Self-Sabotage: How Many Voices are Battling in Your Head?

Self-Sabotage: How Many Voices are Battling in Your Head?

Self-Sabotage, Indecision, Stuck

Are there TWO different voices battling in your head?

One voice says, “Go for it!  You can do it!” and the other one says, “Who do you think you are? Your’e not good enough!”

Sound familiar?

This is what self-sabotage sounds like.

Many purpose-driven coaches and entrepreneurs spend months and or, even years trying to make a real living from what they’re passionate about doing. They have a gift or talent they really want to share with the world but try as they might they don’t attract enough clients to be profitable.

Many people get caught in this traps and if you’re reading this I’m guessing it snared you too.

There’s no “magic” to making money with your products and services. It’s simple really. You create a product or program that solves a real problem and offer it to the people who need that solution and they buy it.

So why does it take some entrepreneurs so long to make it work? And worse still why do some awesome talented coaches and entrepreneurs never succeed?

The answer comes back to those two voices battling for control over you.

One voice is the voice from your true self. It’s connected to your intuition and following it empowers you. It’s the positive voice that “knows” you’re here for a purpose and urges you to live your purpose. This is the voice that knows your talents and abilities know no bounds. It urges you live up to your greatest potential.

The second voice is the voice of fear within you. This the voice that developed from seeing and hearing people in your life self-sabotage themselves or tell you that you weren’t worthy, capable or good enough. This is the voice of “misinformation” and it’s simply not true. Yet it is likely to be the loudest of the two battling in your head.

If you have these two voices pulling you in two different directions you will experience cycles of moving forward with your ideas and then cycles of self-sabotaging in order to stop the momentum.

Until you address the two voices and gain the upper hand over the fearful one you’ll stay locked in this cycle.

If you’re tired of being stuck and holding yourself back it’s time to allow your vision, your passion and the greatness that’s the “real” you to take center stage in your life. Right now. Today.

The only thing standing between you living up to your full potential is this demeaning voice. It is the teeniest part of you compared to how great you really are except that it has a mighty set of lungs and can yell the loudest. It’s loud voice drowns out the voice of your true self and intuition. This fearful voice undermines and sabotages you from making the quantum leaps you know you want to make.

If you could free yourself from grips of that fearful voice that saps your power and shrinks your courage you would share your great message with the world, wouldn’t  you? You would inspire people with your story of how you healed your life with your healing modality or healing product or service, right?

And the world needs healing so badly right now.

It needs you and your story and what you do to help others heal and feel empowered and connect to their own greatness.

Your greater self has been pulling you toward living your mission and purpose. When the voice of fear is in control it drowns out the sound of  your true self and intuition. It keeps you playing small and hiding from the spotlight that is meant to illuminate the path toward living up your highest potential.

To access this greatness in you that’s dying to get out you’ve got to see that voice and fear it creates in your life for what it is; an illusion. Think of it as being much like the “Great Oz” in the film The Wizard of Oz who was exposed for what he really was; a small man with a big microphone!

This illusion is just fear being projected into the future. It causes you to picture all the things that can go wrong and that stops you in your tracks from taking action so you stay stuck. But the thing is it isn’t real. It’s purely imagination and it’s 99.99 percent certain none of the scenarios that keep you frozen with fear will ever manifest!

When you shut down the babbling voice of fear you’ll hear the other voice and feel empowered, emboldened and excited about moving forward.

It’s time to shut down this fearful voice once and for all. Can you feel it?

When you override that fearful voice you will become whole again and connected to your inner power. The fractures created by the fear held your power and greatness at bay and siphoned off your energy and ability to rise up and live your bigger purpose. Being “whole” again allows your greatness to flow through you instead of staying trapped and frozen. When your greatness flows through you it can be felt by others and it inspires them rise above their own fears. It helps them connect to their own power and greatness and to step up and step out onto the path toward living their great purpose too.

When you heal and overcome the voice of fear you contribute healing to the rest of the world. We need more “whole” people who’ve overcome their own inner battles, conflicts, drama and trauma. The world is seeing an enormous spike in violence and it’s coming from the collective consciousness of all of us combined.

It’s time to shut down this fearful voice once and for all. Are you ready?

The way to shut the fearful voice is to realize your return to wholeness and contribution is needed. You would not be alive at this time if that were not true. If you inspire even one person to rise above their fearful voice and return to wholeness, who are you to withhold that from the world?

Listen to the “real” voice and do whatever it is your heart has been yearning for you to do.

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How to Find Your Calling in the Midst of Chaos

How to Find Your Calling in the Midst of Chaos

Life in Chaos

Does your life feel chaotic?

Are you unsure of your direction and how to get back on track? You can find your true calling in the midst of chaos if you know where to look.

Sometimes the only way you wake up to what you are being called to do is when your life breaks down in chaos. Chaos eventually clears the way for change and the new growth that follows. It’s a sign that you are on the edge of a break through toward a new life so don’t give up!

A former colleague called to tell me that his life was in melt down. He recently changed careers to go into insurance sales. His call to me was to ask for introductions to some of my contacts that might be able to help him get a stable job with a salary.

Of course I picked up the phone right away. When you have to pay your rent – you have to pay your rent. As I began dialing someone I knew who might help I couldn’t help but think about how his panic could have been avoided.

The root of the chaos

Like most sales jobs he was lured by notion of flexible hours and the promise of earning big bucks.

While my friend had given his all to this new career it still wasn’t paying the bills. He was tired of hanging on in the hopes that it would turn around. Extending his time in the insurance industry to give it one more month to take off exhausted his savings and now he was going to have to borrow money to pay the rent. Plus, he felt like a failure for having to get a job.

Getting a job doesn’t mean he’s a failure in fact it might have been the answer all along. He just hadn’t been listening to his intuition, and now because he had ignored it for so long he was being forced to act swiftly. The truth is that he had wanted to throw in the towel months earlier but his embarrassment about giving up and the lure of that one big commission kept him hanging on.

His calling was in plain sight

My colleague had a long history in sales. He’d held sales positions in several different industries but none were the money makers he hoped for. Instead of finding something he loved to do he just kept trading one commissioned sales job for another.

What my friend loves about sales is the freedom to make his own schedule. He’s a people person and enjoys helping people plan their financial futures. Being a financial professional and advising clients makes him feel good. He found out he likes being “the expert!” He also thrives on networking and meeting new people and in fact is really, really good at this. People always like him right away. He was born to be in sales….the trouble is that deep down he isn’t comfortable being on commission only. He really longs for a stable income.

What if your true calling leads you to a JOB?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a job and working for someone else. This friend was feeling like a failure for having to get a job. What I saw when I went over his work history was a long list of marketable skills and licenses that could be applied to a wonderful job in a financial institution where he would earn a base salary plus commission. He would be able to come and go to visit clients, and that would give him the more flexible schedule he craved. I had no doubt that he would excel in this position.

How we sabotage our success

This friend believed that to give up and get a nine to five job was to fail yet he also had a belief that to be a 100 percent commissioned sales person was to “not have a stable income.” No wonder none of the previous sales jobs had yielded big money. How could he of succeeded when his beliefs were in direct opposition to one another? The result of these conflicting beliefs led to the chaos he how found himself in. Had he come to this realization much earlier he might not have gone through his savings. He obviously wasn’t listening to his his discontent and his longing for security.

What is the message of the chaos in your life?

Is it possible that you’re sabotaging yourself like my friend?

Maybe your dreams are on the opposite end of the spectrum? Do promotions elude you because deep down inside what you really want is to leave your job to be an entrepreneur or an artist or a writer? Do you yearn to free yourself from the corporate model of trading your time for money? Do you desire a quieter life with less stress. Wherever you find inner turmoil and chaos is where you’ll find the answer to your calling. You only have to look and listen.

Listen to your inner voice – the voice of your intuition

What are you most unhappy about? This is your discontent speaking. It is a facet of your intuition. Your intuition speaks through your feelings. Unhappiness is a feeling worth examining. My friend was never happy being on commission only. In truth it scared him.

What do you long for? Your longings are also part of how your intuition communicates with you. A repeated pull toward something means that there is a part of you that wants this. It’s your calling and you are being called/pulled toward it. My friend had a longing to be viewed as an expert and a financial professional but in a salaried position.

How to find  your calling in the midst of your chaos:

1. Get clear on your values in regard to your calling. Once you identify your values the rest of this exercise will be much easier. What do you value most? Creative expression? Freedom? Financial security? Status? Contribution? Being of service? Recognition? These are just a few examples. Make your own list of your top three values and rank them in order of importance. For example my friend values financial security, status and being of service.

2. Find the repeating themes. What theme underlies the current chaotic situation? It’s likely to be on that you’ve encountered before. For example, my friend always took sales positions but never made enough money. For him the lack of financial abundance was a repeating theme because he didn’t believe commission based jobs would result in a stable income. This is his belief so that is what he experienced.

3. Pay attention to your discontent. What are you unhappy about. What do you complain about most? This is a big clue to what needs changing in your life. If you don’t know ask a friend who knows you well what they see as the source of your greatest discontent. For my friend who was on a commission only track it was the lack of a stable income.

4. What do you long for? There is something in you that longs for expression. What is it? For my friend it is his passion and need to be seen as an expert financial adviser. This is the key to your calling. If you think about it you will find that it has been there all along.

5. Give yourself permission to change course. Just because you set out on one direction earlier in your life doesn’t mean that you have to stick to it until you die. You can change direction. My friend never wanted a nine to five job. He believed that to take one was to give up but when he allowed himself to think about it he saw that it was actually the right answer for him.

Are you searching for your calling? Perhaps it’s right in front of you too? What do your longings and discontent tell you?

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