15 Tips On the Intuitive Path to Entrepreneurship

15 Tips On the Intuitive Path to Entrepreneurship

Journey to entrepreneurship

The path to successful entrepreneurship is not a straight road. It’s strewn with failed business ideas cast out to make room for new inspiration and innovation. It’s also a road that loops backward at times. Entrepreneurship is a journey and although the path is different for every entrepreneur there is one thing all successful entrepreneurs have in common; they stick with it. They have a fire burning inside that drives them to keep going despite the challenges.

The path is also paved with personal growth. You cannot fail to grow in your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. You will think you’ve latched on to the most marvelous idea and then months or perhaps years later find yourself losing interest and decide to move onto another venture. You mustn’t feel like a quitter – this is normal! To grow your business you must grow as well and that means letting go of old outworn versions of your business.

There’s also no map to follow to get to your destination in entrepreneurship and that’s why it stretches your intuitive muscle. The process aside from a some basic business knowledge is completely intuitive. Yes, you must have a service or program to sell. Yes, you must know who your audience is, how to find them and how market and sell it but, aside from that your gut is your best guide. Even Bill Gates has said of his own journey, “Often you have to rely on intuition.”

The path to entrepreneurship has many twists and turns. I began by offering services locally through word of mouth. I gave private intuitive readings and taught workshops in my home on creative visualization, law of attraction, success principles and meditation and made little to no money doing this but I didn’t care. I was learning.

When I was ready to spread my wings and reach more people I started a website and began building an audience to publicize my book. I continued to offer readings while I wrote more books on developing intuition and meditation and created products such as guided meditation albums and abundance training courses. This is when I finally began to see some monetary gains but not enough to leave the corporate world.

Later I created a program based on my book (The Intuition Principle) to teach students how to listen to their intuition and find their right path and right purpose in life. Once the course launched I was finally able to leave my job and my income started to grow. After offering the course though I felt I wasn’t finished yet, that there was still more I had to offer. I realized that I also wanted to teach entrepreneurs how to build a business. I created a course to show them how to attract clients and build a sustainable business. And then my practice evolved again when it finally dawned on me that I wanted to teach entrepreneurs how to overcome their fear of selling themselves, their services and programs based on my own successful experience in financial sales. Now, that I have a clear vision for my business I feel ready for the next chapter of growth – which is sure to come!

The journey is as unique as you are

We start our journey toward having our own business thinking we’re going to do one thing and we end up doing another. If you expect that your business will change and evolve and keep going eventually you will end up with a successful business you love. The trick is not to give up or give into the negative voices in your head telling you that you’re doing it wrong or that you’re never going to be a success. You must listen to the voice of your own inner wisdom, your intuition and you will get there.

Here’s a list of the top 15 tips on your intuitive journey to successful entrepreneurship:

  1. Accept that fear is going to accompany you on this journey. We will never completely banish fear in fact we need to have some fear in order to not do foolish things. But, fear doesn’t have to paralyze you. Feel the fear and step out of your comfort zone anyway. As you grow you’ll let go of old fears and new ones will crop up as you face new challenges.
  2. Be disciplined, create goals and have a good work ethic. Have goals and then work diligently toward achieving them. Do the things you would rather put off first, so that you can feel good about having done them. Write down your goals and review them often. If you don’t achieve one analyze it and look for where you could have course corrected. This is how you’ll learn and do it better next time.
  3. Keep moving forward and be decisive. Don’t let days go by when you do nothing waiting to decide. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months and before you know it you’ll have made no progress and you will give up. Don’t make this mistake. Make a decision and do something no matter how small every day. Decide that you won’t wait for the inspiration to do things – decide to them or you might be waiting a long time. When you keep moving there’s more of a chance of bumping into your good.
  4. Listen to that intuitive voice inside. Your intuition will inspire you with actionable ideas every day if you get into the habit of listening. Your business intuition enhances your success and says things like, “Email this person” or “Go to this event” or “Call so and so today and ask if they have any advice for you.” Do it. This is how those amazing coincidences occur that open incredible doors for you.
  5. Stay curious and open to creative new ideas. You do not have to stick with the first idea or version of your business. Allow your curiosity to lead you to research and investigate new ideas. If you’re more open and don’t think you know everything already you’ll always have a fresh supply of creativity at your fingertips.
  6. Expect to make mistakes. You are going to be wrong and that’s okay. As long as you expect it and then pick yourself right back up it’s nothing more than education on your journey of personal growth through business ownership. Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that do not work.”
  7. Banish perfectionism! You don’t have to be perfect so don’t strive for it. Getting things done and making continued progress is way better than trying to do things perfectly.
  8. Stop worrying what other people think of you. Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “What other people think of me is none of my business.” You can’t live your life worrying that people will think you’re crazy for doing what you’re doing or that you can’t do something ’cause someone else is doing it or it’s been done. Your opinion of yourself is the one that counts, plus no one can ever do things like you. You are unique and you’ll have your own twist on it.
  9. Do not compare yourself to others. This is the way many entrepreneurs knock themselves out of the game. They look at others and think they’re not good enough or making enough progress and they start to get down on themselves. There’s nothing good to be gained from the comparison game. It will sabotage you and stunt your business growth.
  10. Stay motivated and keep your spirits high. Rome wasn’t built in a day neither will your business. Read uplifting books. Don’t let yourself fall into feeling down about yourself ’cause it’s not happening fast enough. Yes, it’s hard to stay motivated when the money isn’t coming but if you keep moving forward you will get there.
  11. Chunk down projects into smaller tasks. Don’t make a huge list with gigantic accomplishments on it like, “Get to 10,000 subscribers” when you only have 500 people on your list. Tasks should be doable and not place undue stress on you. When you don’t take small steps and expect to leap yards in a day – you will feel let down when you don’t and then you might give up.
  12. Do go back to the drawing board. Going back to the drawing board isn’t a failure it’s how you evolve as an entrepreneur. Expect that you’re going to change and switch lanes ’cause you will. This way when you do you’ll only see it as your business becoming more laser focused on what’s perfectly suited to you – that’s all.
  13. Make building your business into a fun game. Don’t take it so seriously. Think of yourself as the hero in your game and your challenges as the arch rivals you have to defeat. Turning challenges into fun games has been shown to reduce stress and increase creative thinking! Having fun is actually good for you and your business.
  14. Celebrate your wins and reward your self. When you accomplish something don’t just say, “next!” Tell yourself that when you reach a certain goal you’re going to reward yourself. Think about what you went through and celebrate it. You deserve to recognize you. Don’t just give yourself lip service!
  15. Learn to say, “So what?” The most successful people learn how to let so called “rejection and failure” roll off their backs. You must do the same. Not everyone will like you nor will you succeed every time. The problem with most people is that they give up too soon. Don’t be one of those.

Getting to success as an entrepreneur is all about making the right decisions along the way and that requires the ability to trust yourself and your intuition. If you take these 15 tips to heart and keep going even when it’s tough you’ll get there. What are your tips on the successful path to entrepreneurship? Share them with us in the comments.

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What It’s Really Like to Be Intuitive AND An Entrepreneur

What It’s Really Like to Be Intuitive AND An Entrepreneur

Intuitive and an Entrepreneur

Coming out about being intuitive AND an entrepreneur…

When I was asked by my friend and colleague, RoseAnn Janzen to write about what it’s like to be intuitive AND an entrepreneur, I had to think before I decided if I wanted to share about this. It hasn’t always been easy for me to open up, not just because I’m an introvert but, because throughout my life when I did share my experiences I was told I had an overactive imagination or I was made to feel this was wrong.

After thinking it over, I realized it was important to share even if it pushed me out of my comfort zone. You see, being intuitive is what led me to become an entrepreneur in the first place and find my purpose. I’m happy about the result and I think sharing my experience might inspire other budding intuitives and entrepreneurs to follow their instincts too.

My experiences were met with doubt, skepticism and disapproval

No one believed me when I said there were people in my room at night who spoke to me. I had to deal with this from the age of 4 and I was very frightened by my nightly visitors. This caused a wicked fear of the dark where I had to sleep with a night light on until I was in my twenties.

My mother didn’t believe that I wasn’t just repeating gossip about an alcoholic neighbor when I told her he died of “liver disease.” I couldn’t tell her the “voice who talked to me” had told me ’cause I knew she wouldn’t believe me. So by the age of eight I had decided that it was best not to share what I saw and heard. This began a long stretch of keeping a part of myself hidden and many, many years of self-doubt. Did hearing voices mean I was crazy? Was I making this all up? Was I a “bad girl” as implied by my mom? Being doubted by my mother seriously undermined my confidence and led to my making many disastrous decisions because I didn’t trust myself. It was not a bed of roses to have this ability.

As an executive in the financial industry I never dared divulge the unorthodox way new business came to me. I was afraid my boss would think I wasn’t stable and I wouldn’t get any more promotions. This “voice” that was sometimes loud and bold and other times a whisper or more like an urge to do something, led me to pick up the phone and make appointments to get more business from certain clients or prospects at certain times when they were most receptive. When they answered the phone they’d say things like, “You know I was just thinking about calling you. I need a line of credit and….”

Your intuition can guide you in your life, business or career

It’s pretty much the same when it comes to being intuitive AND an entrepreneur. I let that “voice” guide me and I listen to it. It says things such as, “tackle this project, read this book or call this person and take this course or go to this event” and I do. When I’m working at my desk I sometimes hear my cat Punkin on his scratching pad even though, he’s been gone now over a year. It’s just another day at the office.

Sometimes, I feel an undeniable “pull” toward something for no explicable reason and other times I hear the voice very clearly. If I had to describe what it’s like to actually hear the “voice” I’d say that it speaks to me from over my right shoulder. I hear it mostly in my right ear and it can be very loud. Sometimes it startles me it’s so loud. The first time I saw, “The Wizard of Oz” on television I was 7 years old. I remember thinking, in that weird kid’s logic sort of way, ‘maybe it’s the voice of Oz?’ because it was loud and seemed to come out of nowhere just like the voice of the “Great and Powerful Oz.”

Once when the voice spoke very loudly my now ex-husband was standing nearby. Out of the clear blue I heard this command, “Go into the mortgage business!” I jumped when I heard it. My husband seeing me jump said, “What’s wrong?” I asked him if he’d heard anything and he shook his head, no. I’d always wondered if anyone else could hear it and finally I had my answer. I listened, left the world of wealth management behind and went into the mortgage biz for 15 years where I had a very successful run during the real estate boom.

It’s a big responsibility and sometimes a “cross to bear”

Sometimes, I hear things when I’m around people. “They lost a baby” or “She’s addicted to pills” and such. Sometimes I see things such as the image of a character from a movie super-imposed over a person’s face or body and I know that something similar to what happened to the character from the movie is going to happen to this person. This is difficult because often I have to ignore it. It’ll happen when I’m out somewhere, for example on the grocery check-out line. This produces a lot of anxiety; am I supposed to say something? What if I don’t and something bad happens or what if I do and they think I’m crazy? The bottom line is if there’s some opening or it’s appropriate to help I do but I never invade anyone’s privacy out in public.

As soon as a person knows about my ability they become very inquisitive too, which I totally understand. Human beings want answers, and I get that. Being constantly asked, “Do you see anything around me? Is there anyone here? Do you hear anything? Can you tell me anything?” is quite overwhelming. You don’t feel like you can just have a normal conversation with people because they’re expecting you to be Zolar the Magnificent. I have a dear friend who’s a medium too and she goes through the same thing…wherever she is people are constantly ask her to “do her thing.” This is another reason why it’s been difficult coping with this and I’ve tended to shy away from being more open about it.

I can’t always control when the voice speaks nor what it tells me. I can only assume when it speaks I’m to listen. There have been many times in my life when I wanted guidance and I got it wrong or it didn’t come. It’s not like I can put a quarter in and out pops the answer although, I wish it were. Now I can look back and see this was due to what I have learned and teach others; I was much too fearful and attached to one particular the outcome. That blocks intuition from coming through all together or you misinterpret it as what you want to hear. Now, I ask, wait and try to stay neutral about the outcome.

A few years ago, after the real estate bubble burst and I wasn’t making enough money I was contemplating whether to take a salary job or hang on in the mortgage business until I had finished producing my guided meditations album. As I locked the front door to take a walk I was thinking, “If I find a coin it means I should hang on and finish the album.” I started walking my usual route when the voice said, “Go left.” But I didn’t want to go left! That was the long way around and I only had a short time for my walk. I obeyed and went left. A block later I found a twenty dollar bill on the street. I took it as a huge sign to hang on and finish the album and I’m glad I did.

When I was younger I heard the voice more frequently especially as it pertained to other people, until I learned to take charge. In my twenties I read somewhere that you could say, “No! You don’t talk to me unless I say it’s time!” So that’s what I did and continue to do and it got much better after that. Now I hear the voice more often advising me about my own life – which is fine and what I teach people to do: use their intuition to guide them. I’ve trained the voice not speak to me about other people’s lives unless it’s an appropriate time and place…but it does break the rule every so often.

Intuition opens the door to Infinite Intelligence

The biggest impact being intuitive had on me was that it led me seek answers about life’s Big Questions from an early age and to begin doing yoga and meditating as a teenager in my quest for those answers. I was very curious about death and what came afterward. I knew that there must be more to life because of the people in my room at night but, before the Internet there were meager resources to get information. I scoured the public library taking out the few books I could find on spirits or telepathy. As I got older I amassed a huge personal library of books on the metaphysical topics I was so fascinated by.

My search for answers took me on a journey that led me to eventually found Powered by Intuition in 2010. Powered by Intuition began as a “dare” I made of myself. As an adult because of my lack of confidence in myself, I’d ignored my intuition many times and made many poor decisions in favor of what seemed “safe” or what I thought I was supposed to do. As a result I woke up one day very, very dissatisfied with my life. I had a hunch that if I were to listen to this inner voice rather than giving my power away to the outer voices of authority figures my life would change.

I decided to do an experiment with my life. Since up to this point not listening had put me on the “wrong” path I decided from now on I would do the opposite and make every decision by following my intuition instead. And, I would see what happened to my life by doing that. At that point I felt I had nothing to lose.

The outcome of a dare to do the opposite

The result of this crazy experiment was that I experienced many amazing synchronicities which led me to write “The Intuition Principle” in 2011 and to eventually become a full time entrepreneur. Listening to my own inner guidance bolstered my confidence so that I finally hit my stride. Since then I’ve gotten used to living what I call “an intuitively inspired life.” Personally, I now think it’s the most exciting way to live even if coming completely out of the intuitive closet is still something I struggle with. I sometimes feel like two different people…the creative intuitive and the rational business woman but I’m finally getting closer to integrating the two.

Being intuitive helps me in my life and business to be more positive because I know for sure, we are always being helped by our connection to Infinite Intelligence/higher self/soul/guides (I honestly don’t think it matters one bit what you call this intelligence).

Intuition is the intersection of creativity and genius

If you’ve been a reader of PBI for any length of time you know that I also believe that intuition is the intersection of creativity and genius. Intuition is where your most original and inspired ideas come from. It’s how we become thought-leaders. I believe that the most creative people are also intuitive and that’s why I think it’s an important ability to develop—to solve problems. Listening to intuition builds confidence and that leads to becoming leaders and being better at solving problems. We will never solve the world’s many problems unless we use intuitively inspired thinking. That’s my soapbox and that’s why I do what I do. I want to lift people from feeling insecure and afraid to expressing their true power so that they can step up and help make the world a better place.

We’re here to contribute to humanity and to do that we must learn how to become creative problem solvers. If you read “The Intuition Principle” you know I don’t think of intuitive ability as “entertainment” in fact, I bristle at that. Intuition is an under-valued human sense that can change the world and could stop the destruction of our planet because it is the greatest sense for fostering empathy. When you have empathy you cannot destroy life, you feel your “oneness” to it. The lack of empathy is why we humans are killing our own habitat. If you were to “tune-in” you would feel the pain of the conscious life force that’s screaming…so we rationalize to cut ourselves off from tuning in. We need more intuitively inspired leaders with the empathy to lovingly steward our planet and who unite humanity not divide us.

Never doubt that you’re always being intuitively guided by Infinite Intelligence

Each of us is always being guided and whether you are an intuitive person or an intuitive entrepreneur you have access to the guidance of Infinite Intelligence as well. Your intuition is the technology that makes it possible to tap into Infinite Intelligence. Always know that, trust it and know you are capable of doing great things. Don’t doubt that voice like I did. Start listening and you’ll find you meet with more fortunate coincidences and become much more self-confident and more empowered and, as you do your life will get better and your accomplishments will get bigger. You’re potential is unlimited and you do have all the answers inside if you just begin to trust that voice and follow it.

May you live with passion and purpose on your journey to your own exciting intuitively inspired life!

This post is part of a series on this topic inspired by RoseAnn Janzen of Reveal Your Life. Follow the series and read the next post….here.

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Entrepreneurs Intuition Questions Answered

Entrepreneurs Intuition Questions Answered

Entrepreneurs Intuition Questions Answered 

& Opening the Powered by Intuition Mailbag!

Intuitive Entrepreneur

Do you consider yourself an “intuitive entrepreneur?”

An intuitive entrepreneur isn’t necessarily someone who is in the business of intuition. An intuitive entrepreneur is a business owner who values their business intuition as a sense that can steer them in the right direction in their life and business.

I received a wonderful question from one such “intuitive entrepreneur.”

Question About Letting Go of a Client and Financial Security:

There’s a client I’ve had for nearly 5 years. She is on monthly retainer. For the past few months I’ve been wanting to not renew her contract. But I keep doing it because it’s regular income. BUT “something” was nagging me that I should not work with her anymore. Well, I saw her true colors recently. It was sad. I expected better from her. I ended up canceling her renewal afterwards. But I think if I had done it sooner I would have avoided the whole mess. If I had just paid attention to my intuition maybe we could have parted ways on a friendlier note. Would love to know how you avoid doubting your intuition when in this type of situation where trusting your intuition would affect your financial security. Financial security is a huge deal for entrepreneurs like me. –V. Koral


Dear V,

You need to listen to your gut and inner stirrings when they come up.

It’s your intuition saying you two are not a match for a mentor and mentee relationship.
I’m sure had you addressed it sooner you would have avoided the unpleasantness of what happened too.
I always think the best policy is honesty….to a degree that you don’t “hurt/wound the other person’s feelings” of course. Be gracious, kind and compassionate at all times – which I am sure you are.
Think of a way you can “let go of a client” that is not a good match for you that serves them and is for the highest good of both of you.
Should this ever come up again you might want to say that you think they would be better served by another coach because you want them to get the most from their coaching experience and you don’t feel you’re the right coach for them. You feel they need a different style than you can provide so in order to allow the Universe to bring them the right coach you want to get out of their way.
By the way, not everyone is a good match for you just because they are willing to pay you. You have to be aligned on the inside with your clients. This is a huge learning experience for you. Consider yourself lucky as you will not make the same mistake again. Now you know exactly how to identify when your intuition is trying to communicate with you and can use this knowledge in the future. That’s huge! To cement it in go back and review what you were feeling and what thoughts were running through your mind while this was happening. I would also include the “nagging feelings” you were getting to let her go as well. Doing so will create an intuitive benchmark for you to use that clearly and accurately points the way in your decision-making process that you can use from now on.
I understand about the need for financial security. Always know that when you make “space” for a new client that is exactly right for you – and create the intention – by telling the Universe what you want instead – you will get it.
When we hold onto paying clients for the financial security we are telling the Universe it doesn’t matter if the client is a match for us or not. And we will keep getting clients who “push our buttons.”
If you must let a client go again, (hopefully this won’t happen) tell the Universe precisely what kind of client you want instead….describe them in great detail. For example you might tell the Universe you want a client who is “coachable” and open to being guided to the transformation you provide. After describing what you do want release the client who is not a match by saying, “For the highest good of this client and for me I let them go so they find the right coach to work with who will lead them to the success they desire and deserve. Please fill in this time slot with a new client that I will love serving at the highest level.”
I hope this helps.
Have you ever ignored your intuition in your business or in your life? Did ignoring it lead to a blow up of some kind? What did you learn from this experience? Share with us in the comments.
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5 Intuitive Questions to Root Out Your Money Hang-ups

5 Intuitive Questions to Root Out Your Money Hang-ups

Success is not a destination Zig Ziglar

How to Use Your Intuition to Root Out Your Money Hang-ups

Has going from employee to entrepreneur been harder than you thought?

Are you finding it difficult to charge what you’re worth?

Are you surprised at not getting the results you expected?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you’re not alone in fact, you’re in good company. Most entrepreneurs suffer a shock to the system when they go from employee to entrepreneur. Self-employment brings up all the unresolved issues you have about your worth, deserving and ability to receive.  And, if possible it’s best to get these hang ups cleared out before you go solo.

Be prepared to suffer “growing pains” throughout the life cycle of your business. The truth is that in order for your business to grow you must also grow and develop the ability to achieve at higher levels. This means not only acquiring new business skills but the mental and emotional capacity to confidently be seen and take action on a bigger stage.

So how do you know if you have money hang-ups? If the money isn’t flowing in your business even though you’ve implemented all the right business and marketing strategies then it’s highly likely that money hang-ups are the culprits causing you to self-sabotage.

Money hang ups are tell tale signs that your internal growth hasn’t kept up with the challenges of your external growth and ambition. If the money you desire from all your efforts isn’t flowing into your business the first place to look is your internal beliefs around your worth, deserving and ability to receive. It doesn’t matter how much strategy you have under your belt either. Money hang ups do not discriminate on the bases of knowledge.

5 Questions to Intuitively Root out Your Money Hang ups

Instructions Step 1: Go somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed, take a few relaxing breaths and answer the following questions:

1. Do you feel there’s a mismatch between your plentiful education, training, certifications and what you’re earning?

2. Do you feel you should be farther ahead by now?

3. Are you applying all the right business and marketing tactics but still not getting the results you expect?

4. No matter how much you accomplish do you always focus on how much is still left to do?

5. Do you feel more comfortable giving (compliments/gifts) rather than being the recipient?

Go deeper with your intuition

Step 2: Record only the Yeses. Review each YES and ask yourself “Why?” As you do see what thoughts, feelings or memories come to mind. Go with the first thoughts, memories and associated feelings that come up. These will likely be big clues as to what the root of the problem is. When you work with intuition often your first thought is correct.

Change your story

Step 3: Once you have an intuitive feel for where your money hang ups are and what they are telling you change the story. Rewrite it with a better ending – the one you wish had happened. Forgive yourself for any mistakes you might have made. Look back with fresh eyes or perhaps through adult eyes if the memory was from childhood and see the truth about yourself as you are now, not the child you once were. Tell yourself now that you know better you’ll do better next time. Release your old story and free yourself.

Be an advocate for yourself

Step 4: Get clear on what needs to change in order for you to succeed. Ask  yourself what you’re tired of putting up with? Take a stand for yourself and your business and take action.

Do you lack business strategy and marketing skills? Hire a mentor to help you work on implementing those aspects of your business.

Could you do with some energy clearing to finally remove the money hang ups for good? Hire a mentor to help you eliminate the psychological obstacles blocking your path to your success.

Celebrate how far you’ve come!

Money hang ups aren’t the end of the world because they don’t have to be permanent. They’re red flags that point to what aspects of yourself still need work, compassion and TLC.

What did you discover about yourself? What aspects of yourself do you need to focus on in order to clear your money hang-ups?

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How to “Split the Atom” of Your Potential & Release Your Power

How to “Split the Atom” of Your Potential & Release Your Power

 Split the ATom of Your Potential

Want to reach the heights of success you’ve only dreamed of?


Make the decision to work with a mentor and watch what happens. I call this process “splitting the atom” of your potential. By saying “Yes” to a new opportunity you split the atom of your potential and release an enormous untapped power trapped inside of you. This power moves mountains and can reshape the topography of your life. Every human being possess this pure potential but sadly few utilize it. Instead it sits there until time goes by and one day it’s too late.

There isn’t a problem in your life that someone else hasn’t already been through

So many earnest and hardworking soulful practitioners think that if they just keep “soldiering through” whatever business challenge they’re facing that eventually they’ll overcome it. The problem with this way of thinking is if they do solve the problem at all it will take a very, very long time but it’s more likely they won’t solve the problem because they approach it with the same thinking that created it in the first place.

And that’s just sad.

The way to overcome your business challenge, or any problem for that matter, is to “split the atom” on your own potential and learn from a mentor. A mentor is someone who has successfully navigated through the same problem. Working with one releases your untapped potential.

My stubborn refusal to work with a mentor dragged down my business success for years. I thought I could do it on my own but I was wrong.

When I discovered the mentorship model my first thoughts where, “How simple! How elegant! Why did I waste so many years before I took this route?” Now I wouldn’t even consider not working with a mentor an option.

Take Intuitively Inspired Action

When you are offered a solution to a problem by a mentor who has successfully overcome what you are facing – grab it the moment feel the pull toward it. You must not think of it as spending money but investing money in yourself. This is an intuitively inspired moment where you are being given an opportunity to walk through a door to an alternate reality where your unleashed potential and success awaits you. Don’t let your thinking hold you back.

Allow yourself to act upon this inspiration because the door to this alternate reality remains open for just a few seconds. If you don’t go through it the door slams shut. When you slam the door shut on splitting the atom of your potential what’s really happening is that your fear is pulling you back to your cozy comfort zone where you feel “safe” and can continue playing small.

Don’t shortchange your success

A few ways that soulful entrepreneurs shortchange themselves is by thinking….

1. “I’ll go for the mentoring I need after I make the money in my business.” This is a huge illusion. If what you are doing now isn’t making you the money, where will this money come from or how many years are you willing to struggle and put off your success until you have it?

2. “I’ve tried other training programs and they don’t work for me.” Proper marketing and sales training work. People are making a good living using these methods. How can they not work for you? The only reason they wouldn’t is if you didn’t fully implement the training.

3. “I’ll just watch what this successful person does.” This is a big way to shortchange your success. You’ll never see all of what you need to learn from copying what successful entrepreneurs are doing whether it’s their emails or products and systems, etc. You’ll only meet with mediocre success and work way to hard for it by doing it this way.

4. “I’ll research it on online and get it all for free.” This is a scatter shot approach that will shortchange you in the end too. You will definitely be able to find most of the information online for free. The problem is that you’re likely to gather this information from a large assortment of successful mentors. What you’ll end up with is a collection of pieced together tactics rather than a seamless business system. And this too will having you working way to hard and take longer than working directly with a mentor.

5. “I’ll go for one off coaching instead.” You’ll never master a complete business system by going for on again off again coaching. Thinking you will just “pick the brain” of someone never works. You’re missing too many pieces because you don’t even know what you don’t know – so you don’t ask the right questions. This will slow your success way down too.

Do yourself a favor and stop shortchanging yourself. Jump in with both feet when you feel that pull toward an opportunity to work with a mentor. You will make back your investment in your training at lightening speed when you say “Yes” to yourself. So split the Atom on your potential and unleash your power and success by working with a mentor.

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How has studying with a mentor catapulted your success? Share with us.

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