Why Don’t I Trust My Intuition?

Why Don’t I Trust My Intuition?

Women not trusting her intuition

Why don’t I trust my intuition?

This is a question I hear a lot from students who are developing their intuition.

Most recently I heard it from a woman who found out her husband was being unfaithful. When she learned the truth she said she knew it all along but didn’t trust her gut.

Intuition development is like any other skill you set out to acquire in life.

It takes practice.

You can’t expect to play like Tiger Woods after one golf lesson, can you?

It takes dedication and years of practice to get to his level.

I spent decades ignoring my own intuition even when I easily heard it for other people and confidently offered my advice.

It’s all about getting comfortable with your own power and confident in yourself. That’s why in my book, “The Intuition Principle” I cite increased confidence as one of the greatest benefits of developing your intuition.

You’ll learn to trust your intuition when you make listening to it an important part of your decision making process and subsequently follow its guidance.

The more you listen and the more success you have listening to it the more you’ll trust it.

There are valid reasons why you don’t trust your intuition.

I covered this in “The Intuition Principle” but here’s a few of the basic reasons:

  • You were raised by controlling parents who never allowed you to make your own decisions.
  • You were ridiculed or undermined when you made a decision on your own.
  • You weren’t supported when you  made a decision on your own.

Here are a few tips on how to engage your intuition and practice on a daily basis:

1. Test yourself throughout the day by “guessing” what a friend will be wearing when you meet her later.

2. Before you get on a grocery checkout line stop and check your gut for which line is going to move the fastest.

3. While driving to work ask yourself if you should take the “normal” route or vary it because of traffic?

4. Before getting to a busy intersection ask yourself if the light will be green or red?

5. On your way to the coffee shop ask yourself if you’re going to see someone you know?

These are simple questions you can ask or you can make up your own little tests too. The simpler the test the better it is because there is nothing at stake here. It’s not a life or death thing so you’re not going to tense up and shut down your intuition. Just relax go with your first impression. You’ll see within a few minutes if you’re right or wrong. The more you do this the better you’ll get and this will help you begin to trust your intuition.

Are you ready to begin to trust your intuition?

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