Intuition Stories of Guidance for Your Life

Intuition Stories of Guidance for Your Life

Woman Discovers Intuitive Guidance

Intuition Stories of Guidance for Your Life

Everyone is intuitive.

Our intuition is a primal sense that has been with us since mankind stood upright. It is there to warn us about danger in our environment.

Have you ever had the feeling someone was following you? This feeling is the intuitive knowing you get to warn you that you may be in danger.  Feeling that someone is there you turn round and see them and then RUN which saves your life.

Intuition does come through differently for everyone though and sometimes it can be confusing. Read these three stories to get a sense of how intuitive insight shows up for these writers.

The more you know about how intuition works the more likely you are to recognize it in your own life. And, the more you follow your intuition the more confident you will become in trusting it and the more successful you will be in your life.

Intuitive guidance for relationships:

My husband and I were having issues early in our marriage.  We were butting heads and our arguments seemed to be getting worse.

I had reached the point where I had had enough and was ready to walk.

Just before I told my husband that I was done, something stopped me.  I suddenly realized that I was following a pattern.  I started to see how I had done this in every other relationship I had ever had.

I remember the voice of my intuition saying to me quite firmly, “Not this time.  Stay.  Learn something.  You can always leave later.  For now, stay.”

It was tough to stay but I did.  For the first time in my life I realized that I had to work on myself.  The problems in my life weren’t always someone else’s fault.

If I kept experiencing the same kinds of relationship issues, regardless of who I was with or where I lived, then I must be a big part of it.  Like Jon Kabat-Zinn says, “Wherever you go, there you are.”

I put my relationship on hold while I saw a therapist and did some deep work on myself.  The more I changed, the more my husband seemed to change into the person I had been looking for.

Our marriage improved.  Since then, I’ve never stopped looking deeper into myself, seeking opportunities for changing myself into the person I’ve been looking for.

My intuition was right.

–Paige BurkesSimple Mindfulness


Intuitive guidance about your life path:

I’ve been getting a lot of signs and synchronicity lately about what to do next with my business for the next 3 months while I’m visiting home. I’m not sure of the outcome yet because it’s still in the making, but I got invited to be a co-author in a book series about soulful relationships or conscious business. When I checked it out, the buy in price just didn’t seem worth it. I knew that I could invest in myself for cheaper and probably make more money. My intuition was telling me this is a gentle nudge to write my OWN book instead. 

Then, I received a random email from someone who saw my website. Those emails are few and far between… It’s been months since I’ve received one. He mentioned how my involvement in past client work with Cheryl Strayed lead him to her book “Wild” and thanked me for the (indirect) connection. I took that as another synchronous sign that it’s time to write my own memoir about my walking journey, which is all about my soulful relationship. Tie that in to ‘conscious business’ and I’ve got an Eat, Pray, Love-ish memoir + biz guide! This feels like the energetically right next thing to do.
–Janet BrentBy Janet
Intuitive guidance simplifies everyday life:
My niece is getting married in a few weeks and I’ve been putting off shopping for a dress.
I’m not one of those women who enjoys shopping or shops as a pass time. I usually spend time in a mall at a department store only when I absolutely must.
I told myself months ago not to panic and that when the time came to buy a dress I would feel the urge or get a sign that it was time to go to the mall.
With only a few weeks to spare I was starting to get nervous. The “urge” to shop had not yet descended upon me!
Last weekend – it finally came. I had an urge to go to Macy’s Department store – which is funny as I had been thinking all along that I would go to Lord & Taylor’s to find my dress. But no – it was a very clear urge to go to Macy’s so I went.
On the way there I suddenly heard this very clear directive, “Go with the navy blue dress!”
Again this was funny as all along I had been picturing myself in a completely different color; a shimmery copper long dress.
Well, don’t you know that the first dress I saw when I reached the fancy dress department was a navy blue cocktail dress? I liked it right away and “knew” it was going to look well on me.
I also saw a beautiful long copper colored dress and took that one and an armful of other dresses into the dressing room with me. Although I tried them all on – nothing could beat that navy blue cocktail dress which had been the first one I tried on.
I was actually a bit disappointed as the copper dress was exactly the kind of dress I had been imagining all along but it didn’t flatter me at all – not like the blue dress anyway.
I ended up buying the short blue cocktail dress and a great pair of comfortable black patent leather heels and now I am all set for the wedding that is just six weeks away. What a relief.
While I did spend three hours at the mall had I listened to my intuition from the beginning and tried only the navy blue dress I would have been in and out of there in less than an hour.
–Angela Artemis – PoweredbyIntuition
Never argue with that little voice you hear. It always steers you right!
What intuitive guidance have you received in your life? Did you listen? What happened? Share your story with us in the comments.
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Intuition: Miraculous Stories of Following Intuition in Everyday Life

Intuition: Miraculous Stories of Following Intuition in Everyday Life

Miraculous stories of following intuition in everyday life.

Stories of Intuition in Everyday Life

Sometimes the best approach to making decisions in life is to let go and let your intuition guide you. The more you “try” to control a situation or get an answer the more blocked, confused and frustrated you become.

When you let go and allow yourself to be led by your gut often things just work out for the best as the following stories of intuition in everyday life illustrate. Life’s problems solves themselves if you let them.

Following Intuition leads to love

I wasn’t even supposed to be out that night but my friend called and she was upset because someone (oh, okay, my brother) had just broken up with her. She wanted to go out. She was a good friend. We went.


But we only planned to go to a movie and then go home. But the movie morphed into coffee which became a drink and after that we decided to take a walk through our favourite dance club to see if anyone we knew was out.


It was crowded and we were mounting the stairs from the basement pub to the dance floor level. I was in the lead and I intended to go straight, at the top of the stairs, turn left and, having skirted the dance floor on two sides, exit through the front door.


But when I got to the top of the stairs I heard a voice that say, “Go this way.” Indicating a left turn. For some reason I don’t know now and didn’t know then, I listened. I turned left, and as I came around that corner I saw my future husband standing there. He saw me at that same moment.


The rest, as they say… well you know what they say 😉


–Lori Gosselin – Life for Instance


Following Intuition leads to discovering life’s work

Several months ago, I was your average person struggling to make a living and dreading every day of work.  My “career” was going nowhere fast.  I kept getting this nagging and undeniable feeling that I was meant to do something special with my life.  But, for whatever reason I kept ignoring it.    Through the agony and misery, I trudged along hoping that one day it would all change.  I had been reading several books including Angela’s Intuition Principle .  Slowly, I began to realize that my intuition was pulling me to listen.  Signs and synchronized events kept happening, and  I knew it was the universe’s way of encouraging me.  

One day, I had this sudden urge to make a list of all the things I loved to do.  It seemed ridiculous at the time, but I desperately wanted to find a career that would make me happy.  I scanned down the list… writing, editing, researching, chakras, spiritual studies, dreams, etc.  Instantly, I knew.  I was meant to be a writer and incorporate all of these concepts into my novel.

Against the advice of others, I quit my job and started working diligently on the book.  I admit I even had moments of doubt as other people’s negative opinions began to haunt me.  Yet, all the while, I just knew deep down that I was meant to be a writer.  Six months later, I published my first book.
I owe it all to following my intuition and truly listening to that gut feeling.  I have struggled my whole  life on what direction to take my career, but in that one moment it all became clear.  Listen to your intuition, and the world will open up for you!!
–E.M. Smith – Author – The Colors of Growth

Following Intuition leads to more business

I have been refreshing my intuitive business lately. When I asked my intuition for guidance on how to best expand my services, the name of an acquaintance of mine popped into my head.

This person runs a meta-physical store in my town.  She is a gifted intuitive, who has done readings for me from many times, but I have never done any sort of business with her.  I decided to contact her, even though I was a little nervous about it.

When I called her, it turned out she was delighted to hear from me.  It turned out she “happened to be” working on her fall workshop schedule when I called.  Without even looking at my course outline, she was very happy to offer my “Contacting Spirit Guides” course to clients in her store.  Not only that, she wanted my course to be part of additional workshops! 

When I timidly asked her about whether she might be interested in me offering group mediumship readings – one of my recently added additions – she was very enthusiastic and encouraged me to expand to larger groups than I had even considered!

Thanks to my intuition, another great opportunity has come into my life. 🙂

Kara Thompson – Conduit of Joy


Following intuition leads to avoiding taking the wrong job

Earlier this year I wrote about how I had been offered a well paying job but turned it down after accepting it in a post titled: 8 Tips to Help Get You Through a Crisis of the Soul. Essentially what happened was that after I accepted the job I became deathly ill and couldn’t get out of bed for a week! I had such anxiety about taking this job that my intuition manifested an illness to get my attention and rethink taking the job.

Everything happens for a reason. For all intents and purposes the job appeared to be perfect.  It was a well paying managerial job in my field (financial sales). The company was in the midst of a merger with another company which was supposed to make the job even more lucrative. I was supposed to start at the end of January and the merger was supposed to be finalized by the Spring.

It is now the beginning of July and the merger is on hold. The people who were hired in anticipation of having a spectacular year are not having a spectacular year at all. They are waiting on the sidelines for this merger to take place losing income that was promised to them.

As it turns out my intuition knew better and far more than I could have imagined after all.

–Angela Artemis


Following Intuition saves a pet

Awhile back, we noticed there was something going on with our 13 yr. old boxer, Jasmine. She was unusually restless, and I felt she was in pain.

I could “see it in her eyes”.

We checked her over but didn’t find anything amiss. We decided to take her to the vet.

Once there, we discussed the symptoms. I told the vet I felt certain she was in pain. The vet checked her, and decided that because she had begun to drink water more often, she must have diabetes.

I explained I thought the water drinking was just an anxious response to being in pain. Again, I stressed that I knew her well and was sure there was something hurting her.

The vet just didn’t agree. She felt strongly that it was diabetes and that we should do blood tests. She could do some then, but Jasmine would have to fast and come back the next day for the remainder.

The vet was an hour’s drive and the tests were expensive, so we asked her to give us a minute.

She left the room and I had the presence of mind to go within. I “felt it out” once more. Again, I felt certain the issue was pain, not diabetes.

We told her we decided not to have the tests. She warned us that Jasmine would not even last 2 more days without treatment.

This is where I could have bought into her experience, expertise, and the fear she was injecting. LInstead, we thanked her and left. (With no pain killers, unfortunately.)

The next day, I found half a tooth on the floor. One of Jasmine’s, of course. Can you imagine the pain of a severely broken tooth?

Over the next few days, she recovered and became her happy self again. She never did have or get diabetes.

–Patti Foy – Lightspirited Being


Following Intuition for making the right decision

I was approached to take on a transcription contract by someone I did not know.  This individual wanted me to meet at their house and told me they had some recordings they wanted me to document.  I had an uneasy feeling and started to get a headache as I left my house.  (Intuition sometimes works in different ways, through the body rather than a “voice”).  

On the drive to the place, I flipped on my car radio, and John Fogerty’s “Bad Moon Rising” came on.  After I met with the client, I discovered the hours of recordings were secretly made of family members dealing with some very personal issues. 

This whole scenario did not feel like something I cared to be involved in, and I had never been asked to do this before.  

I said I needed to think about taking this on due to my “excessive workload” and returned the recordings that day by mail.

–Erin Waterman – Healing Outdoors-Care for the Caregiver

What experiences of everyday intuition have you had? Did they lead you away from a difficult situation to right path in  you life? Share your story with us in the comments.

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Everyday Intuition: 7 Stories from Top Creative Minds

Everyday Intuition: 7 Stories from Top Creative Minds

“You must train your intuition. You must trust the small voice inside which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide.” –Ingrid Bergman 

"Our intuition demonstrates that we are all connected." --Angela Artemis

Today I’m delighted to share stories of everyday intuition from 7 top creative minds. 

We have our intuition for a purpose – mainly to keep us from harm. Intuition is another one of our senses just as useful as the five senses we commonly refer to which is why it is also called the “sixth sense.”

Your intuition is intelligence and information gathered through “sensing” it rather than receiving it consciously. It  is isn’t mysterious, dark, spooky or strange but natural and extremely common. As you read through these examples I’m sure you will recall having had similar experiences of intuitive insight in your own life.

If you’re not clear on how intuitive guidance works or on how to recognize your intuition you will find these stories to be great teaching tools.

These examples of what I call “everyday intuition” will give you a very clear idea of how your intuition guides you in love and romance, judging character, ensures your safety and in business with business intuition in “everyday life.”

Intuition leads to love

I had been invited to a party which I had turned down as I just wanted to go home and chill out.  I was a bit depressed as that very morning I had ‘let go’ of ever finding the right woman to spend my life with.  I had been looking for 2-3 years.

I felt I was too desperate, so I said to myself ‘I’m letting go, I can be very happy on my own.’ It felt like a huge weight off, but I was still feeling down.

When I finished work that night I was walking with some friends who tried to persuade me to go to the pub for the party that night, I said no, but as soon as I said it, that nagging feeling, and little voice,  stopped me in my tracks, and I turned to my friends and advised I’d go for a few drinks.

I was having a great time, until 7.30pm a woman walked into the pub who literally took my breath away.  It was the sister of a work colleague.

We have now been married for 8 years and have two amazing sons, and every time I think of this story I fall in love all over again.

It would have been a crime if I hadn’t listened to that little voice called intuition.

–Steve Aitchison –


Business Intuition:

This past month I saw my intuition struggling with the logical side of my brain. This is what happened. A dear friend of mine suggested that I apply to give a hands on seminar at an International creative Arts Seminar next fall. The focus of my workshop would be based on my 7 step process of creative awakening from the book I wrote- Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening. After looking through the brochure,  I felt that it made sense that I should attend and present. After all 875 therapists from around the globe would be attending . What a great way share my message with those in the helping profession.

Over the past few weeks, I spent a lot of time on the application but didn’t complete it. Something didn’t feel right. A few days after I missed the deadline, I wrote to the fellow in charge and asked for an extension. He graciously offered one to me. This past weekend, I sat down to work on it –giving myself plenty of time for pausing, editing, completing and sending it in.

Again – I struggled. I spent hours trying to make it work but it didn’t come together. I had a knot in my stomach. I forgot to mention that besides a lot of scientific/academic criteria,  a C.V. done in a specific format was required for the application .

That was my clue. In speaking with a colleague of mine from seminary yesterday, she suggested that my intuition has led me to such a soulful/creative place that returning to a logical/academic milieu might feel counterintuitive to the direction I was heading in.

When I heard her words, it all made sense. My intuition –my authentic self- kept on whispering to me that ‘this isn’t who you are. Don’t try to fit in’. Today, I wrote a note to the head of the admissions committee telling him I wouldn’t be able to participate this coming fall. Within a few hours, I had a response from him asking me to consider participating in the future – that he feels my work could be of value to therapists and others in the healing profession.

Although it was a struggle, my intuition won out. It reminded me that I need to be who I am and not to try to fit into an arena because it ‘makes sense’.  I need to make decisions on what feels right in my heart.

As I’ve said many times, when your intuition whispers in your ear, listen. It took me a while this time around to do so but once I did, my internal voice said ‘Yes – you are being who you are meant to be. And that’s a good thing’

–Fran Sorin –


Intuition has been playing a major role in my business. I run my own company and there is just no blueprint or roadmap for what I do, so I joke to others that my hubby and I are making it up as we go. But deep down, I believe that my intuition is my blueprint. Here’s an example that was based purely on intuition.

In October, a friend connected me with his big investor friend who wanted to partner with me on expanding my juicing business. This person was very well connected to the likes of Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, and many other top personal development influencers and a savvy business person. I was all over it. We talked several times on the phone, and got down to the business proposal and contracts and what have you but then, something in my gut told me to wait, to hold off, just not commit yet. I could not for the life of me verbalize it to a logical reason …. but I listened. I had to turn down the proposal, perhaps disappoint my friend (maybe, maybe not) and then I forgot about it.

A month later, out of nowhere, I got my book deal for what turned out to be exactly the type of exposure, credibility and work that I needed to grow my juicing business. Had I signed on earlier with the investor, I would not have been able to say yes to the book, and I would have lost the opportunity altogether, and while I don’t know how things would have turned out, I can’t imagine them turning out any better than they did. My intuition helps me make small or big business decisions such as this one all the time now, and I never, ever ignore it. You shouldn’t either!

–Farnoosh Brock –


Intuition and safety:

I was driving home from work one day and was trucking along at around 35 MPH, when in my mind’s eye I suddenly “saw” a dog running out from between some parked cars, into the street.  I didn’t know why I suddenly had that in my mind, but I slowed way down just in case.  About 30 seconds later, a dog came running out into the street in front of me, just like in the vision.  I never would have been able to stop, if I hadn’t “seen” him, and followed that intuition.

–Jeanne Miller –


I had four hours to get to Great Falls in time for my radio interview at KEIN.   I had already been driving for quite a while on my international speaking tour and had had no sleep for 20 hours.  Before I had started this tour talking to audiences and sharing techniques on self-realization, I had asked my inner guidance to help me avoid hitting any animals with my car.  This spiritual venture could not be littered with road kill across northwestern USA.

The next thing I knew, I heard a man’s voice saying quite loudly, “Sandra, wake up or you’ll hit a rabbit.”

I jerked wide awake and slammed on the brakes without thinking.  Sure enough, a little bunny stood on his hind feet, transfixed by the headlights.  Even more important, directly behind the bunny was a flimsy wood and wire guardrail and, beyond that, a fifty-foot drop down an embankment.  It took a while to get my heart out of my mouth and back into my chest where it belonged.  I then took the hint and grabbed a quick cat nap before continuing on to Great Falls.  I made it in time to have some coffee and spruce up before my interview.

What really impressed me about this encounter, was that my angel, for that was who he was, had used my tour request to alert me.  If he would have said instead, “Sandra, wake up, you’re going to kill yourself,” I probably would have gone “Aaaaaah!”, thrown up my hands and gone over the side, sideswiping the bunny as I went.

–Sandra Bell Kirchman – FantasyFic, the Blog


It was sunny day and I was taking my twin 7-year old boys to the park to play. The road alongside the park is curvy. As I pulled up alongside the curb across the street from the park, a voice inside me said, “don’t park here, you’re on a blind curve and anyone coming in a car would not see a child crossing.”
I parked there anyway. But I felt uncomfortable and reminded them to watch for cars. I stopped the car, and the more cautious of my two boys looked both ways and crossed safely. I felt very calm as he crossed.
My other boy was just getting ready to get out of the car though, when I felt the pressure inside me building as all my senses screamed at me.
I was instantly on high alert and at the same instant he started to bolt across the street, even though I couldn’t see it, I ‘knew’ a car coming.
I screamed, “STOP” in the loudest voice my son had ever heard from me. He froze, and a car zipped by, missing him by just a foot.
Had I first listened to my intuition we could have avoided the entire issue and emotional trauma which ensued. But fortunately, my intuition did set me on edge enough, and kept at me, so I was in an altered state of alertness.
Had that voice inside not been there, I’m certain he would have been badly injured, or worse.

–Karen Daniels –



Intuition and judging character:

When we lived in Costa Rica there was a neighbour who was very popular in the expat community. She worked as a chiropractor and everyone except me called her Doctor Karen even though she wasn’t a real doctor.

I don’t know why I just didn’t like or trust that woman. I didn’t like the way she said “Everyone calls me Doctor Karen”, I didn’t like the way she treated other people encouraging them to come to her clinic when they probably didn’t need to or the way she treated her partner.

I generally get a strong feeling about people when I first meet them and, although I can sometimes be wrong, that intuitive feeling was renewed every time I encountered Karen.

Then after we left Costa Rica I heard she’d been arrested and imprisoned in San Jose. Apparently she was a fugitive wanted by the FBI for her part in a multi-million investment scam which involving fleecing money out of people which they never got back.

The expat community was shocked that this loved member of their village was an outlaw and many continued to protest her innocence as she herself does.

I know it should be innocent until proved guilty but I have a strong feeling she’s guilty and that my intuition worked perfectly that time.

–Annabel Candy –


Do you have a question or your own story of everyday intuition? Share it with us in the comments.

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