How to Deal With Your Problems Head-on in 7 Steps

How to Deal With Your Problems Head-on in 7 Steps

How to deal with your problems head-on

How to deal with your problems head-on in 7 steps

What do you want to change in your life?

  • Do you struggle with health challenges?
  • Money problems?
  • Relationship troubles?
  • A dissatisfying career?
  • Do fears hold you back from achieving your dreams?

Whatever you’re struggling with have hope. You can change you life. It may not happen over night but it will change. The key to change is to have a strong commitment from the beginning to want to change some aspect of your life. No amount of wishing, visualizing and using affirmations is going to do the trick all by itself. You have to put in the time, effort and personal development work on yourself to make things change.

If you want to get healthy you’ll have to commit to eating right and exercising if you truly want to see the results. You’ll also have to change the way you think about food and exercise. All changes begin on the inside which is personal development work is crucial to make any lasting change.

If you want more money flowing into your life you’ll have to dig deep to unearth your money blocks and clear them and then figure out a plan for how to make more money. Insufficient money flow creates huge pressure in our lives. You might want to deal with that one first.

If you want better relationships you’ll have to start examining what you may be doing that is contributing to the state of relationship that’s making you unhappy and then work on yourself using personal development.

Even if this problem has been around for a long time you can start right now to chip away at it. Here’s how to deal with your problems head on.

How to Deal With Your Problems Head On.

1. Choose one challenge in your life you wish to change. There are two ways to choose where to begin. Get clear on which problem needs your attention most urgently because it’s painful and expensive in terms of the cost to your life, and choose that one. Or chose a small problem to work on first that you can clear up quickly. Either way is fine—just choose one right now! Don’t wait.

2. Consequences of the problem. Take out a sheet of paper and put the name of the problem at the top. Write down all the ways this problem is affecting your life.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How does this problem prevent me from being, doing and having what I truly want in my life?
  • How does this problem make me feel every day when I wake up and think about it?
  • How does this problem affect my family and friends?
  • What is this problem costing me financially and in terms of my health, my peace of mind and my ability to succeed?

Keep asking yourself these questions until you run out of answers. You want to have at least 20 good painful reasons for clearing up this challenge.

3. Turn consequences into celebration! Turn the sheet of paper over and take each of the problems you listed on the front and turn them into reasons to celebrate. For example if you want to get in shape and one of the consequences of being out of shape was not being able to play with your kids write on the back, “When I get in shape I’ll be able to play with my kids!” Do this for each of the consequences and get excited as you do it!

4. Take an inventory. Inventory the the list and pick the 5 top most painful, urgent reasons to overcome this challenge and the corresponding reason to celebrate. Make a new list and put it on the refrigerator door where you’ll see it every day.

5. Make a to-do list. Create a detailed to-do list of how you’re going to tackle this problem. Include the actual step by step outline for how you’ll solve it. List names of the people you’ll call who can help you. Make sure to add the dates by which you’ll complete each and every step. It’s not a real list unless you have deadlines. Be sure to meet your deadlines.

6.Countdown by crossing-off. As you complete each step on your to-do list cross it off and allow yourself to feel proud and excited of the progress you’re making. Put down the date you completed each step. Seeing the actual time it took may inspire you to work faster.

7. Celebration time! When you overcome one of the painful reasons you listed for wanting to deal with this problem cross it out and highlight the corresponding celebration one. Then celebrate even if it’s just doing the “happy dance” in your living room when no one is watching! One of the things we don’t do often enough is celebrate our wins and accomplishments in life. Despite what you may think taking a moment to celebrate or pat yourself on the back is not silly or frivolous. It’s a sign that you are your own ally and that you love and value yourself. And loving yourself is what will lead to fewer challenges, obstacles and problems in your life in the future.

Once you’ve done this with one problem tackle the next one, and the next one and before you know you it you will have dealt with each and every problem head on!

What do you want to change in your life? Are there negative people you’ve let hang around for far too long? What’s the most urgent, painful costly problem you have?

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