6 Reasons Not to Panic WhenYou Don’t Hear Your Intuition

6 Reasons Not to Panic WhenYou Don’t Hear Your Intuition

Each of us has all the wisdom and knowledge we ever need right within us. It is avalaible to us through our intuitive mind, which is our connection with universal intelligence. –Shakti Gawain

Have you been asking for intuitive guidance and not “hearing” anything?Not hearing your intuition

This has happened to me a few times and it was pretty scary.

I didn’t know what to do without my intuitive insight to guide me. “What direction should I take? What should I do next?” were some of the questions that went unanswered.

Losing the connection to our inner guidance can leave us feeling as if we are in a rowboat in the middle of the ocean without any oars.

When I was younger I ignored my inner voice which led to my making some pretty big mistakes in my life. But, after I began listening and saw how beautifully my life began working – I never ignored it again.  So, after I began to rely upon it for every decision to have it go “all quiet” up there for a while was pretty darn scary.

After I experienced this lack of communication from my intuition a couple of times I went back and reviewed my journal notes (another reason keeping a journal comes in very handy) to see what was happening that could have suppressed my inner guidance.

The pattern I detected was fascinating.

Intuitive “silence” follows big decisions

The first time I can recall experiencing “intuitive silence” was after I finally quit my regional sales manager position and went back to college. The second time was after I took a one semester sabbatical from my graduate program so I could work full time. The third time was when I bought my “dream” house. More recently, it was right after I sold my house.

And now, I’m experiencing it again since I’m in the phase after having finished writing and publishing, “The Intuition Principle.”

Expect your Intuition to go “silent” after you’ve made huge changes to your life

What this tells me is that there must be a time when your inner wisdom is gathering more information for the next phase in your life once you’ve followed its guidance and taken action. This also applies to when you don’t follow your intuition and change course as well.

It’s as if you were on one path where your intuition was up ahead of you sending you back directions for how to navigate to arrive at your destination – and then you got there. Now what? What does your inner wisdom do now?

While you are adjusting to your new life circumstances after following your intuition or after ignoring it, your inner navigation system moves forward along this new path (regardless of whether it’s the right path in your life or not) to scope out the way ahead for you. It is quiet because it (your inner GPS) is busy surveying the new landscape you are now in.

It is creating a new “map” for you for you to follow.

The good news!~

The good news is that whether you follow your inner guidance or not – your inner GPS maps out the way for you based on wherever you are in your life.

One of the chapters in, “The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life You Dream Of,” is about finding your life purpose and true calling. (Chaper 7: Finding Your Passion, Purpose and Authenticity). You are here at this time for a purpose and your intuition is the key to accessing your very own inner instruction manual for how to find this purpose and true calling.

It’s a voice activated instruction manual. All you have to do is ask and listen to your “inner voice” to hear these instructions.

So, the point is that even when we make the wrong decisions in our life we can always navigate back to the “right path” by asking our intuition for directions.

Intuition works exactly like a navigation device in your car

When you want to get somewhere you put the address into your navigational device, right? Then, as you drive the car – your GPS device calculates the directions to help you get to where you want to go. But, if you make a wrong turn somewhere the navigational device will recalculate the directions and start directing you from whatever point you are now at – to get you back on the right path to reach your destination. This is exactly what your intuition does too! It is your very own inner navigational device.
Don’t panic if your intuition goes silent after you make big changes to your life

Our brain detects things even when we are not consciously aware of it. And, while w

e’re not always aware of everything we’re sensing our mind is working 24/7 recording every single piece of information we encounter within our environment. Later, when we need to access this inner wisdom our subconscious mind searches every piece of stored information in our brain.

When you ask for intuitive guidance you will always get it but, not always at the exact moment you ask for it. You need to give your subconscious time to search and organize all the new data that is coming in when you make a big change to your life.

Follow these steps when your inner navigation has gone silent:

1. Ask for guidance but, then relax. Many times it comes later when we are doing something else, particularly, when we are doing something mindless like washing the dishes, taking a walk or a shower.

The key to dealing with I.S. (intuitive silence) is to stay calm.

2. Don’t make rash decisions in the absence of hearing your intuitive voice. The worst thing you can do is panic. When you panic you will always make things worse. Think of it this way: Say your driving somewhere and you get lost in a daydream for a moment when you snap back from it – nothing looks familiar. You can’t plac

e exactly where you are because you were “out of it” and on autopilot for a while during your day dream.

You jump to conclusions and think you’ve missed your exit. This causes you to become frightened and panic and get off at the next exit thinking that you have make a U-Turn and go back. Doing this puts you in another completely unfamiliar area where you are now truly lost!

If you had remained calm and kept following the road you were on for a few more minutes instead of panicking, you would have seen that you were going the right way and hadn’t missed your exit – which brings me to tip #3.

3. Stay the course! Keep on going in the direction you’re already on for a while to double check and be sure that you’re not making a hasty change of course while in panic mode. Just take it one day at a time and be as observant as possible. Once you have adjusted to the changes and begin moving forward your intuition will pick up on that signal and snap back into the “ON” position.

4. Give your inner navigational system time to adjust to the new landscape. After making any changes to your life (even the wrong ones) allow your intuition time to learn the new “lay of the land.” Once it has mapped the new area it will begin sending you signals again. Don’t ever panic and think you intuition has abandoned you. That simply cannot happen. It’s just a period of adjustment.

5. Sometimes you don’t need to hear your intuitive voice. Yes, you read that correctly. If you are already on the right path what you need is to do is develop faith in yourself and your intuition by placing one foot in front of the other and seeing how everything is working out for you.

6. You are attached to a particular outcome. Other times, it can be

that you’ve heard your intuition and are ignoring it! What you take for “not hearing it” is really that you’re not hearing what your EGO wants to hear so you convince yourself that you’re not “getting anything.”

Do you see how tricky your ego can be? This is a sign that you are “att
ached” to an outcome and stubbornly refuse to see the true path that  your intuition has been trying to steer you toward. You need to be really honest with yourself to see why you don’t want to hear what you’ve been ignoring. I’ve done this numerous times so I speak from experience…it happens.
Are you experiencing “intuition silence” right now? What’s going on – have you just made big changes to your life? Or, are you attached to an outcome an purposely ignoring your intuition? Join the conversation!
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3 Ways to Use Your Intuition to Rise From the Ashes of Your Life

3 Ways to Use Your Intuition to Rise From the Ashes of Your Life

Trusting our intuition often saves us from disaster. –Anne Wilson Schae

When you listen to your intuition you avoid many of the problems that are created by ignoring your intuition when making decisions.Living a problem free life

Are you healing from an accident that could have been avoided like my friend Sandi?

Did you ignore the signs of an unfaithful spouse?

Were you so attached to keeping up pretenses that you are now facing a bankruptcy?

Are you struggling to stay afloat, sane, grounded, focused and together enough to put the pieces of your life back together?

Often it’s our mistakes that call our attention to the fact that we’ve ignored our intuition. When we look back over the things that have gone wrong in our lives we remember that there was this little nagging voice at the back our mind telling us not to do what we did but, we chose to ignore it.

Recently a reader asked me if his life would always be problem-free if he followed his intuition.

I’ve written many times here on Powered by Intuition and in “The Intuition Principle” that allowing your intuition to guide you is the way to creating a life that “flows effortlessly toward your desires.”

When your life flows effortlessly toward your desires you encounter fortunate coincidences such as synchronicty and serendipity, that move you along the path toward your goals. A fortunate coincidence is the result of you being in the right place at the right time or taking action at the right time so that you are moving along a trajectory that intersects with another person or situation that turns out to be just the opportunity you need.

Why do fortunate coincidences occur?

The reason you meet with these fortunate coincidences is because you’ve followed your intuition when making decisions. Had you not listened to the impulse to pick up the phone and call “so and so” or gone to a certain place on this day at this time you would have never made this connection. Listening to your inner voice is listening to wisdom from within.

At the time the impulse to do this or that arises you cannot explain it. There is no “rational” reason for wanting to the thing you’re being prompted to do. It’s only after the event of being in the right place or having something you need fall into your lap that you understand why you were being “pulled” to do what you did. This is what I mean when I say, “your life will flow effortlessly toward your desires.”

Ignoring intuition is a lot like touching a hot stove: You need only get burned once to know that ignoring your intuition is NOT a good idea!

What about problems?

This doesn’t mean that your car won’t ever break down, your spouse announce that they want a divorce, a hacker steal your information, a broken pipe flood your basement, you won’t ever get laid off from your job…and on and on and on – essentially life will go on and **s__t** will still happen!

What you can expect if you follow your inner guidance is that you will avoid making wrong decisions that create more problems by going ahead with things when your intuition is warning you against it. By following your inner wisdom you will meet with fortunate coincidences that will propel your life forward toward your goals and desires. But, you have to realize that things will still go wrong at times and happen in your life that will be out of your control.

Intuition can be your silver lining

On the other hand, when you follow your intuition you will be able to solve your problems more elegantly. Your intuitive insight will inspire you with ideas about solutions you can take about your situation so that when you do have to deal with problems you will find your way back to normalcy faster and more easily.

We are here to learn life lessons

Unfortunately, most of us learn the hard way – me included – by making mistakes, some of them really, really big. Each time we make a mistake if we are enlightened we will look over what happened and honestly assess what role our behavior played in contributing to the situation and take steps to change what we do in the future. Most of us aren’t born perfect so our lives aren’t perfect either. Making mistakes is part our journey and how we acquire wisdom and experience.

Intuition is not magical but it sure does help~

When you are accustomed to listening to the wisdom of your inner voice you are also more open to being honest about your faults and to working at changing your behavior. This is a boon when it comes to dealing with problems. If you are not under the tight control of your ego you will see your part in what has happened and learn from it so that it doesn’t happen again. And you will be better able to manage the situation from this point forward to move toward a resolution. Listening to your inner voice will help you pick up the pieces of you life and put you back on the right path again.

So, while following your intuition does not guarantee that your life will be free of problems it is a very positive habit to cultivate overall, especially when you are down on your luck.

If you see your life circumstances in this article use the following suggestions to help you get your life back on track:

1. Take some time each day to get quiet. Close your eyes and go within. Ask for guidance and inner wisdom to show you how your underlying motivations may have contributed to creating the life circumstances you are dealing with now. Resist the urge to blame others and point fingers.

If any instances of ignoring your intuition in the past come to mind that may have also contributed to the problems you are now facing, use this knowledge of how your intuition sounded and felt to learn what to look for in the future.

We can only do better once we know better. This is the time to learn what we can do better next time.

2. Forgive yourself and anyone else that is involved. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that we absolve someone of wrong doing. It means that we let go and stop being tethered to this dark cloud of anger and seething emotions that follows us everywhere.

Refusing to forgive literally “clouds” your judgement and creates a huge shadow over your life. Everything appears dark and drab under the shadow of this cloud. If you could let go of it you would be engulfed in sunshine and feel better and positive enough to see that you can and will rise above your current circumstances.

3. Listen for your intuition. Tell yourself that you are open to hearing this wisdom. Ask that you be given answers and solutions to dealing with your current problem.

Ask to be intuitively inspired to contact the right people or to go to the right places at the right time to find the answers and solutions you need.

What is your intuition prompting you to do next? Keep a list of what your inner voice is saying. Review the list and see what speaks to you most and then do it.

If you have a nagging feeling at the back of your mind telling you to do something or not do something listen to it!

Your intuition is a marvelous shortcut to the answers and solutions  you seek and to getting over the mountain range of your obstacles. My friend Rob White says, “Intuition offers a short cut, like a tunnel through a mountain range,” and he is right.

You can and will rise from the ashes of your own life when you begin to tune into your intuition.

Can you see how ignoring your intuition in the past may have contributed to the struggles you are now facing? What have you learned about how your intuition speaks to you? Can you describe what to look for next time so you won’t have to hit another low point in your life?

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