How to Make Intuitive Decisions & Listen to Your Gut

How to Make Intuitive Decisions & Listen to Your Gut

How to Make an Intuitive Decision

Your life is the result of your previous choices and decisions. Poor choices lead to bad decisions, which result in the mistakes we look back on and regret. The way to avoid making mistakes is to become a better decision maker.

But, how do you learn to apply proper decision making using both reason and intuition to your own life, to the little decisions and big decisions that ultimately shape your life? I was never taught this and the first half of my life was fraught with mistakes. Through trial and error and study I have learned how to handle challenging decisions. And, you can too.

The anatomy of a difficult decision

Say, you’re offered a job and it sounds great but, there’s a tiny niggling of doubt that holds you back from saying yes. You’re under pressure to give your decision – what do you do? Or perhaps you’re in a quandary over choosing the right life partner, business partner or whether to sell your home and move across country? How do you make these difficult decisions that affect the rest of your life?

Whatever the decision, there is a way to cut the stress, decipher the doubt and unearth the decision that is right for you using both reason and intuition in this intuitive decision making model.

Know thyself

You won’t make a proper decision unless you examine what makes you tick. Each of us is different and has a unique set of values and needs that our decisions must satisfy.

 What are your values?

What’s important to you? What do you need to be happy? Is financial security the most important thing to you? Is climbing the corporate ladder and increasing your status an important factor in your overall happiness? Are you motivated by fame and celebrity? Or, is it love and emotional intimacy? Do you need freedom and the call of adventure to be happy? Maybe spiritual growth tops your list?

What vision for your life do you aspire to?

Each of us has a “vision” for our lives. My vision is to write, publish and teach people how to “speak intuition” so that they make the right decisions and live up to their full potential. Anything I do has to work toward upholding this overarching vision for my life.

What’s  your vision? Craft one sentence that encompasses your life’s vision.

Understanding your values and vision puts your decisions in context within this framework so, don’t skip this step. Your values and vision drive your decision-making and the trajectory your life takes. They should be the structure on which your life is built – in the same way that the skeleton is the framework to the body.

Follow these steps to come to a proper decision using reason & intuition:

1. Review whether the choice aligns with your values. Does it uphold them? If yes, fine. If not, go over your values. Did you choose the right values to begin with or are you making the wrong choice for the wrong reasons?

2. Ask yourself if this choice advances you in the direction of your vision? Or, does it take you away from it? If yes fine. If not, then why are you do it? Think hard about this.

3. Review the facts. What do you know? What don’t you know? Whom do you know with experience in this area? Can you speak to them about their experience? Would researching this issue reveal useful information that would help you to make a choice? Do your research.

4. Make a Pros and Cons list regarding this choice. Which is most convincing the pros or the cons list?

Decide if these four steps are enough to make the decision. If you feel completely confident and free of doubt go ahead and make your decision If not, go to the next steps where you will tap into your intuition.

5. “Live” both options. Imagine for a moment that you could fast forward to the future and review the outcome of your decision between two choices or, to either follow through with a particular decision or not.

Close your eyes and imagine that you see before you two doors; one has a sign with a large number “one” on it and the other a number “two” on it. Assign a choice to each door. Walk through door number one and imagine that you had taken that road.

Go through the entire sequence of events in your mind from start to finish. You chose this path, and then what? And, what comes after that and after that? And, how does it end up? What does your life look like after you’ve chosen “door number one.”

Do the same with the second door.  Step through the door and “live” out that decision in your imagination to it’s conclusion.

Which outcome affects your life most positively? Which outcome stands out most to you and “feels” right?

Still not sure about your decision? Go to Step 5.

5. Detach emotionally from the decision. Look from outside your own perspective. Ask yourself this, “If this weren’t my decision but, a close friend’s what would I tell them to do? How would I advise them? Does it benefit them? How?”

Have a convincing imaginary conversation with your friend and clearly explain why or why they shouldn’t make this decision.

Can you make a decision now? No? Proceed to the next step.

6. Check directly with your gut instinct – emotional intelligence – intuition.

How to Make Intuitive Decisions

Review the advice you gave your “friend” and all the reasons for making or not making this choice.

Close your eyes and take five deep breaths through the nose and release through the mouth to clear your mind.

Ask yourself how you “feel” about this decision? Do not ask yourself if you are making the right decision.

What is the first thought, feeling, image or emotion that comes to your awareness?

Focus upon it. Ask “it” why it has surfaced at this time? What is the first response that comes to mind after this question? This response is the “truth” of how you feel regardless of all the facts, lists and pros and cons.

Does this process reveal that your feelings about the decision are congruent to the decision you made by using reason and data? If your feelings correspond with the decision you made previously then great – you’ve done it! You’ve made a proper decision using logic and reason followed up by your gut instinct – emotional intelligence – intuition.

If you there is discord between the two then, you need to investigate the feeling that is at odds with your logical decision further. Go to the next step.

7. Delve deeper within.

Place your palms on your abdomen in the area  of your solar plexus. The reason for placing your hands on your solar plexus is to remind you to connect with the intelligence of your body. Your body gives signals via feelings that communicate vital information to you. Most of you are too busy to notice them. This is why you need to slow down and go within in order to decode this important information.

Close your eyes and relax by taking five more deep breaths in through the nose and releasing them through the mouth.

Now visualize the outcome of the first decision and then the second just as you did when you stepped through each door.  This time you are going to focus on what physical sensations, feelings or emotions come up regarding each of the outcomes.

Pay attention to your breathing, is it constricted with either choice? Does your chest feel tight when you go to take a breath? Become aware of your neck and shoulders, do either of the decisions make you tense up in those areas of your body? Notice your abdomen and the area around your solar plexus, is there a “knot” in your stomach or butterflies? Do you feel nervous, anxious, are your palms sweating, does your heart speed up or is there a lump in your throat?

If you notice any discomfort regarding one choice over the other, your body is telling you that this is not the right choice.

Do you have your answer now? Not yet? Go to step eight.

8. Make sure you thoroughly understand your motivation and what you’re getting into.

If you’ve come through the process this far without an answer it’s time to step away and put it on a shelf for a while.  Don’t rush and never allow pressure from outside sources to influence you into making a decision before you are ready. Tell yourself that you want more clarity on this issue and that you expect to get it in X number of days (give yourself a time period).

Don’t make a decision and don’t think about it after that, live your life and focus on other things. Just because you’re not consciously thinking about this decision doesn’t mean it isn’t “percolating” in your subconscious. You may have a dream during this period or an insight will surface that clarifies the issue. You may come to the conclusion that this decision is unnecessary and drop the whole thing.

Have you ever found yourself struggling to make an important decision? What was the situation you were grappling with? What techniques did you use to help you make the decision?

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P.S. Learn to “speak intuition.” Click here.

13 Examples of Intuition in Everyday Life from Top Creatives

13 Examples of Intuition in Everyday Life from Top Creatives

“Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.” –Frances Scovel Shinn

Flash of intuition

Intuition is not reserved for the chosen few.

Everyone is intuitive and each of us has had at least one experience where we had a gut feeling or heard our intuition guiding us in a particular situation.

Intuition is a higher form of instinct.

This sense was built into us primarily to keep us safe to ensure the propagation of our species but has since evolved.

Your body continually senses what is in your environment even if you aren’t consciously aware of it.

Can you imagine how important it was for our ancient ancestors to “sense” that danger was lurking in the jungles; to feel the hair stand up on the back of the neck and slowly turn to see a huge saber-tooth tiger crouching in the bush?

Many of  us have learned from our mistakes that when we don’t listen to our intuition we regret it later. I like to say that:

Ignoring intuition is a lot like touching a hot stove: You need only get burned once to know that ignoring your intuition is NOT a good idea!

If you’re not clear on how intuitive guidance works or how to recognize your intuition read on.

These examples of what I call “everyday intuition” will give you a very clear idea of how your intuition guides you with your home, friends and family, ensures your safety and in business with business intuition in “everyday life.”

13 Examples of Everyday Intuition from Top Creatives:

Home, Friends and Family


A few months ago a neighbor approached us about selling our house.  Although our house was not for  sale, we were very happy to listen to his proposal until he told us what he was willing to pay.  
He started thousands of dollars less than our house was worth. He proceeded to tell us all that was wrong with our house.  It was very negative and upsetting.  Why would he want our house if there was so much wrong with it? 
My intuition told me to call a realtor friend.  We found out that our house was worth even more than we thought.  Our neighbor was just trying to get a deal.  My husband and I talked about putting it up on the market.  Again, we hadn’t planned on selling but I had a gut feeling which said, “Let’s go for it.”  I knew that if we did we would be putting the wheels of the universe into motion.

So we did!  It sold the day after it went on the market for full price!  We found the most wonderful house to move into, perfect for our needs and in a great neighborhood.  We move in on Wednesday and couldn’t be happier!

Betsy Henry – Zen-Mama


I don’t consider myself an intuitive, but sometimes my intuition comes through loud and clear. My younger son, Andrew, is in his third year of college where he has been awarded a scholarship to play baseball.

With his college 90 miles away, my wife, and I see him frequently, but there are weeks when our only contact is through a telephone call or text message. In early March, I got a hunch he wasn’t okay – that he was struggling.

I dismissed the thought knowing that I would see him in a few days at his next game. I would asses him then. But the feeling kept coming back until it urged me to call my son.
He wasn’t okay.

My son was struggling with his grades, and the demands of the baseball team were weighing on him to the point he was thinking about quitting. After talking about his challenges, we came up with a plan of action he thought was achievable.

I truly think if I had waited to speak with him, he would have given up on his goals. I’m thankful that some everyday intuition moved me into action so I could help my son find the right answers.

Alex Blackwell – The Bridgemaker


The experience that made the biggest impression on me was in 2002..I was getting a strong sense of wanting to move from the beautiful town I was living in with my two small boys. It wasn’t a good fit for me. I kept “seeing” an old white farmhouse in my mind. Began drawing it in detail in my journals, began designing the rooms and picking out paint colors, thought about it before bed, every time I passed an old white farmhouse would think to myself “There’s my house”.

Some months later, I went to meet an old friend in her remote country town for lunch and I was describing to her my dream business, and where I would live and work. She said, “I have to show you this house”. I was not house-hunting, and did not have any money for a downpayment.. but.. we drove up to the house and it was in fact “my” house. Down to the last detail, everything I’d been seeing in my mind, drawing, thinking about.

And in spite of the reality of the finances, no deposit in sight.. I was able to buy it and we’ve been here for almost 11 years.”

            Lisa Claudia Briggs, MSW – Intuitive Body


“It seems that every time I get a gut feeling that I am going to see someone I know, I do. It happened most profoundly several years ago when I was flying from Pennsylvania to St. Croix VI (where I am from).
Unbeknownst to me, my father was also traveling on that same day. He was flying from St. Croix to the Dominican Republic.  As I was walking down the concourse to my connecting flight in Puerto Rico, something told me to look left and when I did, I saw my father walking by. It turned out, he was also waiting for a connecting flight in Puerto Rico and had to go to the restroom.
If I hadn’t looked left and he hadn’t had to go to the restroom, we never would have met that day. “
              Lisa Hamilton – Getting to Zen
I recently spent nine days in Michigan visiting my family. I have a very big ego! I am often tempted to give my opinion, a comment or unasked for advice when I see or hear something that I question or don’t agree with. Notice I said “tempted!” Because my gut feeling says loud and clear, “Don’t do it!” 
I always bring myself back to these Truths: I don’t know what anything is for. Everyone is on their own path. Everyone has a right to live their life, their own way. Everything is in Divine Order. This is not my business. And judgment is just plain wrong!
It’s because I have listened to my intuition  that I still have awesome relationships with my daughters, son-in-laws and grandchildren.
Tess Marshall – The Bold Life

I was looking for household help and interviewing several women for a two-year contract.  The search had been going on for weeks.  

Finally a suitable candidate came up. She appeared cheerful, positive and willing to learn.  Elated, I signed the required papers.  

However, when I got home, I had a gut feeling that started gnawing at me.  But, I had no logical explanation on why I was feeling that way.  This was troublesome because I had already signed the contract. 

In the end, I knew that I had to pay heed to my intuition.  So, I called the agency.  I explained that I had changed my mind.  Luckily, the manager agreed to annul the agreement.  

Meanwhile, the girl I was supposed to hire found out I had changed my mind.  She rang to beg me not to. Not only did she call once but several times.Her reactions made me uncomfortable.  

Two days later I found “The One”.  The girl I hired has been working for us for the last two years.  She has turned out to be the best helper I have had. What is great is that she also meditates and has many shared values! 

Evelyn Lim – Abundance Tapestry


Intuition & Safety


I’ll never forget my powerful experience with intuition, although it’s a painful memory and lesson.  

On July 27, 1993, my mom and I were going to go shopping.  My mom asked me if we should bring my younger brother along on the shopping trip, and for some reason, I advised that she probably should leave him home.  I don’t know why I thought this, but I felt compelled to answer in this way.  Unfortunately, when we left to go shopping, it was the last time my mom and brother would see each other.  

On the way home from our shopping trip, we got in a car accident, and my mom was killed instantly.  I was sitting in the only “safe” place in the car.  If my brother had been in the car, he surely would have perished as well.
It is a sad, but powerful lesson that shows the true power of intuition.  Had I not followed my intuition and told my mom to bring along my brother, I am certain he would not be alive today.

Victor Schueller – Victor Schueller


Over the years I’ve had many moments of everyday intuition, some that I paid attention to and others, I ignored to my detriment. It’s taken me a long time to understand and trust those moments.
The one that comes to mind was a day alone, cleaning the apartment. I realized I needed something from a top shelf in the kitchen cupboards and looked around for something to stand on. I was moving, so much of my furniture was already out of the apartment and I only had a few things left. I pulled over a chair and as I put one foot on it I heard as clear as day, “Don’t do it!” It happened so quickly: hearing those words, looking down at the chair and ignoring the warning.
Seconds later I was lying on the floor, elbow dislocated the chair shattered all around me. As I waited at the hospital, woozy from the pain-killers, I recalled the warning and promised myself that in future I would listen. It’s not always easy to listen to my intuition as it seems my intellect likes to disagree, but more and more it has become a practice that has impacted my life.
           Sandi Amorim – Deva Coaching
Quite a few years ago, my family and I were at a marina enjoying lunch outside and watching the boaters go in and out of the bay.  A young family with two very small children — one in a car seat — placed their children in their boat and set off to enjoy the beautiful afternoon on the water. 
They did not put life jackets on their children and I had an intense urge to stand up and call out to them to do so.  But I don’t always want to be the person drawing attention to “what’s wrong with this picture” and so instead used the situation as a water safety conversation with our own boys.  
After lunch, several rescue vehicles started to arrive and I had another really sick feeling.  The next day, I read in the paper that the young family’s boat had flipped in the water and one of those boys drowned.  I’ve never known quite what to make of this situation or how to process it.
Jennifer Boykin – Life After Tampons
Business Intuition

Typically if my business line shows a missed call and there’s no voice-mail message, I ignore it. I’ve never called a missed called number back, unless it’s from a personal friend. This comes from past experience of calling back missed calls only to find it’s a sales call or wrong number.

Well, one day this “normal” occurrence happened of seeing a missed call with no message, it was on my business phone line, but I couldn’t ignore it. For whatever reason I felt like I should call that number back, and when I went to shrug it off and not call, I felt an inner conflict, so much so that I texted my husband saying “do you ever call back a missed call number you don’t recognize on the business line?” He said, “no and neither do you, why are you asking?” I responded “I feel like I should call it.” He said, “that’s weird, you never do….maybe should, sounds like you want to.”

I tried again to shrug it off, but the thought came back to call that number. So to quiet that inner voice, I picked up the phone and dialed that number, it was a inquiry about our services and ended up being an awesome client, one of our best clients ever.

Aileen Mahoney – Evotive Marketing


Several years ago we took on a business project that looked and sounded great, two years later it turned out to be a great time waster and this meant lost business opportunities too. Not to mention there was no financial return.

If I had followed my intuition at the time we would never have proceeded, I can remember at the time I had the knowing, that gut feeling that makes you feel very uneasy. My intuition was spot on as it turned out and that was a big awakening for both of us.!

Today we use my intuition before either of us proceed with business opportunities as they arise. Des, my life and business partner says: “I know that not following ‘Suzie’s intuition’ is at my peril.”   

Suzie Cheel – Suzie Cheel


I told my best friend that I wanted to find a way to help people build self-love and avoid some of the pain I lived through. My agent was about to sell my book, “How do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways” when my gut feeling told me the best way to help people was to give the book away for free.

People thought I was crazy not to sell the book since I make my living as a writer but my gut literally screamed that I must do it. So I withdrew the book from sale, finished it and because of it, launched The Self-Love Movement™ in the fall. After giving away over 9300 books so far and getting thanks from many people who’ve read it, I have no doubt that doing this was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Daylle Deanna Schwartz – The Self-Love Movement




“The most powerful example of intuitive guidance in my life comes from times when logic and external sources all tried to work in the opposite direction of the “inner guidance” I was feeling and receiving.
One such example was deciding to make a major life change that included resigning from a secure job, and moving away from the city life, into a more natural way of life based on self-sufficiency. Reason and logic tried to sway against it, as did some family and friends. However by going within and trusting my inner guidance—my intuition—it turned out to be the most perfect set of choices for my path of personal evolution.
Three years later I look back with awe at how perfectly everything turned out because I chose to trust and follow my inner voice. Today I listen to that inner guidance more than ever, and greatly appreciate its role in my life.”
Evita Ochel – Eveta Ochel
Many thanks to all my wonderful creative colleagues who graciously shared their stories.
Have you had any similar experiences? Share your story with us maybe I’ll include it another post.
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P.S. Learn how to guide your life and find your true path by developing your intuition – click here.

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The Top 11 Reasons You Ignore Your Intuition

The Top 11 Reasons You Ignore Your Intuition

Trusting our intuition often saves us from disaster. –Anne Wilson Schae

Ignoring your intuition is like going through life blindfolded

A heard a tiny whisper in my head saying, “Check again for your keys.”

I ignored it….and discovered I was locked out of my house when I got home at 11 pm. I had to get a locksmith to make an emergency visit to drill the lock. Ignoring my intuition cost me a lot of money.

Has something like this ever happened to you?

If you often find yourself in pickles like this you are ignoring your intuition.

Here are the top reasons you ignore your intuition:

1. Doubt. You play down the importance of this “voice.”

Antidote: You need to develop trust in your intuition. The only way to do this is to listen to these whispers and act upon them. The more you do and find they are “right” the more trust you’ll gain in your inner voice.

2. Lack of intention. Listening to your intuition is not a priority in your life.

Antidote: You’ve got to create an intention to develop your intuition. After all if you don’t make it a priority to listen this voice, who will? Recognize the importance of these messages from your intuitive wisdom and become conscious of them.

3. Monkey mind. You lack focus and clarity in your thinking.

Antidote: You have not set aside time each day to meditate and clear your mind. Develop the habit of sitting in silence and listening for 20 minutes a day. Your thoughts will slow and your intuition will come through more loudly and clearly.

4. Insecurity. You listen to others (external voices) rather than yourself.

Antidote: You must develop your self-confidence and self-reliance. Pay attention to how you feel when you override your own instincts to listen to what others say you should do. Feeling “twisted” up inside like maybe it’s “wrong” is a signal that you’ve ignored your inner wisdom.

5. Multi-tasking. You are always in a hurry and doing too many things at once.

Antidote: Stop it! When you rush and try to accomplish too much at once you will not hear this subtle voice. Focus on one thing at a time. Take breaks where you walk away and give yourself a breather so your intuition can come through.

6. Distraction. You are never alone or have your cell phone, radio or television on at all times.

Antidote: If you cannot be alone with your self and need to have constant company, conversation or “noise” you will block your intuition from coming through. Turn everything off and spend at least an hour a day being “mindful” while you accomplish a simple task such as washing the dishes.

7. Self-medicating. You drink, do drugs or use food to shut out your inner voice.

Antidote: Using any substance to deal with your fears or quiet the critical internal voice will also block your intuition. Try journaling to get in touch with these inner stressors instead. When you write about your feelings you become conscious of what is driving you to self-medicate.

8. Toxic relationships. You live with or are involved with controlling or negative people.

Antidote: Find a way to cut off from or lessen the time you spend around toxic people. If you can’t get away make it a habit to have “alone” time. Toxic people poison your thoughts and undermine your confidence and self-esteem which muffles your intuition.

9. Control. You are a controlling personality who is attached to things turning out exactly as you think they should.

Antidote: Having to be “in control” all the time comes from having many fears. You fear what may happen if you don’t “control” the outcome. This is a no win way to live though. You cannot control everyone or everything. Learn to let go and allow the answers to bubble up naturally.

10. Negativity. You have a habit of thinking negatively.

Antidote: Look for the positive in everything. Stop looking for what can go wrong. Change your attitude and look for what can go right instead. You created the habit of thinking negatively and you can break that habit too – if you want to. Negative thinking overrides your intuition. You’ll hear it but you won’t believe it!

11. People pleasing. You put yourself last all the time.

Antidote: Stop putting the needs of others ahead of yourself all the time. Yes, we should help others and be selfless at times but, not at the expense of ignoring our own needs. People pleasing is a habit that absolutely shuts down your intuition.

Do you see yourself on this list? Can you think of any other habits or things you do that cause you to ignore your intuition? Share them with us in the comments.

If you notice that you are ignoring your intuition by doing one or more of these things I highly suggest you focus on the antidote. I cover these blocks to intuition extensively in my book, “The Intuition Principle.”

If you enjoyed this post share it with a friend on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Thank you!

P.S. Learn to develop your intuition and never ignore your intuition again! Click here.

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Questions about Hearing Your Spirit Guide?

Questions about Hearing Your Spirit Guide?

Questions about hearing your spirit guides?

Carl Jung

Carl Jung (Photo credit: o admirador secreto)


I get a lot of questions about spirit guides. I think the topic could use some clarification.

Question: I’ve never heard my spirit guides. I keep asking for them to speak to me but, I don’t seem to hear anything.

Answer: You don’t have to “hear” your spirit guides to benefit from their guidance.

Not everyone has clairaudient ability. Clairaudience is the ability to “hear” within the mind. Some who are exceptionally gifted with clairaudience actually hear the spirit world with their physical ears but, this is one of the rarest of the psychic abilities. So, do not beat yourself up if you don’t “hear” anything.

Question: What can I do to hear my spirit guides?

Answer: To develop clairaudience you can sit in the silence and listen. Practice active listening to attune your mind to listening to the ambient noise around you. See if you can hear the sound of the electrical hum in your home or a train whistle from a distant town. Sharpen your hearing and focus your attention to hearing all sounds around you.

Meditate daily. Learn to listen to your internal dialogue. Most of the time our intuition comes through via our own thoughts in our own voice. This is why we get so hung up on thinking we cannot “hear” our guides. We expect that we will hear a voice that is different from our own inner voice.

Question: Am I doing something wrong? I never seem to get anything.

Answer: No, you’re not doing anything “wrong.”

If you are getting “feelings” about decisions you need to make then “Higher Intelligence” is guiding you.

I believe most of the intuitive guidance we get is from “Higher Intelligence” or what we call our “higher selves.” (To read more on this topic see the section devoted to this in, “The Intuition Principle.”)

Carl Jung talked about what he called the “Collective Unconscious.” He likened the collective unconscious to “a universal library of human knowledge, or the sage in man, the very transcendental wisdom that guides mankind.”

We are no different than Dorothy was in the Wizard of Oz – we have always had the power within us to connect directly to the source of all wisdom and higher states of consciousness. That is why we have our intuition. It is the inner technology that connects us as physical beings to Higher Intelligence/Collective Unconscious/God/Spirit Realm. (Patti Foy of Lightspirited Being. has a great article on this topic).

As Jung pointed out, all the answers can be found in “Higher Intelligence.” So, don’t focus so much on where the answers are coming from but, on the information itself.

Ask yourself, “Is this information helpful? Does it solve my problem?” If so, that is really all that matters.

Questions: I’m confused about the subject of spirit guides. What is the best way to work with a guide?

It is confusing to many people because in the last 20 years or so there’s been this huge influx of information about working with your guides. The trend it established is that we should contact them whenever we need help in our lives.

I actually do not agree with this. Looking to something outside of yourself for all the answers is a way of deferring responsibility for your decisions. It also reinforces the notion that we are all “separate beings.”

I believe that since we are all ONE – and interconnected – even a guide’s consciousness is part of your own consciousness. So, whether the information comes from one entity or the collective unconscious is immaterial because it’s all the same consciousness.

Deferring to a guide also creates a barrier between people and the source of all knowledge. It’s like saying that we cannot speak to God directly but, must go through an intermediary. (Melody Fletcher of Deliberate Blog has a great article on this topic.)

My assessment is this: If you believe that you need a guide to get the answers – you will.

And, if you believe that you can obtain the guidance you desire directly from Higher Intelligence – you will.

Scientific studies over the last thirty years point to the fact that our experience of reality is malleable. We are, in fact, creating what we experience through our beliefs and this applies to our belief in guides as well.

The best way to work with guides is to decide for yourself which way you feel most comfortable and make a personal choice. If you find that working with a guide works for you then, by all means, work with your guides. If you are happy just asking for guidance and trusting what you get then that is what you ought to do.

I produced “The Intuition Principle Guided Meditations,” to help readers get intuitive guidance to solve problems in their lives.

The Intuition Principle album contains guided meditations to help you connect to your guides and meditations to teach you how to get intuitive wisdom directly.

The reason I created both types of guided meditations is because, I believe very strongly that some people are better able to get intuitive guidance directly from Higher Intelligence and other people feel more comfortable using a guide. There is no right or wrong.

Question: How can I tell the difference between my own intuitive guidance that of a guide?

I agree with Anna Conlan of Psychic but Sane on this; many times you will not know the difference between “guidance” that comes from your own intuition/Higher Intelligence or from your guides.

If you’re in meditation and ask for an answer and then an hour later while driving to work are “struck” with a lightening bolt of an idea that solves your problem – who is to say that this came from a “guide” or your own connection to “Higher Intelligence?”

That is why it’s best not to get so hung up on “labels.”

Focus on the results not the mechanics of where the info is coming from.

Question: Sometimes I just feel as if I’m making all this stuff up. How can I change that?

Answer: That’s very common especially in the beginning of working with guides/intuition. You have to trust what you get and relax.

If you notice I use guides/intuition interchangeably. This is because I don’t want you to get so obsessed over where the information comes from.

Answers can come from anywhere. They can manifest through signs and even through the miraculous works of other people as Julie Barrett from A Clear Sign points out in her hilarious article.

You can grow past the feelings of “making it all up” with practice and experience. The more you practice with your intuition the more you will learn to discern between when it’s your imagination and when it is intuition.

Also, stop judging yourself. Allow yourself to experience whatever you experience. When you judge yourself to be “making it all up” you inhibit the flow of intuitive guidance. Don’t worry about being wrong, try to have fun with it and not take it so seriously.

What questions do you have about working with spirit guides? Share them with us. Are you more drawn to developing a direct connection to your intuition or would you rather work with a “guide?”

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