Why Intuition & Raising Your Vibration Matter Now More Than Ever

Why Intuition & Raising Your Vibration Matter Now More Than Ever

Does the world feel upside down to you these days?

There’s so much fear and unrest since the inauguration of the new US president. One day the world was ‘normal’ and then the next day it wasn’t. This atmosphere is producing a lot of stress and anxiety because we don’t know what’s going to happen next and we don’t know how to deal with it.

The chaotic events of recent days have affected me too even though I’ve tried my best to stay neutral and centered. One minute I’m okay and then the next I feel myself pulled down into the negative emotions of fear, anxiety and despair about the future of our world. I know I’m not the only one that this is happening to which is I why I decided to address this.

We must keep try to keep our emotions in check

It’s vital that we rise above the lower levels of fear, anger, and resentment where these emotions can cause us to “react” rather than act consciously. When people react they say and do things they might not have done otherwise. All this ‘reacting’ causes other people to ‘react’ against them and that creates more negativity and an environment of anger and unrest. Keeping our emotions in check ensures we don’t become ensnared in all the drama.

Keeping our vibrations in the higher emotions allows us to remain in more neutral state where we can ‘choose how to act’ rather than ‘reacting out of fear or anger’ to our circumstances. In these tumultuous times our emotions are being assaulted by all that’s going on around us. The fears about our safety and security triggers the reptilian brain keeping us in a perpetual state of fight or flight.

To rise out of the continuous cycle of being triggered and having those shock waves of fear flood through your mind and body you must try to shield your self by turning inward and re-balancing your emotions. Re-balancing is bringing your emotions back to center after they’ve been jolted to one end of the spectrum or another. The fear and anxiety cause a wild swinging of emotions from one extreme to the other that make you feel out of control and off balance and lead to feeling disempowered.

When you feel disempowered you may also feel hopeless and helpless like a victim of circumstances beyond your control. The more disempowered you feel the more entrenched you become in this vicious cycle of wildly swinging emotions. And the less likely you are to take steps to reclaim your power and your life.

Why intuition and raising your vibration matter now more than ever.

What we need now more than ever is for people to be conscious, compassionate and empathetic. When people feel compassionate and empathetic they’re less likely to ‘react’ in ways that might hurt others. The way to stay above the fray and in the higher emotions of compassion and empathy is by connecting more frequently and more deeply to our intuition.

The more connected you are to your intuition the higher your vibration will be. Tuning into your intuition requires that you go within and listen to the “small still voice” rather than the din screaming for your attention on the outside. Going within, quieting the mind and listening has been proven in studies to increase compassion. There are studies that show how a certain part of the brain corresponding to compassion and empathy “lights up” during meditation. If you’re intent is to be a clear channel in order to receive guidance quieting the mind is a must. The more you practice the more your compassion center is awakened and nothing could be more important in the world right now than compassion and empathy.

Developing and fostering your intuition allows you to feel what other people are feeling. That means you feel their pain and suffering as if you were ONE because we are ONE. We are one living breathing organism. Our apparent separateness is an illusion. The life force energy that keeps my heart beating in my physical body isn’t separate from the life force energy in your body. The truth is we are not our bodies. We are that life force energy. The life force energy is known as Chi, Spirit, Greater Intelligence and God and other names. And we are all part of one energetic web of life in an around and through our planet and most likely beyond it.

Intuition is the technology through which we connect to this web of life. Getting still and listening to the stirring of our intuition is how we are guided toward the light of higher emotions that nurture and protect us. This is a time in history when we need more connection, kindness, compassion, and empathy then ever before.

Feel more love & be more loving toward one another

To climb out of the lower emotions and stay in the higher emotions we need to increase the amount of love we feel within us. There is no way to feel loving and angry or fearful at the same time. So we need to choose to feel loving and make that our intention.

Focus on others

One of the best ways to lift ourselves from the negative lower emotions is to focus on others. When we focus on helping other people we are automatically taken out of the lower emotions. We stop dwelling on our own fears and our heart center opens just a bit wider when we are doing for others.

We can focus on others by helping the people in our lives who need our help. We can also volunteer to help others through the many organizations that rely on volunteers to bring much needed services and goods to people. We can start groups or join groups dedicated to projects that do good works. We can also pray for others. There’s a myriad of ways we can focus on others and begin to take the focus off our own fears to feel empowered again.

It matters that we stay in the higher emotions more than ever now because we aren’t victims. We can feel empowered and there is hope for our world. There is always hope as long as we remain conscious and non-reactive. We can come together as a group and lift our vibration together and then use that higher energy to send love around the world to lift the vibration of the planet. Our collective intention can make a difference.

You’re invited to a raise your vibration group meditation

I’d like to invite you to participate in a group meditation to raise your vibration and the collective vibration to increase compassion and empathy in all the people of the world. If you’d like to do something to impact the world in a positive way and help yourself deal with what’s going on please join us. This group meditation to help you feel at peace and help the world be more peaceful.

I’ve joined my local ‘Indivisible’ group and we are planning on visiting our state representative’s office and participating in some upcoming events. But in the meantime I feel called to facilitate this meditation so that we impact things on the spiritual level as well.

Here’s the link to sign up and be notified of the group meditation: Click here.

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The Sensitive Person’s Guide to Being Your Own Valentine

The Sensitive Person’s Guide to Being Your Own Valentine

Highly sensitive person

The Sensitive Person’s Guide for How to Be Your Own Valentine

Are you a “sensitive” person? Then you probably need to learn how to be your own Valentine more than anyone.

Why do “sensitives” need to learn to be their own Valentine?

A “sensitive” is a person who is highly empathetic toward others. Your deep level of empathy makes you highly intuitive about the feelings others are experiencing. This tendency also makes you a natural at helping others but over time can draw you in to doing more and more to help others and less and less to help yourself.

This is why you need a guide to being your own Valentine.

Having such a highly developed sense of empathy is a double edged sword. You not only detect when someone around you is experiencing emotional pain you also begin to experience their feelings as your own.

Your sensitive and caring nature drives you to want to “fix” others. You want to alleviate their pain and discomfort by doing whatever you can to make things better for them. You become their personal cheerleader always making sure that you are “on” in order to steer their mood back from the negative to the positive.

A pattern of reacting to the needs of others 24/7 to the exclusion of your own needs will not only exhaust you but leave you little time for your own self-care.

The dark side of being a sensitive who has become a chronic caretaker is that you are always putting your own needs last.

See how many of these behaviors apply to you:

1. You rarely make time for yourself to do the things you enjoy.

2. You do not exercise regularly even though you want to.

3. You eat to soothe your emotions.

4. You do not make time to go within and meditate daily.

5. You constantly give in to the demands and schedules and needs of others.

6. Always go out of your way to help or fix things in the lives of others regardless of how busy you are.

7. You take on too much and say, “yes” when you really want to say, “no.”

8. You allow other people’s moods and negativity to manipulate your behavior and reactions.

9. You run your self ragged for others and feel overwhelmed a lot of the time but, you don’t want to appear selfish!

10. You desire and need “alone time” to recover from all that you give to others but rarely give this to yourself.

If you identified with five or more of these traits you are a highly sensitive person who needs to learn how to put yourself first and be your own Valentine!

Being your own Valentine means you nurture and take care of yourself as well as you do others. It means you make time to keep yourself emotionally, mentally and physically healthy. It also means you learn how to close up the gaping holes in your boundaries that allows others to overshadow you with their emotions. When you learn how to close up your porous boundaries you will no longer feel compelled to make other people’s problems your pet projects and you will have taken back the power to find fulfillment and direct your own life.

6 Steps for the Sensitive Person to take back their power and become their own Valentine:

1. Journal first thing in the morning or every night before sleeping. You must find a way to separate your own feelings from the feelings you’ve absorbed from other people in your life.

What emotions have you taken on from the people in your life that do not belong to you? For example, when “so and so” is angry how do you react? How has this affected your life? Write it out and use every expletive that comes to mind. Just make sure you get all the frustration on paper. This is how you will begin to reclaim what emotions belong to you and reject those that don’t.

(This is your private diary that no one will see so be sure to write an uncensored account of what you are feeling. If you are afraid that someone will find it, shred it or burn it after you are finished but do not hold back.)

The purpose of this step is to start to identify your own feelings apart from the emotions you absorbed from other people. You are not going to be able to take back your life and self-care until you understand what’s going on in you.

2. Create a new vision for you life. As hard as this may be you must take some time out for your self. You cannot continue to give to others if you are depleted.

Find some place where you will be undisturbed and can day-dream for a while. Or take a walk or even a ride in the car. Just make sure you have the privacy you need for this exercise. Ask yourself what you wish your life to look like and create your ideal day.

What time would you wake up? What would you do after waking. Where would you go, who would you be with and what activities would you participate in if you had the day to yourself? Follow this through for an entire day.

After you create your vision write a short version of it on an index card where you can re-read it every day.

3.  Identify two or three things from your daydream that you are not doing but in reality could do. For example say your daydream includes getting up early every day and going to a yoga or meditation class. It may also be a yearning for support from a group such as Weight Watchers. Perhaps you daydreamed about taking a luxurious bath each night, writing your novel or making time to paint.

Now that you are aware of two or three activities that you yearn to do pick the top one that appeals to you. (I’d start with the one that will give you the most immediate joy).

Make a promise and commitment to yourself that you will do that one – just one for now as an experiment to see how doing something for yourself impacts your life. Commit to following through with this activity for at least three weeks.

4. After three weeks review how following through on a promise to yourself made you feel. How did doing something for yourself impact your life? Make a list of what you have gained by doing this one activity for yourself. Sometimes it only takes doing one thing for ourselves to spring us out of the grip of catering to other people’s emotions.

For example, did it help you to be able to begin saying, “no” when you wanted to? Do you begin to feel more energetic and enthused about your life? Are you starting to see the possibilities that are available and to feel like your old self again?

5.  After 3 weeks add the second activity to your life that you identified in #3. You promised yourself, remember? Doing two things for yourself doesn’t make you selfish. (I know what you are thinking!).

What would happen if you fell through on every commitment you made in your life to others?

Would you still be employed? No.

Would you lose credibility with your family and friends?  Yes.

Would you lose respect for yourself? Yes you would. And, this is what happens when we put ourselves last and do not make ourselves a priority which is  what I mean by being your own Valentine.

6. Spend five minutes every day reveling in your day-dream. Take out your index card and re-read it. Close your eyes and recall the wonderful sense of freedom and joy this daydream brought to you. You can feel this way everyday. It only requires that you follow through on the promise you made to  yourself. Remember that the way you live one day is the way you live every day.

(An easy time to fit recalling your day-dream is when you are showering or brushing your teeth. The more you let yourself get into the day dream the more motivated you will be to continue to carry out your own self-care routine.)

I hope you decide to make yourself your own Valentine this year. Being a sensitive is a wonderful trait but you musn’t let it consume you.

Are you a sensitive? What activities or dreams have you let go of because of your compulsion to serve others first? What activities can you put back into your life to show that you are your own Valentine?

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This Valentine’s Day Open Your Intuitive Heart

This Valentine’s Day Open Your Intuitive Heart

The more love and care you send out toward a person or issue, the more you come into alignment with your spirit, and the more your intuition comes on-line. –Doc Childre and Howard Martin, HeartMath Solution

Did you know we each have two hearts?

The Intuitive heart, emathy, compassionOne heart that beats in our chest and an invisible one pulsing with light and love? I’m talking of course, of your “spiritual” heart. The spiritual heart is the center of love within each of us.

If you have ever watched your young child in a play at school and felt your chest fill and your eyes brim with tears of joy, these reactions were generated by the spiritual heart.

The intoxicating feeling of falling in love is also born from the spiritual heart.

And so is the compassion and empathy we feel when we reach out to embrace and comfort someone who is going through troubling times. (more…)

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