Synchronicity:The Secret to Reading, Following & Creating Signs (5 Tips)

Synchronicity:The Secret to Reading, Following & Creating Signs (5 Tips)

Is there a secret to reading, following and creating signs and synchronicities?

The Secret to Reading, Following and Creating Sychronicities and SignsWe all want to be guided to make the right decisions in our lives.

When we have tough decisions to make and feel insecure “getting a sign” can tip the scales in one direction or another and help us feel more confident in our decision.

What is synchronicity?

Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence that occurs in your life.

For example, say while you are driving to work you find yourself thinking about moving and wondering whether now is a good time or not. At the next red light you pull up behind a moving van and then another moving van pulls up behind you. You find yourself boxed in by two moving vans.

I’d call that a meaningful coincidence.

Say, you’re not 100 percent convinced by the appearance of the moving vans and are still conflicted as to whether to move or not. On  your coffee break you speak to a colleague from another department and learn that he is moving to the same town you’ve been considering moving too. You come home from work and go through your mail and find that you received a post card solicitation from a moving company. After dinner your sister calls you and tells you about a great condo her friend is selling in the complex you like.

To interpret these “signs” you must first understand your feelings about moving:

Are you excited?

Do you feel pulled toward moving?

Is there someplace else that really “speaks” to you?

Have you been fantasizing about moving or the great place you’ll live?

Is there a little voice in the back of your head nagging at you to move?

Do you feel restless, bored or not attached to where you live now?

Are you lonely where you live? Is it just a place to eat and sleep and not a “home?”

Are you afraid if you don’t buy a place now you’ll miss out on the “rock bottom” prices?

Do you feel compelled to keep up with friends who recently upgraded to larger homes?

Know thyself

The secrete to reading signs is to know what you are feeling.

You create your reality – and your signs

Believe it or not – your world does revolve around you. Your thoughts and emotions are creating the circumstances of your life from moment to moment. Everything you come in contact with in your reality is an “out-picturing” of what is going on in your consciousness.

If you are feeling excited about “moving” then the sign will speak to you as an affirmation of moving.

If you analyze your motivations and find that you are attached to one outcome, driven by fear of lack, fear of missing out on an opportunity, fear of being alone or anything along these lines you must honestly examine the root causes of these motivations.

We can “make” false signs appear based upon our own “false” beliefs. If you’re not 100 percent honest with yourself about your motivations you will “see” signs everywhere that mirror exactly what you want to see. Never, ever forget that everything outside of us is a mirror of what is inside of us.

Perhaps the moving vans “boxed you in” to show you that you’re thinking about moving is “boxing you in?” Perhaps it is telling you to look at other remedies for the dissatisfaction you feel in your life?

Perhaps the solution isn’t moving but, making friends in your building, neighborhood or community? Could it be time to get really honest with yourself and see that you don’t go out of your way to make friends with your neighbors but, “pretend” that they are the “unfriendly ones? Could this false belief be masking your fear of rejection? Maybe you ought to work on your self worth/self esteem instead of moving?

Synchronicity reveals our path but does not create it.

Synchronicity comes in different flavors

  • Some synchronicities show us that we are all interconnected and part of the larger fabric of life. Example: You are thinking of someone and then hear a song on the radio that has their name in the title.
  • Some are signs. These are the signs that appear when we need direction in our lives. They show us just how easily our thoughts impact our reality and pave a path toward our destiny.
  • Some are fortunate coincidences called serendipity. When serendipity strikes things you need just fall into your lap. The spare part you’ve been searching for to fix your antique phonograph serendipitiously appears in a box of junk being thrown out by your next door neighbor.

How Signs & Synchronicity manifest

When you think of something over and over with great deal of emotion you are creating a “thought form.” Thought forms contain the emotional energy that you imbue them with and are capable of creating what you have been thinking about. This is why you must “watch your thoughts because they become things.”

A synchronicity shows us just how our thoughts have impacted our reality. It is a direct reflection of the quality, clarity and power of our thought forms.

Thoughts that are not too heavily imbued with emotion (usually things you don’t care too much about or are not worried about or attached to) create insignificant thoughts forms. These type of thoughts might manifest as light-hearted synchronicities such as the earlier example of hearing a song with your friend’s name in the title.

Thoughts that you are emotionally attached to will create more significant synchronicities and multiple synchronicities. This is the type of synchronicity where the two moving vans appear shortly after you were thinking, yet again, about whether to move and then other synchronicities follow.

The clarity of the synchronicity is based solely on the emotional clarity of your thought. No matter how “confused” you feel about a decision at your core you always “know” what you wish to do.

The confusion comes from all the rationalizing you do. When you know you want to do something but, are afraid that it is the wrong decision due to a multitude of rationalizations you are creating erratic thought forms.

Your mixed signals create different thought forms that are mirrored back to you which create more confusion.

The secret of reading and following signs and creating synchronicities:

1. Get clear and honest with yourself. Stop the pretending and tell the truth to yourself. You won’t get an honest sign unless you’re honest with yourself. Are you attached to one outcome? Are you forcing things to turn out this one way? Yes?

Release it and ask yourself, “Why?” Keep asking “why” until you hit the core of your attachment. Do not proceed to step two until you get to the core of what’s driving you.

2.  Clearly state the question that you would like a sign about. For example, “I feel driven to move at this time. Show me a sign that this is the right thing to do now.”

By stating the question as an affirmative statement you are taking control of your life and your destiny.

3. Avoid becoming attached to the outcome. Repeat this affirmation: This or something better.  When you say this you are open to other possibilities not, just the one outcome “you” think is right.

4. “Knowing” what you want does not mean that you are attached to the outcome. Use the above affirmation to remain open to other outcomes. Knowing what you want is the only way to create a system for getting for signs that you will completely understand. I wrote about creating a system in my book, “Navigating by Intuition: How to Follow The Signs.”

5. Wait, watch and listen. Be observant and be patient. The sign will appear.

When we are clear and ready internally the patterns in our environment will reflect “the sign” back to us. We will resonate to this pattern and “know” it as the sign that we are ready to move forward.

The key to interpreting signs correctly is totally reliant upon knowing how you feel and what you want first. If your response to this is that you don’t know what you want – you’re not ready for a sign.  You’re asking to be “told” what to do instead of taking responsibility for your life.

Have you been asking for signs? Were you sure or unsure of what you wanted at the time you asked? How did things turn out?

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