The Hero’s Journey is Not For The Faint of Heart

The Hero’s Journey is Not For The Faint of Heart

Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging. Joseph Campbell

Climber on the summit.

By guest contributor Sophie Rose

Have you noticed that many children’s tales end with a victory of the heart?

The hero, after following a tortuous path of struggles, dreams and hopes, always manages to fulfill their heart’s desire, while sometimes discovering it at the same time. These stories stay in the collective consciousness for generations because everyone can recognize themselves in the hero’s quest and identify with the struggles and the longing for a happy ending.

The tales often follow the same themes: at their core is a lonely character searching for their way home or on a quest for true love. A few encounters remind the reader of how difficult that can be: in order to manifest one’s heart desire, nothing less than an angry dragon, a wicked witch, a deceitful wolf or evil characters have to be faced and conquered. There is no straight and easy path; a battle has to be fought against lower instincts or senseless behaviors. How does this mirror in our human lives?

In our lives, the story often begins with a call for adventure which has the potential to open a new perspective on life. A meeting with someone or something takes us – the future hero – in a new direction. However, we often have odd feelings after new meetings and experiences, sensing an attraction, yet also sensing a fear of the unknown. We wonder if change is worth pursuing, given the perceived risk and the breakdown of our comfortable routines. There are a few practices that can prevent you from missing opportunities that could lead to your heart’s desire:

  • Look at the new interest when you are in a relaxed mood. If necessary, create the circumstances conducive to relaxation, then quiet your mind and ask yourself how you feel about this new interest. With a little practice, your inner guidance will answer.
  • Notice the signs and synchronicities in your life. Is this the third time someone tells you about a book? Have you been feeling uncomfortable around a certain person? Guidance is always available, but the mind prefers to categorize everything for us. Going with the flow of life, instead of letting your mind analyze it, will slowly bring forth a path.
  • Trust that there is a road for you, a distinct path of learning and fulfillment known only to your higher self.

Then comes a time when the hero encounters the devilish character: the mean step-sisters, the manipulative wolf or the angry dragon. The images used in children’s tales symbolize our instinctual nature and remind us of how easily we can fall in its trap. In order to access the heart’s wisdom and desire, one must clean the vessel and become fearless, compassionate and kind. These are the qualities of a true hero. The following practices can help develop them:

  • Face your fears. Fear is a mind projection of a situation that does not exist. Like the dragon or the wolf, fears represent roadblocks that have to be overcome to progress. One way to get rid of fear is to sit in silence with the fear in mind and visualize yourself in the situation you dread. After some time, you will realize its illusory nature and the feeling will disappear.
  • Try to connect daily with Source/God/All That Is. Whether you use meditation, time in nature, music, dance or intuitive work, the goal is to feel the connection and slowly build a relationship with it. Such practice will reduce anxiety, make you happier and diminish your sense of separateness from others.

Before setting on their adventure, the hero was an average character. Then something shifted, the inner voice became louder and an awareness of a new path arose. It looked like a path that had not been traveled before, a path made just for them. The hero is the person willing to discover new territories by following their inner compass. As they begin the journey, the trail appears to magically create itself, and only presence and conscious attention are the requirements to not miss the signs. The destination often remains unknown since the process is in constant creation, but unlike imagination or random thoughts, this creation comes from a higher source: its inspiration is divine. That is why the name is “hero”, which comes from the Greek “heros” meaning demi-God.

There are always new horizons to explore when the heart’s calling is heard. The way of the heart is a life path of soul discovery that can only lead to the recognition of our oneness: as our learning expands and deepens, so does our connection to the divine and so does our natural ability as co-creators.

Has being on the hero’s path been a difficult journey? What stirred within that ignited your quest? What have you learned about yourself – or life?

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P.S. The hero’s path begins with a call from your intuition. Start your journey: click here.

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Sophie Rose is a spiritual counselor and the author of The Way of the Heart, Teachings of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, two-time award winner in spirituality. She is a contributing author of The Sacred Shift, Co-Creating your Future. Sophie is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition and has always favored a direct experience of spirituality. She can be contacted through Facebook.


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Can You Come Back to Life Twice?

Can You Come Back to Life Twice?

Coming back to life ecourse

Coming Back to Life Ecourse – Interview with my dear friend, Jodi Chapman

Jodi tell us about yourself.

I am an inspirational writer. I am definitely evidence that our lives can change drastically once we make our minds up and begin to leap toward our dreams. For now, I’ll say that I write the blog Soul Speak, and I am so grateful for the loving community there. I also co-wrote (with my amazing husband, Dan Teck) the bestselling Soulful Journals series – 11 writing-prompt books that make getting to know yourself fun. I am the author of the upcoming book, Coming Back to Life: How An Unlikely Friend Helped Me Reclaim My True Spirit, which is what my new ecourse is based on.

 What inspired you to create the Coming Back to Life Ecourse?

Two years ago, I was in a very different place. I was feeling lost and numb and completely disconnected from my soul and from all of life. Like so many of us, I was living my life on auto-pilot. I was alive in the sense that my body was functioning – my heart was beating, and I was getting up each day and going to work, but I wasn’t REALLY living. I was just going through the motions – sleepwalking through life – and I wasn’t even aware of it.

And it’s not like this numbing out happened overnight – it happened gradually over a period of many years. Throughout my life, when something or someone hurt me, it felt like a little part of me left. I’ve always been a sensitive soul, and sometimes it was just easier to retreat rather than feel the pain.

I also have lived most of my life feeling afraid and stepping back rather than leaping when I was called to take a chance. Also, I had spent several years in survival mode – struggling to get by financially, and I if I did realize that I was numb and needed to wake up and start living, I would’ve seen this as frivolous and not a great way to make sure all the bills were paid. So all of these pains and fears and struggles piled up on top of each other – creating a dark cloud over my heart. It was just easier to go to sleep and not think about it or feel any of it.

Two years ago, all of the struggles in my life came to a head – my husband and I had to move under very stressful and surprising circumstances, we were having a hard time staying passionate about our struggling gift business, we were drowning in bills with no light that we could see at the end of the tunnel, and we had just lost two people who meant a lot to us.  So we were grieving and trying to put our life back together at the same time.

All I wanted to do was crawl into my bed, pull the covers up, and wake up when everything was better again. I didn’t know how I was going to keep going.

That’s when the helping hand came.

My loved one who had just died began communicating with me from the other side. He was my childhood sweetheart, and we hadn’t spoken in almost 20 years. I was definitely not open to this sort of thing at all, so it took an entire year of him sending me signs and me asking for more signs and on and on before we finally could get to work. And once we did, my entire world opened up. He helped me see that being here on Earth is such a beautiful gift – a gift that we have chosen to be a part of. He helped me see that I wasn’t really living. And he helped me wake up and step back into my life again.

Our journey together has been life-changing for me. Everything changed – all because I now saw things through a different lens. I now know that my time here is precious, and I can choose to come back to life. We all can.

That’s why I created this course. I was given this beautiful gift, and I didn’t want to keep it all to myself. I want to be the helping hand for anyone who wanted to start living again and wasn’t sure how to do it.

What prompted you to offer this program again so quickly after launching it in the Fall? 

It was so life-changing and life-affirming for so many people that I wanted to share its message as soon as I could with others! Also, this time of year is a wonderful time to mix things up in our life – to create a lasting change. And this course definitely delivers lasting change! It’s a perfect time to give ourselves the gift of a well-lived, fully embraced life.

Coming back to life ecourse

Can you share some of the incredible transformations participants experienced as a result of enrolling in the program?

I would be happy to! Several participants from the fall course sent me testimonials, which I would love to share here:

I was privileged to participate in The Coming Back to Life course offered by Jodi Chapman during the fall of 2012. The course is overflowing with insight, talent and love. These golden nuggets were then offered in the most honest and heart-opening way to the group on a weekly basis, allowing us to explore the material at our own pace. I loved the videos from those who have worked so hard to hone their life skills. They were non-threatening and full of spirit and love. The insights I gleaned from this course are invaluable. The friendships I made will remain precious to me. Jodi has built a community where people can gather and share without fear of rejection or judgment. That community remains open to me as I continue to learn from the materials and find my way back to life. I just want to thank Jodi and all the other beautiful souls who have made this course an amazing success. Thank you a thousand times! – Leah Griffith

 The Coming Back to Life Ecourse was an amazing journey that I would recommend for anyone at any stage of personal growth.  I found the course packed with information, videos, exercises, readings, and encouragement, all of which could be experienced at our own pace.  Jodi has so many contributors who share their heart, and each brought valuable insight. Opening my email at the beginning of each week was as delightful as unwrapping a gift.  But the most significant advantage I found was the support available – almost 24/7.  The Facebook community Jodi set up was fantastic – a place where we could connect and share our successes, our struggles and realize that we are not alone.  Jodi led us gently and skillfully through discussions and online chats that allowed us to apply what we were learning, and celebrate our growth. Did I mention that I loved it all?  Thank you!! – Lori T.

I feel much more self-aware and plugged in to my emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical self. I feel more grounded and ready than ever to face challenges. I’ve also increased my self-care exponentially since starting this course. I’ve noticed a positive shift in my self-esteem by being gentle and kind to myself. Thank you Jodi and thank you Facebook community for the love and support. – Kelly G.

I don’t always stick with this sort of thing – often feeling that I am not learning anything new, but not this time. I have learned so much, and this has been such an authentic time of discovery and sharing that I feel more alive than I have in a long, long time. Jodi, you have an amazing gift for sharing what is real and what is important. Not only has the information been helpful, but your modeling of it really made it come ALIVE! – Nancy Whelehan Leport

Tell us about the Coming Back to Life Ecourse? Who is it for?

The Coming Back to Life Ecourse begins on January 21 and lasts for 6 weeks. It’s a helping hand, a set of concrete tools, and a loving support system all wrapped up into one heartfelt course!

This course is for those of us who have ever felt disconnected from life – from our soul. It’s for those of us who have felt our light dimming. It’s for those of us who know that there is more to life than simply getting through the day.

This course is for those of us who are ready to plug back into this magical universe, reconnect with our soul, and open our hearts again. It’s for those of us who are no longer willing to just “get by” and sleepwalk through our days. It’s for those of us who are ready – truly ready – to start living fully.

If you’re ready to:

  • live fully and love fully.
  • take responsibility for your life.
  • push past your fears & reach your dreams.
  • forgive, let go, and move forward.
  • see the world with childlike wonder.
  • reconnect with your soul.
  • believe in miracles again.
  • open up to this amazing universe.
  • join a community of loving souls.
  • be completely authentic and vulnerable (in a good way).
  • join a course that comes from the heart and soul.

…then this course is for you!

What can someone expect to learn from this course, and how will it change their life?

I do want to mention that this course can’t change your life unless you are willing to change the way you are living your life. You have to be open to it and you have to be willing to put in the work. That may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. I have read tons of self-help books throughout my life and was always disappointed when nothing changed. Well, it was because I simply read the book but didn’t apply any of the teachings to my own life. I read them like I would read a novel – simply for enjoyment rather than to learn and REALLY change and grow.

If you sign up for this course and simply watch the videos and read through the workbook but don’t apply any of the exercises to your own life, I’m sure you will enjoy everything but I would bet that nothing in your life will change. You have to make the choice to take action. You have to be so fed up with your current way of living that you are honestly ready to make a change. And if you are, then this course really can help you. It’s based on what I went through in my own life, so I know that it works.

What do you hope that people will take away after completing the course?

I want them to see that there is another way to live. I want them to really know that we have a choice – we truly don’t have to go through life simply going through the motions and just getting through the day. There is an entire universe out there that we are only just beginning to tap into. Our soul is connected to such a beautiful world – and waking up is the key to experiencing this way of life.

Coming back to life ecourse contributors

What bonuses are you offering to enrollees?

I’m thrilled to offer over $150 in wonderful bonus gifts, which you’ll receive immediately after joining!

1. Entire Soulful Journals Ebook Series – $65 Value!

I co-wrote this popular series with my husband, Dan Teck. It contains 11 books to help you get in touch with yourself and live your best life. The topics include gratitude, soulful journaling, healing through transitions, two books for couples, two books for teens, manifesting your ideal life, and keeping your commitments.

2. Emotional Awareness Workbook – $20 Value!

My friend, Dominee Wyrick has created this beautiful workbook to help you get in touch with your emotions. It’s completely free when you register!

3. The Intuition Principle Guided Meditations – $10 Value!

My wonderful friend, Angela Artemis is giving you 3 guided meditations from her brand new album of 14 guided meditations when you register! They are designed to help you connect with your soul, find your passion and discover your purpose in life.

4. Best Affirmations Workbook – $27.95 Value!

My friend, Scott Armstrong, is offering his Best Affirmations Workbook when you register! I have this program and can personally say that it’s a wonderful tool to help you use affirmations to change your thoughts, which will lead to changing your life!

5. The Bold Living Guides – $19.99 Value!

My friend, Barrie Davenport from Live Bold and Bloom is offering her popular Bold Living Guides for free when you register!

The Bold Living Guides include six essential areas for self-improvement: Self-Awareness and Personal Growth; Passion and Purpose; Positive Change and Simple Productivity; A Healthy Lifestyle for Mind, Body, and Spirit; Amazing Relationships; and Professional and Financial Well-Being. It’s a  beautiful, helpful guide!

6. 3 Issues of Sprout Online Magazine – $18 Value!

Created by my friend, Amanda Fall, Sprout online magazine uplifts and inspires through color, beauty, and meaning! Each issue explores soul-stirring themes, planting seeds of hope and healing. Receive 3 back issues of your choice for free when you register!

7. Flying by the Seat of My Soul Ebook – $13 Value!

My friend, Tess Marshall, has written this uplifting book that will inspire you to live more passionately and pursue your heart’s desire with more conviction! It’s yours for free when you register!

All of these are FREE and available immediately after you register for the ecourse!

Where can people find out more?

Please go to the Coming Back to Life page:

You will learn all about the course, including each week’s content, a detailed description of all that you’ll receive in the course, and a complete list of contributors!

If you enjoyed this post please share it with a friend on Twitter, FB or Google+. Thank you.

P.S. Let your intuition guide you to “come back to life.” Follow your intuition – click here!

Jodi Chapman


Jodi Chapman is the founder of Soul Speak and an inspirational writer. Please visit her website to learn more about the upcoming course: Coming Back to Life.

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Going Without Goals. An Update in the Year of the Dragon

Going Without Goals. An Update in the Year of the Dragon

Going without goals an update in the Year of the Dragon

As of January 23, we officially entered the  Chinese New Year of the Dragon.

The Chinese Fortune Calendar website describes the year of the dragon this way,”The Chinese consider the dragon to be unpredictable, untouchable and, people cannot see its head and tail at the same time. Therefore, we might see something unexpected happening in 2012.”

I don’t know a thing about Chinese Astrology but, the Year of the Dragon is fitting for my decision to “go without goals” in 2012. I chose to follow my intuition or what some people refer to as their “bliss,” instead of making resolutions this year. (more…)

Leo Babauta on Going Without Goals

Leo Babauta on Going Without Goals

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. —Lao Tzu

Can you really go without goals?

Leo Babauta, having no goals, following your blissOn January 1st, I published an article where I boldly proclaimed that I was wasn’t making New Year’s resolutions but, that I would follow my bliss and intuition instead.

Fifteen minutes after pushing “publish,”  I was scratching my head wondering, “How the heck do I do this?”

How do I accomplish anything without having goals?

I decided I better speak with Leo Babauta, whom I had cited in the post as an example of someone successfully implementing this philosophy.

Thankfully, Leo spoke with me and I can now say, “I get it!” If you too find the concept of letting go of goals, yet still achieving confusing listen to this recording. (more…)

How to Make Your Flame Burn Brighter This Year

How to Make Your Flame Burn Brighter This Year

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. –Joseph Campbell

How to make your flame burn brighter this year

Goal free living, follow your intuition. follow your blissNew Year’s Day is when we start thinking of how we’d like our lives to be in the coming year.

We review our accomplishments and make resolutions.

Most resolutions don’t last very long

Studies show that most resolutions don’t last past the month of January. More than 77 percent of people who say they want to lose weight never do.

Why do we keep making resolutions?

We believe if we don’t set these goals we won’t accomplish anything at all.

This is what I’ve always believed about myself too. I’ve always been afraid I’d be a lazy do-nothing without goals to aspire too.

Changing the game plan

Leo Babauta has written extensively about not setting goals and going “goal-free.” As proponent of “following your intuition,” what some people might call their “bliss,” this appeals to me a great deal. I’ve just been too scared to do commit to it. (more…)

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