How to Get Intuitive Guidance from Your Dreams (6 tips)

How to Get Intuitive Guidance from Your Dreams (6 tips)

Dreams are a rich source of intuitive guidance Dreams are a valuable source of  intuitive guidance.

Dreams are an easy way to begin accessing your intuitive wisdom. No one has to teach you how to go to sleep or how to have a dream. You’re already an expert. There’s only one thing to master and that is recalling your dream.

The two most valuable types of dreams are the intuitive guidance dream and the precognitive dream.

An intuitive guidance dream gives you an answer to a problem in your life and/or insight into a challenge your are facing in life.

A precognitive dream foretells of a future event.

Just recently I two such dreams in one night.

The first one was so unusual that I woke up from it, which is probably why I remembered it so vividly.

I was standing on the sidewalk when a car turned in from the street to a driveway. As the car stopped next to me waiting for the garage doors to go up, I saw a young man in his forties with a bandage on his head in the passenger seat. He turned to look at me. I was startled to see that his eyes were rolling around in his head.

An older silver-haired gentleman was driving the car. As the garage doors went up I saw there was an operating room set up at the back of the garage. In a “flash” I realized the silver haired man was a “Hannibal Lechter” type and he had been slowly cannibalizing this man’s brain. The older gentleman had been eying me while he waited for the doors to open. I suddenly thought, “I better get away from here before I become his next victim.” (more…)

Precognition: Interpreting Dreams that Go Outside the Box

Precognition: Interpreting Dreams that Go Outside the Box

Precognitive Dreams

Precognition: Interpreting Dreams that Go Outside the Box

by guest author Sandra Bell Kirchman

When I was little, my mom, dad, and I lived at Wood Buffalo Park, a Canadian national game preserve in the Northwest Territories. The night before we were to take the carryall sled, pulled by our team of huskies 52 miles from my dad’s park ranger station/house to Fort Smith, my mom had a dream. In her dream, which she said was as real to her as if she were watching a movie, when we got to the Salt Flats about 25 miles from Fort Smith, by some fluke of nature the plains were bare of snow.

My dad had a lot of faith in Mom’s dreams and dream interpretation, because she had been right before and she believed in them. Even though this dream involved cooperation with his fellow park rangers and the strong possibility of getting laughed at, Dad phoned and arranged for someone with a truck to meet us at the near side (of us) on the Salt Flats.

He teased Mom all the way to there about her quirky dreams and how he was going to tell the fellows that it was all her fault. When we got to the Salt Flats, though, he stopped teasing. They were bone dry, without a flake of snow, and there, waiting for us, was the promised truck. The guys in the truck weren’t laughing either.

From Dreams to The Generous Nature of Spirit

My mom’s dream interpretation and dreaming abilities filled me with admiration, which prompted me as an adult to take some courses in unfolding my own psychic nature. These psychic development courses focused on the fact that everyone is psychic and all you need to do is practice working with your abilities until they become second nature to you. Then you can use them as tools in your everyday life.

I had been traveling for quite a while across Canada and the U.S., presenting some of the psychic development courses I had learned and, in the course of my travels, came to Ottawa to present just such another program. A friend of mine, also in the same organization, drove with me downtown for lunch before a TV interview of me about the upcoming lecture and series of courses.

I had been in Ottawa before, and downtown was no place to be at lunchtime if you could help it. Parking was impossible, even paid parking, never mind on-the-street parking. This issue made me uncomfortable, since we couldn’t take too long for lunch because of the fixed time for the interview. To sidestep the problem, I concentrated briefly on the area where we were eating lunch and visualized a lovely parking spot just waiting there for us. I did it with a lot of feeling, so I was not surprised to find a spot a few doors down from the restaurant. What did astonish me was the fact that there was another parking spot right behind it. Unheard of! I quickly took the one spot, then turned to my friend. Amazement was scribbled all over her face.

We sat in awed silence for a couple of seconds before it dawned on us what had happened. A long-time Ottawa resident, my friend was fully aware of the noon parking crunch in the downtown area. Therefore, she had done the same as me to avoid the issue. Generously, Spirit obliged each of us, even though we only needed one spot. That was sweet really; otherwise, we both might have thought that we had failed and it was the other one who had secured the spot.

Lunch was a success, and so was the TV interview.

Have you ever had a precognitive dream? Or, have you focused your attention on something and had it manifest spontaneously ? Share your story with us in the comments.

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Mother’s Day: Make Peace with Your Mother

Mother’s Day: Make Peace with Your Mother

“My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.” –George Washington

Mother's Day

Do you wince when someone says, “My mother is my best friend. We talk everyday and do everything together?” Wish things were different between the two of you?

If so, this post is for you.

This Mother’s Day make peace with your mother. 

For the last several weeks I had asked my intuition for a dream with an answer to a decision I had been grappling with regarding the care taking of my mother. If the situation continues to be intolerable do I stay or do I go?

I had a dream that my mother passed. I was filled with regret that I hadn’t made peace with her before it was too late.

In this the dream I received a flash of intuition with the intuitive insight that she had spent her entire life reacting out of her own pain, and that it had been anything but her intention to be so hurtful.

We had been locked in a dance of egos….if only one of us had the courage to rise above the ego things might have ended differently.

When I awoke from my intuitive dream I understood that we are here to love one another at the soul level despite human  flaws.

Neither of us is perfect. It is time to end the perpetual sparring match. Time to change my thinking.

While I didn’t get the answer I expected or needed my intuition had given me a clear message:

Make peace with your mother. Do it now before it’s too late.

Love is all that matters. Wounds, hurts and bruises dim the light of love for as long as you allow them to. Make the effort to wipe them away as often as necessary by forgiving and you will see that the light never stopped shining.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, daughters and sons included. Here’s to hoping you can make peace. 

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I’m honored to be part of Lisa Claudia Brigg’s Wise Woman Council.

Wise Woman Council
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The Top 10 Signs Your Intuition is More Developed Than You Think

The Top 10 Signs Your Intuition is More Developed Than You Think

Do you know the top 10 ten signs that your intuition is more developed than you think?

Are you wondering whether you might be highly intuitive?

Am I intuitive?People visiting Powered by Intuition for the first time take the Intuition Quotient test and are surprised at how high their scores are.

The fact is, most people are intuitive and — much more intuitive than they believe. There are common signs that appear throughout the life of intuitive individuals. Each of them is a “calling card” trying to get your attention.

Here are the top 10 signs that you might be highly intuitive:

1. Do you feel drawn to learn more about the workings of intuition? Does the idea of developing your intuition appeal to you? You (more…)

Developing Intuition, Identifying Intuition and Getting Unstuck too!

Developing Intuition, Identifying Intuition and Getting Unstuck too!

Knowledge has three degrees — opinion, science, illumination. The means or instrument of the first is sense; of the second, dialectic; of the third, intuition. –Plotinus

Questions on intuition developmentToday, I am sharing three brilliant questions on intuition development from readers.

Even if you don’t see your exact intuition development question here you’re sure to find an answer that will apply to your own situation.

1. My life feels stuck. I need change now but, nothing seems to be happening. How can I get guidance from my intuition as to what to do to  get my life moving again?

If you’re life is ‘stuck” and you feel you “need” answers now the best thing to do is to relax as much as possible about it.

The more stressed out and emotional you are over a problem the more difficult you make hearing your inner guidance.

The solution will come when you relax and take your mind off the problem.
Go for walks in nature or do anything that takes your mind off the feeling of being stuck.

Before you go to bed tell yourself that you want an answer to this problem.

Give yourself one week to either have a dream in which the answer comes to you or to discover the solution during the day through a “sign.” Read “Navigating by Intuition” to learn how to identify these hidden signposts. (more…)

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