Intuition: What to Do When Intuitive Insights Contradict One Another

Intuition: What to Do When Intuitive Insights Contradict One Another

Intuition: What to Do When Intuitive Insights Contradict One Another

Conflicting Intuitive Responses

Today I’m opening up the Powered by Intuition mail bag.

In the last few weeks I received several emails from readers asking very similar questions about what to do when their intuition seems to contradict itself.

Here’s an example of what readers have been asking:

Q. How am I supposed to trust my intuition when I keep getting different answers? One day I am being guided to do one thing and then the next day another. What can I do about this and why do I keep getting different answers?

A. For starters, I suggest you stop asking the same question over and over. Doing this will only confuse you and desensitize you to your intuition. Your rational mind will take over and begin posing as intuition and you won’t know the difference between the two.

Go back and review the first answer you got and try to recall how you “felt” about it in that moment? Were you aware of an emotional response to the answer? Was it positive or negative? Did you feel something physically in your body at the time. Was it a physically reassuring feeling or somewhat repellant? Remember, your first impressions both emotionally and physically are usually correct.

The other suggestion I have for you is to not be attached to the outcome. Many times the reason we ask the same question over and over is because deep down we want a certain answer. This happens when you are attached to following one course of action. If this is the case I suggest you just do what you keep wanting to hear from your intuition and stop asking. It just may be that this is “the answer” and has been the answer all along – so just do it.

Another way to interpret this is, if you are getting a different answer than the what you “want” not only are you attached to the outcome but perhaps, you are also on the wrong track! Your intuition is trying to tell you otherwise but you don’t/won’t accept this as the “truth” so you keep asking over and over and end up even more frustrated and confused.

The only way to deal with this is to surrender. Stop thinking about the problem and stop trying to get the answer. Just get the entire situation out of your mind and focus on something else for a couple of days. When you surrender and totally detach from one answer over another the answer will come to you. The answer will be very clear because your mind will no longer be cluttered and confused by all the distracting thoughts you had previously.

Regarding trusting your intuition – know that the more you follow your intuition and take action upon it the more you will trust. Trust comes from taking action and having a successful outcome based on following your intuition. It is normal not to feel 100 percent certain in the beginning but you must have the guts to follow the advice if you are going to become confident in your intuition. Trust comes later on as a result of listening to your intuition over and over.

My challenges come when I don’t trust these answers and I will keep asking the same questions over and over again. In the end, I get confused because the answers begin to contradict. Lesson learned: I find it much easier to get answers when I am not attached to the outcome. – See more at:
My challenges come when I don’t trust these answers and I will keep asking the same questions over and over again. In the end, I get confused because the answers begin to contradict. Lesson learned: I find it much easier to get answers when I am not attached to the outcome. – See more at:

Q. Another reader wrote the following reply to me after reading an article in my weekly newsletter.  In this article I assured readers that they didn’t have to “see, hear”  or believe that they were being guided by beings outside of themselves in order to receive intuitive guidance. The physical reaction of the body is just as reliable if not more so.

“I really enjoyed this newsletter and all of the previous ones as well. One thing that you mentioned helped explain much of the frustration I felt taking classes in the beginning. I would find myself getting tense or frustrated because I wasn’t “seeing” a person I could refer to as a spirit guide and therefore wasn’t tuning in very well. Apparently I put so much effort into focusing on a spirit guide that I ignored listening to what my body was telling me. You have given me a different way of looking at things and I thank you so much.” –Susan Reese

A. The important point is that you have access to an infinite amount of information. As I’ve mentioned here many times we are all connected and part and parcel of one vast intelligent organism. We cannot be separated from it or each other anymore than you can separate an individual wave from the ocean.

If you feel strongly that an ethereal being outside of yourself is guiding you and that works for you – great.

But, if you are having trouble tuning in know that you do not need to see or hear the voice of an intermediary. Some people never see or hear a guide yet they receive perfectly clear direction from their intuitive higher self. Know that all the wisdom and knowledge of the Universe is available to you directly. Just like any other belief system you are creating your reality even in matters of how you think you recieve intuitive insight.

As you can see in Susan’s note to me she was getting tripped up because she assumed that the way she would know she was receiving intuitive guidance was by seeing her guide.

Here’s what I advise: Let go of all preconceived notions of how the guidance is to come to you and be open to all forms and you will not block this information from coming through to your awareness.

Another method for attuning to your inner guidance is to become aware of how your body reacts when you receive the guidance. The purpose of tuning into your physical body is so that you can interpret what your body is communicating to you.

If you feel anxious or nervous or your stomach tenses up this is a sign that you should exercise caution or not proceed at all. If you get a sinking feeling that could also be a “no.”

What questions or reactions do you have regarding getting conflicting information or how you receive intuitive guidance? Share with us in the comments section.

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Intuitive Guidance: 8 Tips to Help You Get Through a Crisis of the Soul

Intuitive Guidance: 8 Tips to Help You Get Through a Crisis of the Soul

An arrow can be shot only by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it is going to launch you into something great. –Author unknown

Intuition guide me out of darkness

Using your Intuition to get intuitive guidance for your life

For the last 6 months I have been going through a severe spiritual crisis of the soul-

It culminated by my almost taking a job I didn’t want but, thanks to my intuition – my inner guidance system – I stopped the madness.

Here’s what happened.

After working from home steadily for months to write and publish “The Intuition Principle” I showed up in the office in August. I have a financial sales position where I can work from home. In my heart, I no longer want to be a 100 percent commissioned salesperson but, this job gives me a lot of flexibility and freedom along with health benefits.

As much as I’ve racked my brain looking for other alternatives and sent out mountains of resumes – nothing has come up that gives me this much freedom so I’ve stayed there. The trouble is that after 30 years I’m tired of “selling.” I just don’t have it in me anymore. I cannot live my life to meet sales goals anymore.

A month ago I was offered a new sales job via a group of former colleagues I re-connected with at a Christmas party.

To make a long story short – they all remembered me as the “eager-beaver” who swiftly climbed the corporate ladder and had been a serious work-a-holic. Back then I was a regional sales manager with dreams of being a big time corporate executive but, I’m not that person anymore.

I interviewed with a bunch of group executives from this company and a few days later they offered me a great job.

The problem was and is that I don’t want to do that job! I was seduced by the flattery of being pursued so aggressively!

I was down with the flu and a fever when my cell phone rang. I picked it up and the HR person made me a formal offer which I accepted in a hoarse whisper and then, he began rattling off the hefty salary, signing bonus and benefits.

Honestly, all I was thinking while he spoke was how the money from the signing bonus could quickly replace some of the money I’d pulled out to live on over the last two years since I hadn’t been working – and nothing else.

He gave me a start date of three weeks and told me I’d have to be fingerprinted and drug-tested within 48 hours.

After the initial phone call everything else was a blur. I forced myself out of bed in the following days to get drug-tested and finger-printed even though I was really sick.

I felt like a zombie – just going through the motions. I was not at all excited about the job instead, I had a feeling of dread. I couldn’t sleep through the night either. Although I kept waking up with that horrible panicky “punched in the gut” feeling I kept telling myself that taking this job was the “sensible” thing to do. How was I going to make up for my lost income or prepare for retirement if I didn’t take it?

I kept asking my spirit guides and higher self for guidance but, nothing was coming to me. I was so frustrated. As the days went by and my start date loomed nearer and nearer, my panic level increased exponentially.

How I got in touch with my intuition and restored my soul and sanity:

1. Stop panicking and surrender to what is

After the fourth day of asking for guidance and getting nothing – I gave up. I was slightly delirious from the fever I had but, I heard myself saying, “I don’t care if I don’t wake up tomorrow,” and this startled me. At that moment I said to myself, “This is crazy! I give up – whatever will be will be. God I’m handing over the reigns to you. I can’t do this anymore. Please help me.” And that’s when I received the information clairvoyantly from my spirit guides.

Panicking shuts down your intuition. When you are panicked you are so caught up in emotional turmoil that your intuition cannot get through all that noise. If you read “The Intuition Principle” you will recall I go into great detail on all the ways you block your intuition. I was so panicked I forgot my own advice!

When I “gave up” I stopped thinking, “Oh no! What should I do? Am I turning down a great opportunity that I am supposed to take?,” over and over and my mind became still. When I surrendered and let go my mind became still my intuition presented me with the following scene:

A cute little girl of around 8 years old was walking backwards waving at me to follow her. She was at a country fair and there were throngs of people all around her. She turned around and then began darting through the crowds while I followed behind her.

She laughed and turned back to look at me a few times. Each time she did she morphed into a different little girl who at times was eating cotton candy or popped corn. She skipped with abandon through the crowds – nimbly weaving in between the adults’ legs. I remember thinking how confident, joyful and happy she appeared. I was surprised that she showed no fear of getting lost in the crowd or being separated from her family.

She was just having fun and not at all worried about being lost.

What my spirit guides or higher self presented to me was that I was taking my life too seriously. I was being advised to play more and to do what makes me happy in life. I should skip through life with abandon and not be afraid to change my mind. Don’t worry about getting lost and not taking this opportunity – or being separated from this group of former colleagues which, years ago had been like family.

2. Remember there are no wrong decisions – there are only choices in life

The other point my spirit guides or higher self was trying to make was that there is no actual path each of us must follow. You are not “supposed” to do anything.

I wrote extensively about this in “The Intuition Principle” – which again, I’d forgotten until I stopped worrying so much about whether I was making the right decision or not. My fears about missing “a great opportunity” kept me locked in panic mode where the “voice” of intuition could not get through.

We have free will. The path appears before each us as we make our choices and take a step forward in the direction of our dreams.

Before that choice, or next step there is nothing only a multitude of potential futures – that become forks in the road if we choose to take one of them. If you make one choice your life will go in this direction and if you make another your life will take that direction. But remember, there is no “right or wrong choice.” It’s all just potentiality – so there is nothing to be afraid of!

3. Contact a trusted adviser and have them “talk you down”

When I need advice I turn to my intuitive adviser colleagues just like you might reach out to me for my intuitive advice. The morning after I received the clairvoyant vision from my guides I connected with Lisa Claudia Briggs of Intuitive Body, and she talked me down from the ledge I was ready to jump off of.  I recall my first words to her were:

“I woke up today feeling like I’m facing a death sentence.”

Intuitively, Lisa knew and was able to make me see that it was not “knowing that I didn’t want the job” that was tying me up in knots but, the fear that I might be turning away a great opportunity – that was “meant to be.” I realized I was reliving a vicious cycle that had drawn me back into financial sales over and over each time I’d gone to great lengths to get out in the last three decades.

I was afraid I wouldn’t be taken “seriously” if I came out of the closet and fully embraced my abilities as a clairvoyant and medium. I was plagued by the constant fear that the companies I worked for would find out about who I really was and fire me so, I never really put myself “out there” 100 percent. Consequently, I always felt that I had no choice but to return to the security of working in finance in order to support myself in an abundant lifestyle.

Lisa made me see I had been pushing away my own good all these years. By clinging to the security of this career and having to “hide” who I was I was creating the very thing I didn’t want!

4. Never make a decision based solely on money

Money can hypnotize and seduce you. It can distract you from exploring the underlying issues around a decision. Don’t let that happen.

Speaking to Lisa helped me to “snap out of it!”

The money was only a quick fix and would become my “golden handcuffs.” And, the money would not be handed to me for nothing. I’d have to actually show up and do this job to get it – and I didn’t want to. Taking it would lock me into forcing myself to do something I dreaded each day. Once I was there it would be hard to “get out.” I’d feel obligated to all those people who spoke so highly of me and recommended me for the position.

Never go for the “quick fix.” It will only create more problems down the road.

5. Trust your gut

If it doesn’t feel right – it’s not for you

Always always go by your feelings. This is what it means to “trust your gut.”

The moment I said to Lisa, “I’m going to call up and tell them I cannot take the job,” I felt incredible relief.

The relief was immediate and complete. I felt as if a ton of bricks had been lifted from my shoulders. I felt crazy happy and as if I could walk on air.

To check on your feelings and get clear on what the right decision is try this:

Imagine you have made the choice to do this thing (whatever it is) and create a scene in your mind as to how your life would be and feel if you had done it. Now, take the opposite decision and imagine how you would feel in this scenario.

Which scenario “feels” better; feels right; feels good or gives you relief? Trust your gut. That is the right decision for you.

6. Love yourself enough to give yourself what you want

In the next few days I mustered my courage to call the hiring manager and tell him I couldn’t take the job.

While meditating I heard this:

“Love yourself enough to give yourself what you want.”

I understood how unkind I had been to myself for the last thirty years. I had “forced” myself to take jobs that I didn’t really want and accept promotions I didn’t want when all I ever wanted to do was be a writer. I felt as if “I had no choice” but to take them because I was good at what I did and I made an really good living at it.

I also realized that I had been discounting my feelings my entire life. I felt like a round peg in a square hole at these jobs. I was constantly telling myself to, “Buck up and get over it. Don’t be a big baby everybody has to do things they don’t like.” That’s not very loving, is it?

My dear friend Daylle Deann Schwartz from How Do I Love Me has a fantastic self-love campaign going on this month. She has a free book offer, “How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways,” that you can download too. While I was perusing her Facebook fan page I came across this great banner:

The Self Love Movement

Seeing this banner was just what I needed to help me gather the courage to make the phone call I had been putting off. You see how the Universe supports you? The “signs” are always there you just need to be open and ready to receive them.

It was time love myself enough to give myself what I wanted in life – finally.

7. Choose Happiness

After I made the phone call I felt as if I could fly! It was the same feeling of elation I’d felt when I quit my job 18 years ago to go back to school. I’d taken control of my life and it felt great!

I no longer had any fears about “making a mistake.” I knew the happiness I was feeling was the “sign” that I had made the right decision.

And you know, the hiring manager couldn’t have been nicer. He said I would always have a place there if I changed my mind. Wow!

As I hung up the phone I heard myself saying over and over,

“I choose happiness! I choose happiness!”

It was in that moment I felt the “shift.” I knew my life would never be the same again. I had a major breakthrough in  my thinking and I could feel that I was now transmitting different vibes to the Universe.

What makes you feel like jumping for joy or, high fiving all your friends? That’s what you should do.

When you feel down-trodden, burdened and obligated that is a huge sign that you must review your decision. In my case, I felt as if I had been handed a “death sentence.” That can’t be good, right?

When you are happy you send out “happy vibes” to the Universe saying “I feel good. Send more of this!” When you are trembling with fear and paralyzed by panic your vibes pull in more situations that resonate with fear and panic.

Always, always opt for what makes you happy. The Universe is impartial. It will give you whatever you want based on the signals it receives from you.

8. Be grateful for everything

After hearing that “click in my head” and becoming aware that my thinking had shifted I found myself so grateful for my life – just the way it is now. I felt like George Bailey felt in the film, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” after he said, “I want live again!”

I was grateful for every challenge I’d ever encountered, for my ten year old car and grateful to have a roof over my head and the flexible job I have now and health insurance and on and on and on…..

I realized that everything is perfect just as it is. This is my life and love it and I wouldn’t trade it in for another for all the money in the world.

I was jumping for joy and couldn’t sit still. I was doing a happy dance of gratitude and it felt great!

And, I couldn’t wait to write this post and share with you how wonderful life can be when we accept who we are and embrace our lives bumps and all just like George Bailey did in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

“I love you drafty old house!” says George.

“I love you perfectly imperfect life,” says me.”

It’s going to be a wonderful life. I can feel it in my intuitive bones. 🙂

Are you in the midst of a crisis of the soul? Are you ready to surrender to what is and then listen to your inner guidance? Are you ready to love yourself enough to make the rest of your life the best it can be?

If you enjoyed this post please share it with a friend on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Thank you.

P.S. Learn to tap into your intuition for guidance – click here.

Photo: © Patrizia Tilly –

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7 Tips to Following Your Intuition When Under Pressure

7 Tips to Following Your Intuition When Under Pressure

“There is no such thing as talent. There is pressure.” –Alfred AdlerUnder pressure

Everyone faces challenges and pressure in their lives at some point.

Challenges motivate many people to begin to explore their intuition. When things are going well we don’t ask for intuitive guidance. We can coast through life quite nicely never questioning our path until we hit that “bump” in the road.

I usually hear from people after they’ve hit a few bumps and feel lost and scared about which way to go.

The l thing I try to tell them is that hitting a few bumps isn’t always a bad. For one thing it got them thinking about the idea that they need to learn how to hear and follow their intuition – their own natural inner guidance. And, secondly, it means that they have outgrown their old life in some ways – and that’s a good thing.

Outgrowing your old life shows that you are not stagnating as a person but, that you are continuing to grow and develop. If nothing were to ever change within you the bumps wouldn’t show up in your life. Our outer circumstances are a reflection of what is going on within us. And, the bumps on our path show us where the pressure points in our lives are.

Wherever you experience the greatest pressure is where you are being called to change.

As pressure builds up it needs to be properly released through changing something in your life. The bumps are warning signs that we ought to pay attention too. The result of not dealing with the pressure and changing to relieve it is stress, drama and a life in melt down.

Without pressure you would never change or grow

Most people don’t want problems and pressure in their lives. And, while that’s normal it’s not healthy to stick one’s head in the sand and ignore problems either.  Pressure is a catalyst for change. It is what gets us moving – and growing.

Pressure is the defining force that can take a lump of coal and change it into a brilliant diamond.  The more we let pressure and challenges polish us – the more brilliant we become.

Using pressure as a signpost

Wherever you feel pressure in your life is where you need to focus your attention.

Are you always “pressed” for time? You may need to become for organized and learn how to use time wisely rather than frittering it away.

Or, you may just take on too much all the time. Maybe you need to learn how to say, “no?”

You may also have a fear of being left out or left behind by giving up an activity.

Not having enough time could also stem from an inner belief that by giving up you’re a quitter.

Are you under constant pressure at work? Pressure at work could stem from not speaking up and saying that you need help. You might need to learn how to ask for help and not see it as a sign of weakness.

Perhaps you need to delegate more and learn to “let go” and not control everything? The need to be in constant control of everything stems from a lack of faith. We don’t have faith that things will be done right unless we oversee them ourselves.

Is the pressure coming from your family responsibilities? Are you in the “sandwich generation” of having to take care of children and aging parents? Again, do you need to learn to ask for help or to delegate some responsibility? Can you get any assistance through social services? Maybe it’s time for assisted living for a parent?

Do financial matters cause you unrelenting stress? Financial pressure may point to a belief that your possessions define you. You may have to learn how to budget your income and live within your means. Keeping up appearances for the sake of what other people think is a sure way to financial ruin.

Any area of our lives can be affected by stress and pressure. The way to handle it is to be conscious of the warning signs and make changes early on before the pressure becomes too great and explodes into a melt-down of our lives.

7 Tips to following your intuition when under pressure:

1. Recognize the pressure. Where is there “discomfort” or “irritation” in your life? Pay attention to these small intuitive signs. All pressure starts small and then builds over time. Don’t stick your head in the sand and pretend it’s going to go away – it won’t. Remember whatever you resist persists.

2. Make time to meditate and go within. The more stress and pressure you are under the more you need to do this. Going within is where you will hear your intuition. It is the voice of your inner wisdom and the only way you will hear it is to practice listening for it every day.

3. Ask the right questions. Write out some questions that you want intuitive guidance on prior to meditation such as: Why do I feel so overwhelmed? What can I do immediately to relieve this pressure? What needs to change in my life in order to move past this challenge permanently?

4. Listen for the answers. Ask the questions and listen to your thoughts while in meditation. Don’t expect to hear a booming voice. Your intuition is going to come through your own thoughts in your own voice. The voice of intuition is rarely heard with the physical ear. Your intuition is an “inner voice” not an external one.

5. Become aware of your feelings. Pay attention to how you are feeling too. The intuitive process is one of feeling. Excitement shows you where you have an open door to a solution. Dread, fear and discomfort show you where there is a “No Trespass” sign.

6. Breathe to release pressure. When you are too stressed focus on slowing down your breathing. Slowing down your breathing will also slow down the thoughts that are stressing you out. This will help you to hear your intuition too. Take a deep breath in through your nose. Hold it for three counts then release it through your mouth. Do this at least 10x when you are very stressed and you will relieve a lot of pressure and quiet the mind.

7. Rise above the pressure. Create a habit of thinking of something pleasant when you start feeling like you are going to “blow.” Rise above the problem by repeating a mantra, affirmation or a prayer. Use whichever you prefer to get your mind off the problem creating the pressure. Repeat it over and over and until you feel calm again. Calming yourself with an affirmation also allows your intuition to be heard more easily.

Example: You can repeat the word “peace” over and over as a mantra. Or, use it in an affirmation, “I am peaceful.” If you prefer, you can repeat a prayer such as the “Lords Prayer,” or St. Francis of Assisi’s “Peace Prayer.

Remember – pressure is not your enemy. It’s actually a good thing if you want to grow and develop to your fullest potential and brilliance in life so, don’t shy away from it.

If you enjoyed this post share it with a friend on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Thank you

P.S. Learn more about using your intuition to guide you – click here.

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Like this quote? Feel free to share:

The more we let pressure and challenges polish us- the more brilliant we become.

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Intuition: Is There a Right Time to Access Your Inner Guidance?

Intuition: Is There a Right Time to Access Your Inner Guidance?

“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.” –Albert Einstein

Is there a right time to access your intuition?Did you know that there is a “right time” and “best time” to access your intuition?

Surprise – there is!

1. The best time to access your intuition

The best time to get intuitive guidance is when you’re relaxed and calm. If you have problem that you’d like an answer to the best thing to do is to sit in meditation or do something that relaxes you, such as gardening or walking. When your mind is calm you have more opportunity to hear your inner voice.

When you’re worried and can’t stop thinking about the problem your intuition will have a hard time getting through all the chatter.

Here’s a story about this:

I faced a big dilemma when I was writing, “The Intuition Principle.” I needed to decide whether I would self publish my book or try the traditional publishing route. I kept going round and round on what to do.

I was feeling really stressed by all that was going on in my life at this time too. I was working full time, juggling a lot of family responsibilities, keeping up with writing for Powered by Intuition and corresponding with agents while writing the book. I thought I would crack!

I made lists of the pros and cons of each way to go but, I was still torn. I was afraid if I self-published it would hurt my chances of getting a publisher later on so, I kept pushing myself to find an agent.

I kept asking my intuition, “Please show me which is the right way to go; self-publishing or traditional publishing?” 

But, the answer never came. After nearly two months of this quandary, I stopped asking what to do and just focused on finishing the book. I literally gave up in exasperation. I decided to just write the “damn thing” and figure out what to do later.

And, then the answer came!

The answer came to me while I was in the shower – of all places. Showering is a calming experience for most people. There’s nothing like steaming hot water to relax you.

The problem was I had gotten so obsessed with finding an answer that I had blocked my intuition from coming through.

I wasn’t able to remain calm during meditation. I was worried about what to do. I hadn’t “let go” of the problem. And, even when I thought I had reached that “calm place” my mind always drifted back to “getting the answer” to this problem.

After I’d worked myself up into a lather and let go out of frustration the answer came to me. I decided to stop worrying and self-publish. I’d look for an agent/publisher with my next book and if I got one – fine – if I didn’t fine; I would self-publish that one too.

Right Time Action Step:

The best time to get intuitive guidance is when you’re calm and have let go of the problem. You need to be detached and free of fear and worry about the outcome. Asking over and over while you’re stressed is not going to bring you any answers.

Tell yourself that you want intuitive guidance about “XX” problem while in meditation. Picture yourself getting it and being elated by having solved this problem. Feel the joy of overcoming this obstacle. Then let go and get on with your day.

Your answer may come during meditation that day or the next. It may come when you are relaxed and doing something completely different, like it for me when I got my answer in the shower.

If any doubts or fears surface during the day close your eyes and replay the scene of getting the answer and feeling overjoyed. (You don’t have to know “the answer” to see this scene and feel overjoyed).

Affirmation for letting go

A great affirmation to use when you’re stressing over a problem is: “I now let go and let God.”

When you say this to yourself you’re letting go of the problem and the worry about the outcome. This doesn’t mean that you’re giving up. It means you take action and do whatever you can to solve the problem but, you don’t allow it to hijack your life with worry.

2. The right time to access your intuition is when environmental conditions are right

Conditions are right when the weather on Earth and in space is calm.

Scientific studies show that “spontaneous telepathic impressions were more frequent on days of quiet geomagnetic activity. There are suggestions that psi ability is related to changes in magnetic field strength (e.g.Persinger, 1989).

What is geomagnetic energy?

Geomagnetic energy is produced by the Sun and principally elevated during solar storms, flares and sun spot activity. This radiated energy enters the Earth’s atmosphere and literally “knocks heads” with the planet’s magnetic field. It can disrupt communications and electric grids.

How to get the “space weather report”

If there is a problem you’d like intuitive guidance on pick a day when the space weather report is showing low levels of EMF activity.

You can find out what the anticipated “space weather” will be by going to the NOAA/Space Weather Prediction Center – here. The NOAA gives a three day forecast.

3. Avoid electrical storms too

Thunder and lightening storms on Earth can increase paranormal activity such as poltergeist activity and interactions with spirits, as negatively charged ions are released into the environment.

If you are trying to reach the other side an electrical storm will enhance your chances but, it may suppress your intuition. Wait until after the electrical storm has passed to work with your intuition.

Maybe this is why so many ghost stories begin with… was a dark and stormy night?

Have you noticed any correlation with the weather when trying to tune into your inner voice? 

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P.S. To learn more techniques for tapping into your intuition check out my books click here.

Like this quote? Feel free to share it! Einstein quote on the answers coming from intuition

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6 Reasons Not to Panic WhenYou Don’t Hear Your Intuition

6 Reasons Not to Panic WhenYou Don’t Hear Your Intuition

Each of us has all the wisdom and knowledge we ever need right within us. It is avalaible to us through our intuitive mind, which is our connection with universal intelligence. –Shakti Gawain

Have you been asking for intuitive guidance and not “hearing” anything?Not hearing your intuition

This has happened to me a few times and it was pretty scary.

I didn’t know what to do without my intuitive insight to guide me. “What direction should I take? What should I do next?” were some of the questions that went unanswered.

Losing the connection to our inner guidance can leave us feeling as if we are in a rowboat in the middle of the ocean without any oars.

When I was younger I ignored my inner voice which led to my making some pretty big mistakes in my life. But, after I began listening and saw how beautifully my life began working – I never ignored it again.  So, after I began to rely upon it for every decision to have it go “all quiet” up there for a while was pretty darn scary.

After I experienced this lack of communication from my intuition a couple of times I went back and reviewed my journal notes (another reason keeping a journal comes in very handy) to see what was happening that could have suppressed my inner guidance.

The pattern I detected was fascinating.

Intuitive “silence” follows big decisions

The first time I can recall experiencing “intuitive silence” was after I finally quit my regional sales manager position and went back to college. The second time was after I took a one semester sabbatical from my graduate program so I could work full time. The third time was when I bought my “dream” house. More recently, it was right after I sold my house.

And now, I’m experiencing it again since I’m in the phase after having finished writing and publishing, “The Intuition Principle.”

Expect your Intuition to go “silent” after you’ve made huge changes to your life

What this tells me is that there must be a time when your inner wisdom is gathering more information for the next phase in your life once you’ve followed its guidance and taken action. This also applies to when you don’t follow your intuition and change course as well.

It’s as if you were on one path where your intuition was up ahead of you sending you back directions for how to navigate to arrive at your destination – and then you got there. Now what? What does your inner wisdom do now?

While you are adjusting to your new life circumstances after following your intuition or after ignoring it, your inner navigation system moves forward along this new path (regardless of whether it’s the right path in your life or not) to scope out the way ahead for you. It is quiet because it (your inner GPS) is busy surveying the new landscape you are now in.

It is creating a new “map” for you for you to follow.

The good news!~

The good news is that whether you follow your inner guidance or not – your inner GPS maps out the way for you based on wherever you are in your life.

One of the chapters in, “The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life You Dream Of,” is about finding your life purpose and true calling. (Chaper 7: Finding Your Passion, Purpose and Authenticity). You are here at this time for a purpose and your intuition is the key to accessing your very own inner instruction manual for how to find this purpose and true calling.

It’s a voice activated instruction manual. All you have to do is ask and listen to your “inner voice” to hear these instructions.

So, the point is that even when we make the wrong decisions in our life we can always navigate back to the “right path” by asking our intuition for directions.

Intuition works exactly like a navigation device in your car

When you want to get somewhere you put the address into your navigational device, right? Then, as you drive the car – your GPS device calculates the directions to help you get to where you want to go. But, if you make a wrong turn somewhere the navigational device will recalculate the directions and start directing you from whatever point you are now at – to get you back on the right path to reach your destination. This is exactly what your intuition does too! It is your very own inner navigational device.
Don’t panic if your intuition goes silent after you make big changes to your life

Our brain detects things even when we are not consciously aware of it. And, while w

e’re not always aware of everything we’re sensing our mind is working 24/7 recording every single piece of information we encounter within our environment. Later, when we need to access this inner wisdom our subconscious mind searches every piece of stored information in our brain.

When you ask for intuitive guidance you will always get it but, not always at the exact moment you ask for it. You need to give your subconscious time to search and organize all the new data that is coming in when you make a big change to your life.

Follow these steps when your inner navigation has gone silent:

1. Ask for guidance but, then relax. Many times it comes later when we are doing something else, particularly, when we are doing something mindless like washing the dishes, taking a walk or a shower.

The key to dealing with I.S. (intuitive silence) is to stay calm.

2. Don’t make rash decisions in the absence of hearing your intuitive voice. The worst thing you can do is panic. When you panic you will always make things worse. Think of it this way: Say your driving somewhere and you get lost in a daydream for a moment when you snap back from it – nothing looks familiar. You can’t plac

e exactly where you are because you were “out of it” and on autopilot for a while during your day dream.

You jump to conclusions and think you’ve missed your exit. This causes you to become frightened and panic and get off at the next exit thinking that you have make a U-Turn and go back. Doing this puts you in another completely unfamiliar area where you are now truly lost!

If you had remained calm and kept following the road you were on for a few more minutes instead of panicking, you would have seen that you were going the right way and hadn’t missed your exit – which brings me to tip #3.

3. Stay the course! Keep on going in the direction you’re already on for a while to double check and be sure that you’re not making a hasty change of course while in panic mode. Just take it one day at a time and be as observant as possible. Once you have adjusted to the changes and begin moving forward your intuition will pick up on that signal and snap back into the “ON” position.

4. Give your inner navigational system time to adjust to the new landscape. After making any changes to your life (even the wrong ones) allow your intuition time to learn the new “lay of the land.” Once it has mapped the new area it will begin sending you signals again. Don’t ever panic and think you intuition has abandoned you. That simply cannot happen. It’s just a period of adjustment.

5. Sometimes you don’t need to hear your intuitive voice. Yes, you read that correctly. If you are already on the right path what you need is to do is develop faith in yourself and your intuition by placing one foot in front of the other and seeing how everything is working out for you.

6. You are attached to a particular outcome. Other times, it can be

that you’ve heard your intuition and are ignoring it! What you take for “not hearing it” is really that you’re not hearing what your EGO wants to hear so you convince yourself that you’re not “getting anything.”

Do you see how tricky your ego can be? This is a sign that you are “att
ached” to an outcome and stubbornly refuse to see the true path that  your intuition has been trying to steer you toward. You need to be really honest with yourself to see why you don’t want to hear what you’ve been ignoring. I’ve done this numerous times so I speak from experience…it happens.
Are you experiencing “intuition silence” right now? What’s going on – have you just made big changes to your life? Or, are you attached to an outcome an purposely ignoring your intuition? Join the conversation!
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