How to Make Your Flame Burn Brighter This Year

How to Make Your Flame Burn Brighter This Year

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. –Joseph Campbell

How to make your flame burn brighter this year

Goal free living, follow your intuition. follow your blissNew Year’s Day is when we start thinking of how we’d like our lives to be in the coming year.

We review our accomplishments and make resolutions.

Most resolutions don’t last very long

Studies show that most resolutions don’t last past the month of January. More than 77 percent of people who say they want to lose weight never do.

Why do we keep making resolutions?

We believe if we don’t set these goals we won’t accomplish anything at all.

This is what I’ve always believed about myself too. I’ve always been afraid I’d be a lazy do-nothing without goals to aspire too.

Changing the game plan

Leo Babauta has written extensively about not setting goals and going “goal-free.” As proponent of “following your intuition,” what some people might call their “bliss,” this appeals to me a great deal. I’ve just been too scared to do commit to it. (more…)

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