Intuition & Following the Signs to Your Next Chapter

Intuition & Following the Signs to Your Next Chapter

New Year - New Chapter

Intuition & Following the Signs to Your Next Chapter

Are you ready for your next chapter in 2015?

Did your next chapter unfold elegantly or did it whack you upside the head like it did me?

When your next chapter unfolds elegantly it means that you have been listening to your intuition and taking the right steps. It shows that you’ve not been resistant to the messages and signs you’ve been getting. You know what you’re next steps are and regardless of whether they’re difficult or stretch you beyond you’re comfort zone you’ve been taking them.

If you became aware of your next chapter like I did – with a punch in the gut – it shows you’ve been ignoring the signs your intuition has been desperately trying to make you aware of.

Can you relate to my story?

Near the end of 2013 I vowed that I would finally quit my job in financial sales in 2014 or die trying. (Yes, I actually said that to myself…..I’m really passionate when I want something). So I jumped into training after training…I became a coach and took numerous marketing, copy writing, lead generation and advertising courses to ensure that I would make a living. I quadrupled my subscribers and replaced my work income plus more….and I quit! Mission accomplished. Yay!

Ignoring Your Intuition is Foolish

Here’s where the story goes awry…as 2014 drew to a close I was exhausted. I had been working seven days a week for 10-12 hours each day to accomplish everything I set out to do. I worked this many hours in order to keep up with all the courses and homework and to apply the lessons I was learning to my business.

Around Halloween I was out taking a walk when I noticed that I had been repeating the phrase, “Give me a break” in my self-talk.

Knowing that everything we think and feel emotionally is telegraphed to the Universe I immediately went into course correction mode and restated: Dear Universe, I don’t mean that I want anything “broken” in my life I mean that I’d like a vacation and a rest and to stop working so hard.

I thought, that’s that. I’ve handled things with Universe.

The problem though is that I did NOT take a vacation even though my body and mind were screaming for one.

I kept working and dragging myself through each day in order to keep up. (I had been teaching people to find their life’s purpose by following their intuition. After finding their purpose many wanted to create an intuitive business or healing practice around it so, I began teaching entrepreneurs to use marketing and lead generation to get more clients.)

When someone asks for my help I have a hard time saying “No,” even when I’m overburdened.

By the time Thanksgiving arrived I was not feeling well at all. No matter how much sleep I got I always looked haggard.

The Universe was no longer playing with me. I had ignored the telltale signs for too long.

How the Universe Whacked Me Into Waking Up

  • My body became the means for the Universe to give me a huge wake up call. I got diverticulitus a painful condition of the lower intestine that lasted for nearly two weeks but I still kept working.
  • My 17+ year old cat, Punkin, stopped grooming himself. He had always sat on my lap when I worked on the computer but now he would only lay on the floor next to my chair.
  • My computer accumulated a series of viruses that became so bad I had to replace the hard drive and lost the use of it for nearly 10 days.
  • Right before Christmas I drove Punkin to my veterinarian’s office crying the whole way there. It nearly killed me to do it but, I had to release him from his misery.


Don’t ask the Universe for a Break unless you’re ready to take one!

As I drove home with the empty carrier on the passenger seat I realized Punkin’s downward health spiral was a mirror of what had been happening to me over the last year that I’d chosen to ignore.

The Universe had stepped in to create the break I desperately needed because I refused to do it on my own.

For good measure, the Universe threw in a dose of the flu right after Christmas.

The Universe is always sending you signs

When you refuse to listen to your intuition and follow the signs the Universe will whack you on the head like it did me. I knew I was overtired and needed to rest but my need to accomplish everything on my “to-do list” caused me to resist the message.

The events of your life always mirror what is happening within you. If you look with an open mind you will see the signs everywhere.

What is your life trying to teach you? What lesson must you learn? How can you address the signs early on so that you don’t get whacked in the head?

Your Next Chapter

What messages is your intuition sending you about your next chapter? What must come to and end? What is your next step? Is it time to release unhealthy habits, relationships or a career that no longer suits you? Is your intuition whispering to you that it’s time to step out and create your own business?

My intuition has spoken and I’m listening. My next chapter is to find a balance between doing the work I’m passionate about and rest.  I love sharing information on following your intuition and I also love helping heart-centered entrepreneurs create profitable businesses around their passion but I realize I must make more time for my own self-care in 2015.

If you yearn to develop your intuition there is no better class than life itself! Your intuition is a sense just like the other five senses you have. You must learn how to rely upon it to navigate your life just as surely as you use your sight, hearing, touch, taste and sense of smell. When you listen it will always, always lead you in the right direction.

How to use your intuition to lead you to your next chapter: 

1. Pay attention to the whispers in the back of your mind. What are you being called to do? What are you being pulled toward? What are you being pushed away from?

2. Ask yourself if you have been purposely ignoring addressing certain things in your life. What do you have resistance around?

3. Get clarity. Go for a long walk in nature. If you meditate go within and listen. When your mind is quiet you will hear the whispers of your intuition.

4. Set your alarm an hour earlier and get up and journal. Start with this prompt: My next chapter is about…..keep writing until you feel you’ve emptied your mind onto the page.

5. Go to your closest friend and share what you came up with in journaling about your next chapter. Ask them if they feel you’re on target. Sometimes you need an outside opinion to confirm you’re on the right path.

2015 is here and it’s a blank slate. How will you fill it? Share your next chapter here in the comments. 

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Thanksgiving & the Secret Power of Gratitude – From the PBI Mailbox

Thanksgiving & the Secret Power of Gratitude – From the PBI Mailbox


Happy Thanksgiving! Today’s article comes to you from the Powered by Intuition mailbox.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow. –Melody Beattie, Author.

I receive a lot of email from subscribers asking for guidance with their problems.

Many people think that because you publish articles you must have all the answers. But, I’m here to tell you the truth: I don’t always have all the answers. I’m doing the best I can in life just like you are and learning as I go.

When I do have an answer or get an intuitive sense of what might be of help I share that with readers.

What I do know for sure is that, I learn a lot from answering your questions. Many times your questions make me think about things I would have otherwise never thought of so, for that I wish to say “thank you” for helping me grow as a human being.

Today I’m going to share the answers to two questions that are very timely due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Question 1.

Why can’t I move forward in my life? No matter what I do I can’t accomplish what I want and nothing ever gets any better. I’m afraid my life is never going to meet my expectations. I’m in a pointless dead-end job and a relationship that’s not going anywhere. Please help my life stinks!

I’m sorry to hear that your life stinks but I have a feeling that it may not be as bad as you think. I don’t want to minimize what you are feeling and since I haven’t “walked a mile in your moccasins” this is just my take on it.

First, congratulations! You have a job and you have a relationship – that is already more than most. I’m also assuming since you didn’t mention it that you have a roof over your head too and food to eat?

One of the biggest reasons people find their lives stuck in idle is because they are impatient and want to transform their lives really quickly. The truth is though that until you become grateful for what you have right now and acknowledge your achievements to date you will not move forward.

Gratitude is the secret ingredient that most people forget to add when trying to create the life of their dreams. To get unstuck it takes a tremendous amount of power to go from standing still to blasting off! And that power is GRATITUDE.

You need to tell yourself a couple of times a day,  no ten times,  no make that one hundred times per day: I am grateful for my wonderful life! (the more the better).

I am grateful for my magnificent, miraculous body!

I am grateful for my fabulous health!

I am grateful for my high energy level!

I am grateful for my loving family and wonderful supportive friends!

I am grateful for my stable home life and the roof over my head!

I am so grateful for my job and the lifestyle it affords me!

I am very grateful for being able to pay my bills!

And whatever else you can think of to be grateful for.

You see, once you start focusing on all that you have right now you begin building up an enormous reserve of power within you. This is the secret power of gratitude that you can use later on to help you blast off into creating the future you desire.

Until you learn to see and be thankful for what you have now you will remain stuck. The Universe is telling you that you’re not yet ready to move into the life of your dreams because you haven’t acknowledged the life you currently have.

Give thanks for what you currently have and all you have achieved to date. Pat yourself on the shoulder and tell yourself how brilliant you are for what you have created thus far. Then throw that impatience of yours out the window and focus on today.

As you give thanks what will happen is that the power of gratitude within you will grow so big and so powerful that it will explode and propel you right into the future you have been dreaming of creating for yourself!

Contrary to what you might think we never grow a little bit every day but in huge leaps and bounds all at once. Gratitude  is the energy that will eventually create a huge mental and emotional shift that expands your consciousness and moves you to the next stage of growth in your life.

So get busy getting grateful and then get ready for blast-off  ’cause it’s coming!

Question 2:

My chronic aches and pains are keeping me from being at the top of my game. I know I could achieve a lot more if I didn’t have my chronic conditions holding me back. I do affirmations about my health all the time and also go for spiritual treatments such as Reiki but nothing makes me feel better or gets rid of them completely. I don’t want to complain but I’m ready to give up. Why can’t I get rid of my ailments?

I’m so sorry to hear that you aren’t well. I don’t know what I would do if I was in constant pain. I think you ought to give yourself a lot more credit for what you’re able to achieve despite being unwell.

I’m not a doctor – and I can’t give any advice as to your condition but I will share my intuitive opinion with you.

I’m going to refer back to what I said in question one. I think focusing on what is going right in your life will help. Give thanks for what you have and count your blessings.

I don’t think saying an affirmation such as, “I am  healthy” when you’re not feeling well is going to accomplish much. It is telling yourself a lie. You know you don’t believe this affirmation so it doesn’t work.

Furthermore, if you have been to countless doctors and cannot get relief from the chronic ailments then maybe it’s time to shift your focus to what you can control instead?

Perhaps that is the entire point or lesson for you in all this? Maybe you would benefit from not wasting your energy on something that isn’t going to change? I’m not saying don’t try to get well or find a doctor who can help you but try to place more emphasis on what’s right with your life instead. I wonder if you began doing gratitude work if the severity of the ailments might diminish or go away entirely? I don’t know for sure but I don’t think it can hurt to try.

Also, sometimes we (including me) tend to think that because we are spiritual people, use affirmations, go to spiritual healers, do spiritual work on ourselves, etc., that our lives should be free of all problems but, I don’t think that is realistic. The only time we will no longer face problems and challenges is when we have died. My advice here is to not beat yourself up. You’re not doing anything wrong – you are just doing the best you can and that is all anyone of us can do.

I also think it might help to stop claiming ownership of the pain too. Don’t refer to these conditions or pains as, “my chronic ailments or pains.” Stop “owning” them. Every time you catch yourself doing this – give yourself a good sharp pinch and say, “No – stop it!” Get yourself out of the habit of making the ailments a part of you.

Offer assistance to someone who needs it and put your attention on others instead of yourself as much as all possible. There are numerous studies that show that when we help others in need we actually feel better too.  I read somewhere that author, Neale Donald Walsch says that our lives are not about us but about how we affect others. Reading that impacted my view of life deeply. Perhaps it will help you to put your life into perspective too?

You are not your ailment nor your pain. I hope you find relief. In any case – do give thanks for all that is right in your life. I bet there is more than you think.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Are you giving thanks for what is right in your life? What do you have to be grateful for? Leave comment and let us all celebrate together.

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