Dig Deep & Unearth the Roots of Your Creative Genius

Dig Deep & Unearth the Roots of Your Creative Genius

You have to dig deep to unearth the roots of your creative genius but it’s worth it.

Digging Deep by Fran Sorin


Today I’m celebrating the 10th anniversary of Fran Sorin’s groundbreaking book, “Digging Deep.”

I loved “Digging Deep” and can’t recommend it enough if you are searching for the roots of your own creative genius.

The updated 10th Anniversary Edition of Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening is a powerfully uplifting and transformative self-help book for the creatively and spiritually challenged. Overflowing with tips, exercises, and resources, Fran shares the lessons she’s learned from gardening over the past thirty years. If you’re yearning to cultivate more meaning and connection in life, the 7 Stages of Creative Awakening mapped out in the book will help you extinguish the stifling inner voice that says, “I’m not creative,” and replace it with strategies that will help you harness your instincts and live a life filled with joy and creativity.

1. What inspired you to write Digging Deep?
I was on all fours in the garden weeding one day when out of the blue, I realized that the transcendent state that I frequently experienced in the garden was similar to what I used to experience while playing the piano throughout my childhood and into adulthood. It is what Maslow calls ‘peak experience. It is this sweet spot—where you lose any self criticism or restraint, let your imagination run wild, take risks, improvise, and play – all the while being mindful of what you’re doing. This extraordinary state of being is where your creativity has an opportunity to jump in and take over.

Once I put the pieces together, the light bulb went off: I saw that this is how I had been creating my gardens for the past several years and wanted to share my passion for the creative process in the garden- and life- with others.

2. In Digging Deep you ask the question, “What does it mean to be creative?” So let me ask you, “What does it mean?”
Creativity is simply the energy of making something new where there was nothing before. We have the potential to do this in so many unmarked ways—from designing our schedules to fashioning our ‘look’, writing birthday cards, to building a business from the ground up. Lawyers create arguments, decorators create ambiance, and parents create everything from learning to a sense of wonder. Every time we get dressed, make dinner, or wrap a gift, we can be creative. In almost everything we do in life, we have the possibility of conjuring up the spirit of inspiration, imagination, innovation, and resourcefulness.

Creativity is not something we do; it’s something we embody. I believe the ultimate goal is not to be more creative, but to learn how to live creatively.

3. What would you say to someone who thinks they’re not creative?
The first thing I would do is ask them why they feel that way. And then I would listen to their story of why they are living with this ‘non-truth’.
I would then ask them to share a time with me in their childhood when they remember using their imagination and being creative. It could be acting in a play, designing their own Halloween costume, decorating an Easter egg—children are so naturally creative that when a person starts remembering wonderful times from their childhood, some awareness of the ‘playful self’ begins to break through.

Once the ice is broken and an individual opens up, there’s an opportunity for them to look at how they may already be creative in certain areas of their life that they’re not even aware of. It also allows for an opening to discuss ways that they might want to awaken their senses and learn more about living creatively.

And finally, I would leave them with the following: that even if they don’t think they’re creative, every day remind themselves that they are. Write some affirmations and place them around the house and work place about your creative essence…..something simple like “Every day I am creating a joyful and beautiful life.”

4. In Digging Deep you talk about the 7 Stages of Creative Awakening. Could you tell us a little bit about them?
Sure. The 7 Stages of Creative Awakening is a term I developed that leads someone step by step through what I consider to be the creative process. The stages are: Imagining, Envisioning, Planning, Planting, Tending, Enjoying, and Completing. Although I developed them with the garden in mind, in truth, they can be used in all areas of life.

For example, Stage One is Imagining: The Sparks of Creativity. Within the framework of that one stage are chapters on Observing, Discovering, Remembering, Exploring, Opening to Possibility, and Playing. In each chapter, I break down the behavior being discussed, share personal stories, and include hands-on-exercises so that the reader can begin practicing and integrating these new elements into their daily life. I call it exercising your ‘creativity muscles’.

5. What simple steps can someone take, right now, to be more creative in their daily life, as well as in their garden?
I would suggest that you do something new every day. I use a phrase ‘Try it new.’ If you’re used to driving to work one way, go another. If you ask your kids the same questions every day after school, come up with some new questions (believe me, they’ll be surprised). If you’re in the habit of dressing conservatively at work because you think you should—well, gosh darn it, go out and buy the purple silk scarf or bright red tie that you’ve been yearning for and wear it—with a big smile on your face.

Make a pact with yourself that you’re going to do something new every day and follow through on it. It doesn’t have to be a big thing at all. But bit by bit, day by day, the small changes add up.


Digging Deep Book cover

FRAN SORIN is the Author of Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening – Special 10th Anniversary Edition. Fran is a Renowned Gardening Expert, Passionate Gardener, Deep Ecologist, Inspirational Speaker, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Soul Tending Coach, and CBS Radio News Contributor. CONTACT INFO: For Media Queries & Event/Booking Info Email: Fran.Sorin@gmail.com  Visit her website at: www.FranSorin.com

When Obstacles Arise don’t Give Up – Use Your Intuition to Rise Above Them!

When Obstacles Arise don’t Give Up – Use Your Intuition to Rise Above Them!

Getting to the solution & goal

When obstacles arise don’t give up – use your intuition to rise above them!

I believe we are never given more than we can handle.

When obstacles arise on the path the solution is to find a way around them.

Einstein wisely says in a famous quote:

“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”

It’s true.

When we are stumped by problems we need to use a different type of thought process that’s outside the box.

We cannot keep looking at the problem over and over and thinking we’re going to get the answer. Say for example, you’re looking for a way out of your  job.

You’ve tried everything; getting certified in another area and transferring to a different department and that worked for a while…..

You went back to school to earn another degree and changed professions and companies…..and that too worked for a while.

You’ve looked at online businesses and started something online but it’s been frustrating and unfruitful.

But eventually after the novelty wears off you are always back at square one; not happy and looking for a way out.

Substitute whatever problem you want there but the bottom line is that if you keep staring the problem in the face you’ll never figure the way out of it.

You must access a higher level of thinking and rise above the problem so you can go around it.

The way to access this higher perspective is by connecting to your intuition.

Let’s face it your brain is a receptacle. It only holds information that you’ve acquired and stored there. Think of it as a “memory stick” you carry around in your skull.

You wouldn’t expect to get information off of your memory stick that you hadn’t downloaded onto it, would you?

This same principle applies to your brain.

You’re looking for answers that do not exist in your memory banks.

You’ve got tap into Greater Intelligence via your intuition to get your breakthrough idea.

You’re intuition is where genius resides. Intuitive thinking is the thinking process that visionaries and innovators use.

Think people like Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison. These visionaries thought outside the box and knew how to solve problems.

If you want to generate ideas and solutions like a genius you must learn how to tap into your intuition.

Intuitive thinking is a totally different process. The answers you will get will likely surprise you too! They are usually much more creative solutions.

Here’s how you can generate solutions to obstacles so you can go around them:

1. Quiet time is an absolute must. Call it meditation, reflection, relaxation; it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you disconnect from the problem and stop thinking about it. I recommend meditation. It quiets the mind by slowing your thinking and allows for a “space between” your thoughts to emerge. It is in the quiet space that ideas and solutions can be downloaded from Greater Intelligence that will solve your problem.

2. Explore nature. Get outside and go for a walk or a hike in a beautiful natural setting. Focus on the sounds of nature such as birds chirping, ocean waves or running water of a stream. This will calm you and you’ll stop thinking about your problem. It will have the same effect as meditation by slowing the thoughts and quieting the mind so you can download the solution.

3. Do something out of the ordinary. Take time off. Go somewhere  new you’ve never been and immerse yourself in the experience. Go to see a play or musical theater production. Pack your bags and visit a town with interesting history for a weekend and explore. Being away from the problem will also allow your mind to calm down enough to receive the download of information you need.

4. Reverse engineering. Review the “desired outcome” for the goal you are now having problems achieving. Go back to the beginning and write a different set of steps you could have used to get to the end goal. Try to generate 5 different ways of arriving at the outcome. Keep asking yourself, “What else could I do here?” While you’re doing this you’ll probably unearth a strategy you can apply to now go around the problem.

If nothing comes give yourself a break by walking away, resting and or and spending time puttering doing something like cleaning or gardening. Then come back to this exercise later and try again  until you do generate 5 other ways to get there.

(Set the goal for five different strategies but you’ll probably come up with the answer sooner).

5. Sleep on it. Give yourself a directive just before bed that you want the solution to the problem to be handed to you via a dream. Solidify the intention by placing a pad & pen on your nightstand where you can jot the highlights of the dream down immediately upon waking. Repeat this intention each night for as  many nights as it takes to get the solution and you will get it. (I have noticed that planting this intention produces either a dream within a few nights or that I encounter the answer when I’m awake during that same period. It’s the intention to be open to receiving the solution that makes you receptive to getting the answer during your waking hours.)

Try a few or all of these solutions to see which one works best for you.

Have you ever thought to use your intuition to rise above or go around obstacles? What happened? What surprised you?

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 Free Intuition Training


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Intuition is Intelligence for Your Life

Intuition is Intelligence for Your Life

Intuition is intelligence for your life.

Unlocking Dreams

Intuition is so simple yet we continually complicate it.

Intuition is that little  voice you hear when you are getting ready to go out that says, “Take the umbrella.”

And, it’s the internal pull you feel toward befriending one single solitary person when in a room full of people.

It is also the sickening sense you get when you know you’ve been betrayed even before the facts come out.

Intuition is a form of intelligence.

And just what is intelligence? Intelligence is the ability to understand and use information to navigate your life.

Intuition tells us it’s going to rain before we listen to the weather, that someone across the room is going to become your new best friend or future mate or that someone has lied and betrayed you.

This is useful information for your life. And that’s just what your intuition is there for, to give you useful information about your life.

So, why do we complicate intuition?

We mix up intuition with psychism, and mediumistic phenomena and speak about it all in the same breath when in reality the three are very different. Psychism goes beyond the self to gather information about others. Mediumiship is communication with discarnate beings.

While not everyone is a psychic or a medium, everyone is intuitive. Our non-stop busy world is full of distractions that make it easy to overlook these subtle pieces of information. Intuition flashes through the mind so quickly that if we don’t train ourselves to listen or become aware of our bodily reactions we quickly forget them and move on to the next thing.

If you listen to your internal voice, become aware of your gut reactions (that pull toward or feeling of aversion) which is how your body communicates you will be equipped with more information with which to make better decisions and choices in your life; even if it is simply that you don’t get caught in a downpour because you left your umbrella at home.  That’s what I try to get across on Powered by Intuition.

Intuition enhances your life

Developing your intuition enhances your life by providing you with more information than meets the eye in every situation. When you have the inside track on things you make the right decisions for your life and far fewer mistakes.

Fewer mistakes mean more success! You will successfully discover your true calling in life, your right mate, your true friends and whom to avoid, the right business venture, the right time to move forward with something and when to wait and on and on and on.

This is the gift of receiving intuitive insight in situations.

Develop your intuition

To develop your intuition is simple because you are already getting information intuitively all the time. You just haven’t been trained to focus upon them.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Create an intention to become aware of your intuition. Simply tell yourself that you want to become more intuitive – that is creating an intention. Remind yourself of this everyday.

2. Use an affirmation to keep yourself focused. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. A simple affirmation such as, “My intuition now comes through to me loud and clear” is enough. Repeat it often throughout the day. The more you instill the belief the more your intuition will come through!

3. Stay present. Don’t think too much about it. When you have a gut feeling don’t analyze it to death! If you hear a thought that stands out in your mind – go with it. Over thinking is the kiss of death when it comes to intuition.

People write to me all the time with questions on how to know the difference between intuition, instinct, imagination, rational thought and the ego all the time. I put the answers to their questions in a book titled, “The Intuition Answer Book.” Click here to find the book on Amazon.

Here’s a valuable tip: Your intuition feels right from the get-go. If you have to think about it too much it’s not your intuition.

4. Take action. Follow your hunch and take your umbrella. Pick up the phone and call that former colleague when the thought comes to you. Don’t divulge too much information to that person you think is shady.

5. Record your intuitive process. Keep an intuition journal. Any simple pad or notebook will do. Write down the thoughts, hunches and gut feeling you had and what actions you took or whatever transpired afterward. Recording your intuitive insights is another way to strengthen your intention to become more intuitive. It also enforces the belief that you are intuitive and allows you to see in black and white just how intuitive you really are.

This is the most powerful step of all. If you do nothing but step 5 your intuition will flourish.

The more you see how intuitive you are and how following intuitive guidance leads to better outcomes in your life the more intuitive and in turn successful you will be – in every area of your life.

Do you allow your intuition to lead you in life? If not, what’s stopping you? What are your greatest challenges and questions about using your intuition?

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– See more at: https://www.poweredbyintuition.com/2012/05/28/25-ways-you-are-using-your-intuition-in-daily-life-but-may-not-know-it/#sthash.C4T7oG8q.dpuf

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How To Use MindMapping To Stay Creative & Intuitive Everyday

How To Use MindMapping To Stay Creative & Intuitive Everyday

How To Use MindMapping To Stay Creative & Intuitive Everyday

How to Create a Mind Map

By guest contributor Virginia Cunningham.

Humans are by nature creative. Sometimes, however, we need a little help to unlock our true artistic potential.

Using mind mapping can not only help you get a clearer picture of your ideas, it can also encourage you to focus and expand on those ideas. As an enhancing tool – mind mapping enhances your creativity, your intuition and problem solving skills. On top of all of that, it enables you to better understand yourself and your strengths.

Essentially, mind mapping is a technique that uses a diagram to map out information in a visual manner, in which there is a main category in the center of the map, branching out into subcategories in a hierarchical form.

Thus, you can relate and group information together efficiently; it is a structural format to force you to think outside of the box. As it is visual, it keeps you engaged to concentrate on your thoughts.

Mind mapping is a great way to brainstorm, organize and keep track of goals and objectives, and make those artistic connections.They can spark breakthrough ideas and intuitive connections of where content should be and how content relates – you can visually see if your thoughts are in the right place.

Sometimes your mind doesn’t follow the conventional way to solve a problem; however, at times, following the norm can become repetitive and mundane. If your gut or intuition tells you to do something in a different and innovative way, perhaps you should follow that instinct.

With the help of a mind map, we can better understand our ideas and develop solutions. In understanding our ideas, we learn and know more about ourselves and our place in life.

Just like our intuition, sometimes our creativity can be elusive because we don’t pay attention to it or use it often enough. Your creative spirit may be dormant; however, you can awaken it through the use of a mind map.

How to Mind Map2

A mind map can help you obtain a better grasp of your creativity, pull experiences from the past and present, and utilize your overall physical, mental and emotional resources. The end result of your mind map focuses on the roots in your intuition – your creativity and intuition combined provide you with that unique angle and approach to your work to creatively solve problems in your life.

With a mind map, you can take a moment to look at a visual depiction of your thoughts, make sense of it and pay more attention to the right side of the brain we refer to as the more creative and intuitive side of our brain that we tend to ignore.

A mind map is a creative connection of the intangible to the tangible. Mind maps provide visual confirmation to the thoughts running through your mind. When you flex your creative muscles, you put your feelings to paper and your perceptions are expanded. You can step away or hone in on external stimuli and turn random thoughts into an actual process.

Use a mind map everyday when sorting out thoughts to serve as a visual guide to the connection between your creativity, your intuition and intuitive guidance. Creativity and intuition are linked so, working with a mind map will not only help expand your creativity it will also help you to develop your intuition as well.

What tools and techniques do you use to enhance your creativity? If you’ve tried mindmapping how has it worked out for you?

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P.S. Easily enhance your creativity by developing your intuition: Click here!

Virginia Cunningham is a freelance writer from California whose writing covers a range of different topics, including health and supplements, dining and travel and business and marketing.

Photo credit: flickr.com/commons

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13 Examples of Intuition in Everyday Life from Top Creatives

13 Examples of Intuition in Everyday Life from Top Creatives

“Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.” –Frances Scovel Shinn

Flash of intuition

Intuition is not reserved for the chosen few.

Everyone is intuitive and each of us has had at least one experience where we had a gut feeling or heard our intuition guiding us in a particular situation.

Intuition is a higher form of instinct.

This sense was built into us primarily to keep us safe to ensure the propagation of our species but has since evolved.

Your body continually senses what is in your environment even if you aren’t consciously aware of it.

Can you imagine how important it was for our ancient ancestors to “sense” that danger was lurking in the jungles; to feel the hair stand up on the back of the neck and slowly turn to see a huge saber-tooth tiger crouching in the bush?

Many of  us have learned from our mistakes that when we don’t listen to our intuition we regret it later. I like to say that:

Ignoring intuition is a lot like touching a hot stove: You need only get burned once to know that ignoring your intuition is NOT a good idea!

If you’re not clear on how intuitive guidance works or how to recognize your intuition read on.

These examples of what I call “everyday intuition” will give you a very clear idea of how your intuition guides you with your home, friends and family, ensures your safety and in business with business intuition in “everyday life.”

13 Examples of Everyday Intuition from Top Creatives:

Home, Friends and Family


A few months ago a neighbor approached us about selling our house.  Although our house was not for  sale, we were very happy to listen to his proposal until he told us what he was willing to pay.  
He started thousands of dollars less than our house was worth. He proceeded to tell us all that was wrong with our house.  It was very negative and upsetting.  Why would he want our house if there was so much wrong with it? 
My intuition told me to call a realtor friend.  We found out that our house was worth even more than we thought.  Our neighbor was just trying to get a deal.  My husband and I talked about putting it up on the market.  Again, we hadn’t planned on selling but I had a gut feeling which said, “Let’s go for it.”  I knew that if we did we would be putting the wheels of the universe into motion.

So we did!  It sold the day after it went on the market for full price!  We found the most wonderful house to move into, perfect for our needs and in a great neighborhood.  We move in on Wednesday and couldn’t be happier!

Betsy Henry – Zen-Mama


I don’t consider myself an intuitive, but sometimes my intuition comes through loud and clear. My younger son, Andrew, is in his third year of college where he has been awarded a scholarship to play baseball.

With his college 90 miles away, my wife, and I see him frequently, but there are weeks when our only contact is through a telephone call or text message. In early March, I got a hunch he wasn’t okay – that he was struggling.

I dismissed the thought knowing that I would see him in a few days at his next game. I would asses him then. But the feeling kept coming back until it urged me to call my son.
He wasn’t okay.

My son was struggling with his grades, and the demands of the baseball team were weighing on him to the point he was thinking about quitting. After talking about his challenges, we came up with a plan of action he thought was achievable.

I truly think if I had waited to speak with him, he would have given up on his goals. I’m thankful that some everyday intuition moved me into action so I could help my son find the right answers.

Alex Blackwell – The Bridgemaker


The experience that made the biggest impression on me was in 2002..I was getting a strong sense of wanting to move from the beautiful town I was living in with my two small boys. It wasn’t a good fit for me. I kept “seeing” an old white farmhouse in my mind. Began drawing it in detail in my journals, began designing the rooms and picking out paint colors, thought about it before bed, every time I passed an old white farmhouse would think to myself “There’s my house”.

Some months later, I went to meet an old friend in her remote country town for lunch and I was describing to her my dream business, and where I would live and work. She said, “I have to show you this house”. I was not house-hunting, and did not have any money for a downpayment.. but.. we drove up to the house and it was in fact “my” house. Down to the last detail, everything I’d been seeing in my mind, drawing, thinking about.

And in spite of the reality of the finances, no deposit in sight.. I was able to buy it and we’ve been here for almost 11 years.”

            Lisa Claudia Briggs, MSW – Intuitive Body


“It seems that every time I get a gut feeling that I am going to see someone I know, I do. It happened most profoundly several years ago when I was flying from Pennsylvania to St. Croix VI (where I am from).
Unbeknownst to me, my father was also traveling on that same day. He was flying from St. Croix to the Dominican Republic.  As I was walking down the concourse to my connecting flight in Puerto Rico, something told me to look left and when I did, I saw my father walking by. It turned out, he was also waiting for a connecting flight in Puerto Rico and had to go to the restroom.
If I hadn’t looked left and he hadn’t had to go to the restroom, we never would have met that day. “
              Lisa Hamilton – Getting to Zen
I recently spent nine days in Michigan visiting my family. I have a very big ego! I am often tempted to give my opinion, a comment or unasked for advice when I see or hear something that I question or don’t agree with. Notice I said “tempted!” Because my gut feeling says loud and clear, “Don’t do it!” 
I always bring myself back to these Truths: I don’t know what anything is for. Everyone is on their own path. Everyone has a right to live their life, their own way. Everything is in Divine Order. This is not my business. And judgment is just plain wrong!
It’s because I have listened to my intuition  that I still have awesome relationships with my daughters, son-in-laws and grandchildren.
Tess Marshall – The Bold Life

I was looking for household help and interviewing several women for a two-year contract.  The search had been going on for weeks.  

Finally a suitable candidate came up. She appeared cheerful, positive and willing to learn.  Elated, I signed the required papers.  

However, when I got home, I had a gut feeling that started gnawing at me.  But, I had no logical explanation on why I was feeling that way.  This was troublesome because I had already signed the contract. 

In the end, I knew that I had to pay heed to my intuition.  So, I called the agency.  I explained that I had changed my mind.  Luckily, the manager agreed to annul the agreement.  

Meanwhile, the girl I was supposed to hire found out I had changed my mind.  She rang to beg me not to. Not only did she call once but several times.Her reactions made me uncomfortable.  

Two days later I found “The One”.  The girl I hired has been working for us for the last two years.  She has turned out to be the best helper I have had. What is great is that she also meditates and has many shared values! 

Evelyn Lim – Abundance Tapestry


Intuition & Safety


I’ll never forget my powerful experience with intuition, although it’s a painful memory and lesson.  

On July 27, 1993, my mom and I were going to go shopping.  My mom asked me if we should bring my younger brother along on the shopping trip, and for some reason, I advised that she probably should leave him home.  I don’t know why I thought this, but I felt compelled to answer in this way.  Unfortunately, when we left to go shopping, it was the last time my mom and brother would see each other.  

On the way home from our shopping trip, we got in a car accident, and my mom was killed instantly.  I was sitting in the only “safe” place in the car.  If my brother had been in the car, he surely would have perished as well.
It is a sad, but powerful lesson that shows the true power of intuition.  Had I not followed my intuition and told my mom to bring along my brother, I am certain he would not be alive today.

Victor Schueller – Victor Schueller


Over the years I’ve had many moments of everyday intuition, some that I paid attention to and others, I ignored to my detriment. It’s taken me a long time to understand and trust those moments.
The one that comes to mind was a day alone, cleaning the apartment. I realized I needed something from a top shelf in the kitchen cupboards and looked around for something to stand on. I was moving, so much of my furniture was already out of the apartment and I only had a few things left. I pulled over a chair and as I put one foot on it I heard as clear as day, “Don’t do it!” It happened so quickly: hearing those words, looking down at the chair and ignoring the warning.
Seconds later I was lying on the floor, elbow dislocated the chair shattered all around me. As I waited at the hospital, woozy from the pain-killers, I recalled the warning and promised myself that in future I would listen. It’s not always easy to listen to my intuition as it seems my intellect likes to disagree, but more and more it has become a practice that has impacted my life.
           Sandi Amorim – Deva Coaching
Quite a few years ago, my family and I were at a marina enjoying lunch outside and watching the boaters go in and out of the bay.  A young family with two very small children — one in a car seat — placed their children in their boat and set off to enjoy the beautiful afternoon on the water. 
They did not put life jackets on their children and I had an intense urge to stand up and call out to them to do so.  But I don’t always want to be the person drawing attention to “what’s wrong with this picture” and so instead used the situation as a water safety conversation with our own boys.  
After lunch, several rescue vehicles started to arrive and I had another really sick feeling.  The next day, I read in the paper that the young family’s boat had flipped in the water and one of those boys drowned.  I’ve never known quite what to make of this situation or how to process it.
Jennifer Boykin – Life After Tampons
Business Intuition

Typically if my business line shows a missed call and there’s no voice-mail message, I ignore it. I’ve never called a missed called number back, unless it’s from a personal friend. This comes from past experience of calling back missed calls only to find it’s a sales call or wrong number.

Well, one day this “normal” occurrence happened of seeing a missed call with no message, it was on my business phone line, but I couldn’t ignore it. For whatever reason I felt like I should call that number back, and when I went to shrug it off and not call, I felt an inner conflict, so much so that I texted my husband saying “do you ever call back a missed call number you don’t recognize on the business line?” He said, “no and neither do you, why are you asking?” I responded “I feel like I should call it.” He said, “that’s weird, you never do….maybe should, sounds like you want to.”

I tried again to shrug it off, but the thought came back to call that number. So to quiet that inner voice, I picked up the phone and dialed that number, it was a inquiry about our services and ended up being an awesome client, one of our best clients ever.

Aileen Mahoney – Evotive Marketing


Several years ago we took on a business project that looked and sounded great, two years later it turned out to be a great time waster and this meant lost business opportunities too. Not to mention there was no financial return.

If I had followed my intuition at the time we would never have proceeded, I can remember at the time I had the knowing, that gut feeling that makes you feel very uneasy. My intuition was spot on as it turned out and that was a big awakening for both of us.!

Today we use my intuition before either of us proceed with business opportunities as they arise. Des, my life and business partner says: “I know that not following ‘Suzie’s intuition’ is at my peril.”   

Suzie Cheel – Suzie Cheel


I told my best friend that I wanted to find a way to help people build self-love and avoid some of the pain I lived through. My agent was about to sell my book, “How do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways” when my gut feeling told me the best way to help people was to give the book away for free.

People thought I was crazy not to sell the book since I make my living as a writer but my gut literally screamed that I must do it. So I withdrew the book from sale, finished it and because of it, launched The Self-Love Movement™ in the fall. After giving away over 9300 books so far and getting thanks from many people who’ve read it, I have no doubt that doing this was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Daylle Deanna Schwartz – The Self-Love Movement




“The most powerful example of intuitive guidance in my life comes from times when logic and external sources all tried to work in the opposite direction of the “inner guidance” I was feeling and receiving.
One such example was deciding to make a major life change that included resigning from a secure job, and moving away from the city life, into a more natural way of life based on self-sufficiency. Reason and logic tried to sway against it, as did some family and friends. However by going within and trusting my inner guidance—my intuition—it turned out to be the most perfect set of choices for my path of personal evolution.
Three years later I look back with awe at how perfectly everything turned out because I chose to trust and follow my inner voice. Today I listen to that inner guidance more than ever, and greatly appreciate its role in my life.”
Evita Ochel – Eveta Ochel
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