Going Without Goals. An Update in the Year of the Dragon

Going Without Goals. An Update in the Year of the Dragon

Going without goals an update in the Year of the Dragon

As of January 23, we officially entered the  Chinese New Year of the Dragon.

The Chinese Fortune Calendar website describes the year of the dragon this way,”The Chinese consider the dragon to be unpredictable, untouchable and, people cannot see its head and tail at the same time. Therefore, we might see something unexpected happening in 2012.”

I don’t know a thing about Chinese Astrology but, the Year of the Dragon is fitting for my decision to “go without goals” in 2012. I chose to follow my intuition or what some people refer to as their “bliss,” instead of making resolutions this year. (more…)

Leo Babauta on Going Without Goals

Leo Babauta on Going Without Goals

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. —Lao Tzu

Can you really go without goals?

Leo Babauta, having no goals, following your blissOn January 1st, I published an article where I boldly proclaimed that I was wasn’t making New Year’s resolutions but, that I would follow my bliss and intuition instead.

Fifteen minutes after pushing “publish,”  I was scratching my head wondering, “How the heck do I do this?”

How do I accomplish anything without having goals?

I decided I better speak with Leo Babauta, whom I had cited in the post as an example of someone successfully implementing this philosophy.

Thankfully, Leo spoke with me and I can now say, “I get it!” If you too find the concept of letting go of goals, yet still achieving confusing listen to this recording. (more…)

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