To Discover Your Passion & Purpose Connect to Your Soul

To Discover Your Passion & Purpose Connect to Your Soul

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them. –Henry David Thoreau

Reconnect to your soul and discover your passion and purpose

There is nothing worse than living a life of unrealized potential.

As children we have dreams about what we will be when we grow up.

But then something happens when we become adults; our dreams shrink as our responsibilities grow.

And, before we know it we are busy “making a living” and we have forgotten all about our dreams.

At first, we coast along thinking, “Oh, this isn’t so bad. I have a steady paycheck and a new car.” But, after a few years something inside starts to stir, and we start to sense that something isn’t right – that something is missing in our lives.

But, what?

We try not to pay attention to it.  However, as the years pass the the feeling only gets stronger until we recognize that it is a call from our soul trying to tell us, “There must be more to life than this.

Your soul is where the instructions for your life purpose are encoded and it communicates with you via your intuition.

If you are not living “on purpose” your soul will try to get your attention. When you are constantly “running and doing” you won’t hear the messages from your soul.

Constant “doing” drowns out the voice of your soul, quashing your dreams and leads to a life of “quiet desperation” and unfulfilled potential.

I don’t know about you but, this sounds awful.

So how do you get in touch with your soul?

You have to stop all that “doing” for a while and just “be.” After all, we are “human beings” not “human doings,” right?

Meditation is the doorway to the Soul

When you take time out to meditate you are “being” not doing. You become calm, focused and centered.

To be “centered” means to pull your scattered attention back from jumping between dwelling on the past or the future, to the calm “center” of your being. The calm center of your being-ness is where the “now” resides.

When you are calm and focused on the present moment you hear your intuition. And, it is by hearing your intuition that you will hear your soul speak to you, and that you will discover your passion and learn what your true purpose is in this life.

Meditation isn’t always easy

It’s not your fault if you find it hard to meditate.

We are not trained to look inward in our society. There is always something outside of us pulling our attention outward. We are glued to our computers, tethered to our tablets and smartphones and constantly bombarded with information. Not a moment of quiet time exists in our day unless….we make the decision to set aside some “quiet time” to untether from all the noise.

And, even then we may not be able to meditate because our mind will not stop racing.

Guided Meditation slows the racing mind

When we listen to a guided meditation we relax more easily and quickly. We are immediately less tense about meditating because, rather than stressing out about how we “cannot relax” or “stop thinking,” we focus on the voice of narrator. And, focusing intently takes into a deeper level of meditation.

Take a journey to your soul

What could be more important than discovering your purpose and realizing your potential?

Without a great passion you have no purpose so, to find it is to find the meaning for your life. When you are driven by a great passion you know, without a doubt, that your life has meaning.

When you are in touch with your soul you are connected to an inexhaustible source of wisdom, guidance and spiritual power. This source will fuel you with the passion to live your great purpose, so that  you do not leave this earth with your “song still in you.”

How to connect to your soul to find your great passion and purpose

1. Create a routine for meditation and stick to it. Pick first thing in the morning or just before going to bed each night to meditate. Meditation doesn’t have to take hours. Just 15 minutes a day is really all you need.

2. Take some deep cleansing breaths to clear your mind and relax and then when you feel calm ask your Soul what your true purpose is. Listen closely. The first thought that comes to mind or the first feeling you get is the answer. Do not discount anything.

3. Use guided meditations designed to connect  you to your soul and help you unearth your passion and purpose like,Intuition Principle Guided Meditations album “The Intuition Principle Guided Meditations” to really hone in on the details. Listen closely to these meditations, Identify Your Passion & Discover Your Purpose,” “Remembering Your Mission & Seeing Your Blueprint,” and “Meet the Authentic You That You Were Meant to Be,to discover your great purpose in life.

 4. Make notes of all the insights you received during meditation. The answers are always in the details no matter how small. Don’t walk away thinking you’ll remember – you won’t. Put the notes away for a few day then reread them with fresh eyes and new insights will flood your mind.

 5. Don’t fear mistakes and false starts. Sometimes we have to try several things before we narrow things down and find our true path. It’s all part of the learning process. Be gentle but firm with yourself, don’t give up and you’ll get there.

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Do you feel uncertain about your future? Are you unsure of what your purpose is? What action can you take today to begin moving toward fulfilling your potential?

P.S. Learn how you can hear your inner voice- here.

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