you “felt” about it in that moment? Were you aware of an emotional response to the answer? Was it positive or negative? Did you feel something physically in your body at the time. Was it a physically reassuring feeling or somewhat repellant? Remember, your first impressions both emotionally and physically are usually correct.

The other suggestion I have for you is to not be attached to the outcome. Many times the reason we ask the same question over and over is because deep down we want a certain answer. This happens when you are attached to following one course of action. If this is the case I suggest you just do what you keep wanting to hear from your intuition and stop asking. It just may be that this is “the answer” and has been the answer all along – so just do it.

Another way to interpret this is, if you are getting a different answer than the what you “want” not only are you attached to the outcome but perhaps, you are also on the wrong track! Your intuition is trying to tell you otherwise but you don’t/won’t accept this as the “truth” so you keep asking over and over and end up even more frustrated and confused.

The only way to deal with this is to surrender. Stop thinking about the problem and stop trying to get the answer. Just get the entire situation out of your mind and focus on something else for a couple of days. When you surrender and totally detach from one answer over another the answer will come to you. The answer will be very clear because your mind will no longer be cluttered and confused by all the distracting thoughts you had previously.

Regarding trusting your intuition – know that the more you follow your intuition and take action upon it the more you will trust. Trust comes from taking action and having a successful outcome based on following your intuition. It is normal not to feel 100 percent certain in the beginning but you must have the guts to follow the advice if you are going to become confident in your intuition. Trust comes later on as a result of listening to your intuition over and over.

My challenges come when I don’t trust these answers and I will keep asking the same questions over and over again. In the end, I get confused because the answers begin to contradict. Lesson learned: I find it much easier to get answers when I am not attached to the outcome. – See more at:
My challenges come when I don’t trust these answers and I will keep asking the same questions over and over again. In the end, I get confused because the answers begin to contradict. Lesson learned: I find it much easier to get answers when I am not attached to the outcome. – See more at:

Q. Another reader wrote the following reply to me after reading an article in my weekly newsletter.  In this article I assured readers that they didn’t have to “see, hear”  or believe that they were being guided by beings outside of themselves in order to receive intuitive guidance. The physical reaction of the body is just as reliable if not more so.

“I really enjoyed this newsletter and all of the previous ones as well. One thing that you mentioned helped explain much of the frustration I felt taking classes in the beginning. I would find myself getting tense or frustrated because I wasn’t “seeing” a person I could refer to as a spirit guide and therefore wasn’t tuning in very well. Apparently I put so much effort into focusing on a spirit guide that I ignored listening to what my body was telling me. You have given me a different way of looking at things and I thank you so much.” –Susan Reese

A. The important point is that you have access to an infinite amount of information. As I’ve mentioned here many times we are all connected and part and parcel of one vast intelligent organism. We cannot be separated from it or each other anymore than you can separate an individual wave from the ocean.

If you feel strongly that an ethereal being outside of yourself is guiding you and that works for you – great.

But, if you are having trouble tuning in know that you do not need to see or hear the voice of an intermediary. Some people never see or hear a guide yet they receive perfectly clear direction from their intuitive higher self. Know that all the wisdom and knowledge of the Universe is available to you directly. Just like any other belief system you are creating your reality even in matters of how you think you recieve intuitive insight.

As you can see in Susan’s note to me she was getting tripped up because she assumed that the way she would know she was receiving intuitive guidance was by seeing her guide.

Here’s what I advise: Let go of all preconceived notions of how the guidance is to come to you and be open to all forms and you will not block this information from coming through to your awareness.

Another method for attuning to your inner guidance is to become aware of how your body reacts when you receive the guidance. The purpose of tuning into your physical body is so that you can interpret what your body is communicating to you.

If you feel anxious or nervous or your stomach tenses up this is a sign that you should exercise caution or not proceed at all. If you get a sinking feeling that could also be a “no.”

What questions or reactions do you have regarding getting conflicting information or how you receive intuitive guidance? Share with us in the comments section.

If you enjoyed this article share it with a friend on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook. Thanks so much.

P.S. Learn how you can easily attune to your intuition. Click here!

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How To Use MindMapping To Stay Creative & Intuitive Everyday

How To Use MindMapping To Stay Creative & Intuitive Everyday

How To Use MindMapping To Stay Creative & Intuitive Everyday

How to Create a Mind Map

By guest contributor Virginia Cunningham.

Humans are by nature creative. Sometimes, however, we need a little help to unlock our true artistic potential.

Using mind mapping can not only help you get a clearer picture of your ideas, it can also encourage you to focus and expand on those ideas. As an enhancing tool – mind mapping enhances your creativity, your intuition and problem solving skills. On top of all of that, it enables you to better understand yourself and your strengths.

Essentially, mind mapping is a technique that uses a diagram to map out information in a visual manner, in which there is a main category in the center of the map, branching out into subcategories in a hierarchical form.

Thus, you can relate and group information together efficiently; it is a structural format to force you to think outside of the box. As it is visual, it keeps you engaged to concentrate on your thoughts.

Mind mapping is a great way to brainstorm, organize and keep track of goals and objectives, and make those artistic connections.They can spark breakthrough ideas and intuitive connections of where content should be and how content relates – you can visually see if your thoughts are in the right place.

Sometimes your mind doesn’t follow the conventional way to solve a problem; however, at times, following the norm can become repetitive and mundane. If your gut or intuition tells you to do something in a different and innovative way, perhaps you should follow that instinct.

With the help of a mind map, we can better understand our ideas and develop solutions. In understanding our ideas, we learn and know more about ourselves and our place in life.

Just like our intuition, sometimes our creativity can be elusive because we don’t pay attention to it or use it often enough. Your creative spirit may be dormant; however, you can awaken it through the use of a mind map.

How to Mind Map2

A mind map can help you obtain a better grasp of your creativity, pull experiences from the past and present, and utilize your overall physical, mental and emotional resources. The end result of your mind map focuses on the roots in your intuition – your creativity and intuition combined provide you with that unique angle and approach to your work to creatively solve problems in your life.

With a mind map, you can take a moment to look at a visual depiction of your thoughts, make sense of it and pay more attention to the right side of the brain we refer to as the more creative and intuitive side of our brain that we tend to ignore.

A mind map is a creative connection of the intangible to the tangible. Mind maps provide visual confirmation to the thoughts running through your mind. When you flex your creative muscles, you put your feelings to paper and your perceptions are expanded. You can step away or hone in on external stimuli and turn random thoughts into an actual process.

Use a mind map everyday when sorting out thoughts to serve as a visual guide to the connection between your creativity, your intuition and intuitive guidance. Creativity and intuition are linked so, working with a mind map will not only help expand your creativity it will also help you to develop your intuition as well.

What tools and techniques do you use to enhance your creativity? If you’ve tried mindmapping how has it worked out for you?

If you enjoyed this post share it with a friend on FB, Twitter or Google+. Thanks!

P.S. Easily enhance your creativity by developing your intuition: Click here!

Virginia Cunningham is a freelance writer from California whose writing covers a range of different topics, including health and supplements, dining and travel and business and marketing.

Photo credit:

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Everyday Intuition: 7 Stories from Top Creative Minds

Everyday Intuition: 7 Stories from Top Creative Minds

“You must train your intuition. You must trust the small voice inside which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide.” –Ingrid Bergman 

"Our intuition demonstrates that we are all connected." --Angela Artemis

Today I’m delighted to share stories of everyday intuition from 7 top creative minds. 

We have our intuition for a purpose – mainly to keep us from harm. Intuition is another one of our senses just as useful as the five senses we commonly refer to which is why it is also called the “sixth sense.”

Your intuition is intelligence and information gathered through “sensing” it rather than receiving it consciously. It  is isn’t mysterious, dark, spooky or strange but natural and extremely common. As you read through these examples I’m sure you will recall having had similar experiences of intuitive insight in your own life.

If you’re not clear on how intuitive guidance works or on how to recognize your intuition you will find these stories to be great teaching tools.

These examples of what I call “everyday intuition” will give you a very clear idea of how your intuition guides you in love and romance, judging character, ensures your safety and in business with business intuition in “everyday life.”

Intuition leads to love

I had been invited to a party which I had turned down as I just wanted to go home and chill out.  I was a bit depressed as that very morning I had ‘let go’ of ever finding the right woman to spend my life with.  I had been looking for 2-3 years.

I felt I was too desperate, so I said to myself ‘I’m letting go, I can be very happy on my own.’ It felt like a huge weight off, but I was still feeling down.

When I finished work that night I was walking with some friends who tried to persuade me to go to the pub for the party that night, I said no, but as soon as I said it, that nagging feeling, and little voice,  stopped me in my tracks, and I turned to my friends and advised I’d go for a few drinks.

I was having a great time, until 7.30pm a woman walked into the pub who literally took my breath away.  It was the sister of a work colleague.

We have now been married for 8 years and have two amazing sons, and every time I think of this story I fall in love all over again.

It would have been a crime if I hadn’t listened to that little voice called intuition.

–Steve Aitchison –


Business Intuition:

This past month I saw my intuition struggling with the logical side of my brain. This is what happened. A dear friend of mine suggested that I apply to give a hands on seminar at an International creative Arts Seminar next fall. The focus of my workshop would be based on my 7 step process of creative awakening from the book I wrote- Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening. After looking through the brochure,  I felt that it made sense that I should attend and present. After all 875 therapists from around the globe would be attending . What a great way share my message with those in the helping profession.

Over the past few weeks, I spent a lot of time on the application but didn’t complete it. Something didn’t feel right. A few days after I missed the deadline, I wrote to the fellow in charge and asked for an extension. He graciously offered one to me. This past weekend, I sat down to work on it –giving myself plenty of time for pausing, editing, completing and sending it in.

Again – I struggled. I spent hours trying to make it work but it didn’t come together. I had a knot in my stomach. I forgot to mention that besides a lot of scientific/academic criteria,  a C.V. done in a specific format was required for the application .

That was my clue. In speaking with a colleague of mine from seminary yesterday, she suggested that my intuition has led me to such a soulful/creative place that returning to a logical/academic milieu might feel counterintuitive to the direction I was heading in.

When I heard her words, it all made sense. My intuition –my authentic self- kept on whispering to me that ‘this isn’t who you are. Don’t try to fit in’. Today, I wrote a note to the head of the admissions committee telling him I wouldn’t be able to participate this coming fall. Within a few hours, I had a response from him asking me to consider participating in the future – that he feels my work could be of value to therapists and others in the healing profession.

Although it was a struggle, my intuition won out. It reminded me that I need to be who I am and not to try to fit into an arena because it ‘makes sense’.  I need to make decisions on what feels right in my heart.

As I’ve said many times, when your intuition whispers in your ear, listen. It took me a while this time around to do so but once I did, my internal voice said ‘Yes – you are being who you are meant to be. And that’s a good thing’

–Fran Sorin –


Intuition has been playing a major role in my business. I run my own company and there is just no blueprint or roadmap for what I do, so I joke to others that my hubby and I are making it up as we go. But deep down, I believe that my intuition is my blueprint. Here’s an example that was based purely on intuition.

In October, a friend connected me with his big investor friend who wanted to partner with me on expanding my juicing business. This person was very well connected to the likes of Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, and many other top personal development influencers and a savvy business person. I was all over it. We talked several times on the phone, and got down to the business proposal and contracts and what have you but then, something in my gut told me to wait, to hold off, just not commit yet. I could not for the life of me verbalize it to a logical reason …. but I listened. I had to turn down the proposal, perhaps disappoint my friend (maybe, maybe not) and then I forgot about it.

A month later, out of nowhere, I got my book deal for what turned out to be exactly the type of exposure, credibility and work that I needed to grow my juicing business. Had I signed on earlier with the investor, I would not have been able to say yes to the book, and I would have lost the opportunity altogether, and while I don’t know how things would have turned out, I can’t imagine them turning out any better than they did. My intuition helps me make small or big business decisions such as this one all the time now, and I never, ever ignore it. You shouldn’t either!

–Farnoosh Brock –


Intuition and safety:

I was driving home from work one day and was trucking along at around 35 MPH, when in my mind’s eye I suddenly “saw” a dog running out from between some parked cars, into the street.  I didn’t know why I suddenly had that in my mind, but I slowed way down just in case.  About 30 seconds later, a dog came running out into the street in front of me, just like in the vision.  I never would have been able to stop, if I hadn’t “seen” him, and followed that intuition.

–Jeanne Miller –


I had four hours to get to Great Falls in time for my radio interview at KEIN.   I had already been driving for quite a while on my international speaking tour and had had no sleep for 20 hours.  Before I had started this tour talking to audiences and sharing techniques on self-realization, I had asked my inner guidance to help me avoid hitting any animals with my car.  This spiritual venture could not be littered with road kill across northwestern USA.

The next thing I knew, I heard a man’s voice saying quite loudly, “Sandra, wake up or you’ll hit a rabbit.”

I jerked wide awake and slammed on the brakes without thinking.  Sure enough, a little bunny stood on his hind feet, transfixed by the headlights.  Even more important, directly behind the bunny was a flimsy wood and wire guardrail and, beyond that, a fifty-foot drop down an embankment.  It took a while to get my heart out of my mouth and back into my chest where it belonged.  I then took the hint and grabbed a quick cat nap before continuing on to Great Falls.  I made it in time to have some coffee and spruce up before my interview.

What really impressed me about this encounter, was that my angel, for that was who he was, had used my tour request to alert me.  If he would have said instead, “Sandra, wake up, you’re going to kill yourself,” I probably would have gone “Aaaaaah!”, thrown up my hands and gone over the side, sideswiping the bunny as I went.

–Sandra Bell Kirchman – FantasyFic, the Blog


It was sunny day and I was taking my twin 7-year old boys to the park to play. The road alongside the park is curvy. As I pulled up alongside the curb across the street from the park, a voice inside me said, “don’t park here, you’re on a blind curve and anyone coming in a car would not see a child crossing.”
I parked there anyway. But I felt uncomfortable and reminded them to watch for cars. I stopped the car, and the more cautious of my two boys looked both ways and crossed safely. I felt very calm as he crossed.
My other boy was just getting ready to get out of the car though, when I felt the pressure inside me building as all my senses screamed at me.
I was instantly on high alert and at the same instant he started to bolt across the street, even though I couldn’t see it, I ‘knew’ a car coming.
I screamed, “STOP” in the loudest voice my son had ever heard from me. He froze, and a car zipped by, missing him by just a foot.
Had I first listened to my intuition we could have avoided the entire issue and emotional trauma which ensued. But fortunately, my intuition did set me on edge enough, and kept at me, so I was in an altered state of alertness.
Had that voice inside not been there, I’m certain he would have been badly injured, or worse.

–Karen Daniels –



Intuition and judging character:

When we lived in Costa Rica there was a neighbour who was very popular in the expat community. She worked as a chiropractor and everyone except me called her Doctor Karen even though she wasn’t a real doctor.

I don’t know why I just didn’t like or trust that woman. I didn’t like the way she said “Everyone calls me Doctor Karen”, I didn’t like the way she treated other people encouraging them to come to her clinic when they probably didn’t need to or the way she treated her partner.

I generally get a strong feeling about people when I first meet them and, although I can sometimes be wrong, that intuitive feeling was renewed every time I encountered Karen.

Then after we left Costa Rica I heard she’d been arrested and imprisoned in San Jose. Apparently she was a fugitive wanted by the FBI for her part in a multi-million investment scam which involving fleecing money out of people which they never got back.

The expat community was shocked that this loved member of their village was an outlaw and many continued to protest her innocence as she herself does.

I know it should be innocent until proved guilty but I have a strong feeling she’s guilty and that my intuition worked perfectly that time.

–Annabel Candy –


Do you have a question or your own story of everyday intuition? Share it with us in the comments.

If you enjoyed this post share it with a friend on Twitter, FB or Google+.  Thank  you.

P.S. Learn to easily sharpen your own intuition – click here.

Get a Free hypnosis confidence boosting session. Use discount code: stride & click here.

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