From Near Suicide to Healer (One Woman’s Incredible Story)

From Near Suicide to Healer (One Woman’s Incredible Story)

Eva Love, Healer

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Eva Love. Eva is an extraordinary healer with an extraordinary story to share. Eva helps people struggling to find love heal their relationships, attract the “one” and in turn heal their lives. Eva has a unique method of healing called the “Love Miracle System” that was “transmitted” to her when she had sunk to the lowest point in her life.

 Listen to Eva’s Interview. (Just click here)

  1. What was going on in your life prior to your transmission? 

After my divorce from my 2nd husband I became extremely depressed. I had been beaten as a child and had sworn that my children would never have to go through that. One day, four years into our marriage I walked in on my 6’4” 300 lb husband kicking my 16 year old daughter with his size 17 shoe. I lost it. Yes, I divorced him but I couldn’t stop crying. After six months of extreme depression I drove to the top of a mountain with the intention to drive off a 1000’ cliff. As I approached the curve that I was going to drive off, I heard a voice say, “Eva, don’t do this. You are sick. It’s like you’ve got the flu, you’ll get over it. Stop the car.” Fortunately I was able to bring the car to a stop before it went off the road. After 3 years of trying various kinds of therapy, spiritual counseling, hypnotherapy, working with different healers, taking workshops and reading every self-help book I could find, I was still miserable and making everyone else around me miserable too.

  1. Tell us about how you got the “transmission or download” that put you on the path of healing relationships?

At this point, I was in such despair that even though I knew I wasn’t going to kill myself, I didn’t know how I was going to go on. Sitting in my living room, having done everything I knew to do and not knowing where else to turn I cried out, “God help me.” In that moment a weight was lifted from me. I felt this warmth and love like I had never experienced it before. The room was full of a beautiful light. What I heard was “Go to bed.” So I did. The next morning this series of techniques came to me. I wrote it all down and immediately started using them. This was in August 1989.

  1. How did this spiritual gift of healing change your life?

Within 3 weeks everything in my life changed. I was happy. There was this effervescence coming from me like bubbles rising in a glass of Champaign where as before it was like I had a dark cloud over me all the time and I was miserable. I was healing all of my broken relationships. I loved my executive position that I had hated. My roommate who I had lived with for a year watched this transformation take place. One day she said, I want to know what you are doing. I have invited a couple of my girlfriends over and I want you to teach us.

 What has it resulted in for you?

Within 9 months of that first class I was teaching these tools every night and weekends. I left my corporation position and everyone thought I was crazy for leaving but I never looked back. Soon I noticed that everyone I was working with was dealing with relationship issues. I saw one client after another attracting their right mate and creating amazing relationships. I realized that I could do that for myself. I did the work and attracted the love of my life. We have been together 22 years, married for 20 enchanting years.

  1. How does “it” work? Describe it to us so we get a sense of the process. Is it like anything else that you can compare it to?

I have looked far and wide for anything like it and haven’t seen anything. I see things that are approaching these tools but they are missing important pieces. The tools first show you how to live from your truth, from the core of your being, outside of your “thinking” process. People, especially those who haven’t allowed themselves to feel their feelings in years, say they have never felt so peaceful with themselves. Plus they discover a deep love and appreciation for who they are. Not an ego, puffed up feeling, but a sacred love that goes beyond human love. They use one particular tool for dissolving upset and bring themselves quickly back to peace. Another tool helps them access their innate, God-given power. And they learn the difference between their core power and ego control, which makes the very attractive. It also is the basis for creating the relationship they long for.

The techniques themselves are each a series of questions that cause you to access your feelings on a deep level. Feelings tell you where you honestly are.

What I have discovered from working with over 6500 clients over the last 26 years is that most people are doing one of 4 things with their feelings.

1. They are suppressing their feelings, which is denial.

2. They are escaping their feels, which is addiction.

3. They are expressing their feelings, which is acting out. Or

4. They are acknowledging and releasing their feelings, which is what my teaching does.

Once the feelings are released, the energy in those feelings are available to be harvested to use to create what they deeply desire. The technique walks them right through the process. These techniques are simple to learn…and they take practice to integrate just like anything new that you learn.

  1. How does it affect those you work with? What outcome do they experience?

Most of my clients are single women who long for a committed relationship. 87% of my single clients are either married or in a committed relationship within 12 months of working with me. The rest of my clients are in a relationship that either isn’t working to their satisfaction or that is toxic and either needs to heal or for them to leave it. Of the ones where both parties are committed, 91% of my couple clients are like love-birds again. (Some for the first time.)

  1. What’s your big “Why?” What are you here to do on this planet with this gift?

I believe that we will never have peace on earth until we have peace between men and women. I know that the tools that I teach will help them have peace in their own hearts and with their mate. There is nothing that makes me happier than to see a happy couple in a healthy relationship that will last because it has grown deep roots that will withstand the winds and waves of life.

  1. How can people get in touch with you if they want more?

Click here to download Eva’s free gift for you. Visit Eva’s website: Magical Relationships.

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Father’s Day: Sometimes You Have to Call it “Quits”

Father’s Day: Sometimes You Have to Call it “Quits”

Sunday is Father’s Day. I’m betting that there will some people celebrating their relationships with their fathers and some – not so much.

Happy Father - Sometimes You Have to Call it QuitsWe don’t have much choice in the parents we get.

Some people say we choose our parents before we are born.

We don’t have any evidence of this but, thinking about the possibility that we might have chosen our parents in advance of being born could make us ask this question, “Why did I chose them?”

Now I know it’s customary to write something warm and fuzzy on the occasion of celebrating either Mother’s Day or Father’s Day but, I want to talk about the elephant in the room that some of you live with that etiquette dictates you are to ignore on these holidays.

You know who you are.

You are the one with an alcoholic parent, conniving parent, or absentee parent that you’ve excused far too many times for their many betrayals. You are the one with the toxic parent or parents.

They are the controlling and manipulating parents, critical and judgmental parents, physically or verbally abusive parent and well –  you can fill in the blank______________ for whatever describes your parents or parent or family.

What I want to ask you is this:

If you had been given a choice to pick your parents why do think you would have chosen this couple?

This is what I think. When you don’t have the type of parents who make you want to genuinely celebrate a day like Father’s or Mother’s Day:

You chose them to learn how to love yourself despite what was being mirrored back to you from them.

I honestly think that part of our journey is to realize that we are worthy of love no matter what we have been subjected to.

When you are raised in an abusive environment – or let’s just call it the less than perfect environment, you are most likely dealing with a parent that doesn’t love themselves. If they don’t love themselves it’s going to be pretty hard for them to show you the kind of love you crave and need as a child growing up. They probably never got it from their parents or they wouldn’t be the way there are.

They are acting out all of their own self-hatred, lack of self-esteem and unworthiness issues within the family they created.

When you get to be an adult you have to find a way to deal with it – in your head and heart so that you can get on with your own life. If you’re self-aware you’re going to want to deal with it so you don’t recreate the same issues for your own kids or with your spouse too.

You might come from the kind of family that has never been honest with one another and pretends that the elephant in the room doesn’t exist and this could go on for years and years.

Or you might get to a point where the relationship is so toxic to you that you must walk away to save  your own life.

Sometimes you have no choice but to call it “quits

There is no “black and white” here. In an ideal world you would have worked things out but, then again if it was an ideal world you wouldn’t have had those parents either.

When the parent is unwilling to accept any responsibility for the suffering, pain and damage they’ve caused you really have no choice but, to try to make your life the best it can be from that point forward. No matter how much we’d like to we cannot change anyone. The only person we can change is ourselves.

Forgive them

You don’t want to spend the rest of your life seething over whatever went on so forgive them and free yourself. If they knew better they would have done better.

Take back your self-respect and self-esteem

If you have to move or limit your interactions – do it. Taking action and responsibility for your own life is the best way to restore and repair your own damaged self-esteem.

Love yourself – you are worthy

You are pure love and pure goodness inside. Your soul is perfect. Love yourself  and know that you are worthy of love regardless of what you were told at home.

Send love even if you cannot be in their physical presence

Just keep telling yourself that at the soul level your parents or parent is pure love and pure goodness inside just as you are. Say a prayer and send them love.

Know that it’s okay to protect yourself from further abuse. Just be sure that if you do call  it “quits” you’ve first done all you can to try to repair the relationship and that you are calling it quits to preserve your own self-respect not, out of hatred anger or trying to “punish” them.

Know that things could change in the future

Stay open and do try to reach out from time to time. Your parent may come around some day. If they do welcome them with open arms.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. I miss my dad a lot. Wish you were still here so I could tell you I love you Dad!

How has your relationship with your father or mother been? Is there an elephant at your family functions? How are you handling it?

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