6 Tips to Recalling and Interpreting Dreams

6 Tips to Recalling and Interpreting Dreams

If perchance to dream… –William Shakespeare

Interpreting dreams, analyzing dream, dream interpretation, dream recallDreams can be a valuable source of information.

The two most valuable types of dreams are the intuitive guidance dream and the precognitive dream.

An intuitive guidance dream gives you an answer to a problem in your life and/or insight into a challenge your are facing in life.

A precognitive dream foretells of a future event.

Just recently I two such dreams in one night.

The first one was so unusual that I woke up from it, which is probably why I remembered it so vividly.

I was standing on the sidewalk when a car turned in from the street to a driveway. As the car stopped next to me waiting for the garage doors to go up, I saw a young man in his forties with a bandage on his head in the passenger seat. He turned to look at me. I was startled to see that his eyes were rolling around in his head.

An older silver-haired gentleman was driving the car. As the garage doors went up I saw there was an operating room set up at the back of the garage. In a “flash” I realized the silver haired man was a “Hannibal Lechter” type and he had been slowly cannibalizing this man’s brain. The older gentleman had been eying me while he waited for the doors to open. I suddenly thought, “I better get away from here before I become his next victim.” (more…)

Want Intuitive Guidance? Start Remembering your Dreams.

Want Intuitive Guidance? Start Remembering your Dreams.

Ever had a dream so vivid you’d swear it really happened?

Even if you had the dream years, and years ago – can you still recall it to this day?

There’s something so thrilling about having a dream and waking up and remembering it – isn’t there?

I’ve been recording my dreams since I was a teenager. Over the years I’ve trained myself to remember them because I’ve found they guide me by answering questions or addressing problems in my life. I’ve now gotten to the point where I can just tell myself that I want a dream to help me solve a particular problem in my life and I get it. But, even when I don’t ask for a particular dream answers come through even when they’re unsolicited.

One particularly vivid dream I had a few years ago comes to mind:

I was in the car with a client going to business meeting when I spotted my aunt – who’d passed away – on the sidewalk chatting with some people. I was elated to see her. I was going to stop to get out and visit with her, but decided against it due to having the client with me. My aunt saw me and excitedly began waiving me over, but I gave her a signal to wait for me and I’d be back. I needed to get to this business meeting. When I returned later my aunt was gone. My heart sank when I realized what a special opportunity I’d missed to spend time with my aunt.

Intuitive guidance comes through our dreams

I hadn’t asked for this dream but it made me see that my life was out of balance. I had been putting my job ahead of everything, and my passions and personal life suffered for it.

I took the message from my intuition in that dream very seriously. I understood that if I didn’t do what I really wanted in my life – the opportunities might not always be there. I decided I had to make time to write and stick to it – no matter what. I didn’t want to look back someday and say why didn’t I follow my heart?

The easiest way to begin honing your intuition is to start paying attention to your dreams

If you can’t remember the last time you had a dream then you’re missing out on an important way that intuition communicates with us. Everybody dreams, even those of who say they can’t remember them, and those of us who say they aren’t intuitive. Get into the habit of remembering your dreams and you’ll get the benefit of intuitive guidance.

Here’s a fool-proof way to remember your dreams:

1. Make sure you keep a pad and pen on your bedside table.

2. Set the alarm for a half hour earlier to have time to mull over your dream.

3. Create the intention to have a dream and recall it. Spend a few minutes before drifting off telling yourself that you want to have a dream, that you will have a dream and that you will readily and easily remember it. (you might have to do this over and over before it takes – but stick with it – it will work eventually)

4. DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES right away when you wake up. After turning off the alarm clock – DO NOT MOVE. Just lay still to allow the dream to stay on the surface of your mind.

5. Do not allow pets to distract you when you wake, or better yet keep them out of the bedroom.

6. WRITE DOWN the pertinent details before they sink back down to the depths of the subconscious. I cannot tell you how many times I thought I’d remember a dream and didn’t write it down, only to find it had vanished moments later.

7. Do meditate directly after getting out of bed. If you’re not a meditator don’t turn on the radio or TV or talk right after waking either. Silence allows further dream fragments to bubble up to the surface of awareness.

8. Now that you’ve recalled the dream try to see how it applies to your life.

Do you remember your dreams? If not, try this and let me know how it works for you. Did you get an answer to a problem you’ve been pondering? Do you need help interpreting your dream?  Share it. I’d be happy to help you.

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Flashbacks of 9/11?

Flashbacks of 9/11?

Cockpit view of Manhattan at 1,000 ft. altitud...
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We were walking two by two in the right hand lane of a road. Oddly, there were no cars coming in the other direction. The road was deserted except for the endless stretch of pairs of people ahead of me and behind me. In the distance a huge plume of smoke rose up high into the atmosphere from somewhere in Manhattan. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was eerily familiar.

It was deathly silent too. No one spoke on what appeared to be a lovely Spring afternoon. The police were standing shoulder to shoulder along the side of the road herding us like sheep toward the bridge. Suddenly, the silence was broken by the thunderous sound of military planes overhead. They were huge and flying quite low and they just kept coming and coming. I was terrified. Their numbers seemed to be in the thousands. A policeman seeing the fear on my face reached out and squeezed my hand as I walked by. The woman walking next to me, a childhood friend, reached for my hand and held it tight as we got closer to a bridge.

The bridge was a rusty metal structure. The only way to cross it was to climb up its side like a ladder then swing from the upper bars like a jungle-jim where you’d  then climb down the other side. My friend and I became separated by the throngs of people pushing to get ahead and get over the bridge. Some people couldn’t make it and perished. It was too physically challenging. Only the strong will survive, I thought.

This was the dream I had on February 2nd. I don’t quite know what to make of it. I was thinking it represented a barren business environment and the challenges of overcoming that, but I’m not really sure. I was quite upset by this dream. The plume of smoke reminded me of the plume from World Trade Towers that was visible for several days after they went down.

For three weeks prior to 9/11 every time a plane flew overhead – in my mind I heard a nosedive and then crashing sound. I thought I was losing it and becoming a morbid and horrid person until that Tuesday. Then I understood. Apparently, many many people had premonitions about that day. Now that the CIA has issued a warning about terrorists planning another attack in the next six months – I’m wondering whether I should take this more seriously?

Has anyone else had any weird dreams or premonitions?  If so, please leave a comment.

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Serenaded by Oprah

Serenaded by Oprah

Hush Little Baby
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We’re in the midst of a deep freeze in the Northeast with temperatures in the teens at night and only reaching a high around freezing in the daytime. To save on my gas bill I’ve been turning the thermostat way down which has been making it really hard to get up in the morning. After the alarm I stayed in bed to remember my dream (an excuse to remain huddled under two comforters and a fleece blanket a bit longer) but drifted back to sleep instead. When I woke up I’d had a more interesting dream than the one I’d been trying to remember.

In this dream I owned a retail store that was empty. There were rows and rows of glass display cases containing giftware and jewelry. I thought I heard snippets of conversation towards the back and walked over to see if it might be a customer I could help. As I approached I saw that the person speaking was Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah was leaning against one of the counters. She wore a gray wool jumper over a short puffy sleeved blouse with black ribbon woven through the eyelet border. It looked like something a young girl would wear, not a media mogul. Anyway, once I saw her I never noticed who she was speaking to although I knew this person was seated in a chair partially obscured by a tall display shelf. Then she leaned forward toward the person in the chair and began singing.

“Hush little baby don’t you cry Mama’s gonna buy you a mocking bird….”

Then Oprah looked over at me and then turned back to the other person and continued singing – which made me feel very self-conscious about standing there listening to her. I decided I should back away and respect her privacy. As I moved away a hoard of patrons appeared in the store and rushed forward to surround her eager to hear the star singing. I was suddenly the only one not near enough to see or hear her. I felt very disappointed at giving up my ringside seat to this private concert.

The night before I’d asked for a dream to show me if I was on track with my goals. Thinking about the dream, I realized that Oprah was dressed like a girl which made her more approachable. She also didn’t tell me to leave when she was singing to that other person – I made that decision. It also occurred to me that my shop must have had something to offer Oprah or she wouldn’t have been there. So, I believe my dream was saying that I won’t be on track until I learn to value what I have to offer, stop second guessing myself, be more gutsy about promoting myself, and open to accepting opportunities that come my way. I think I have a lot of work to do….

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