Who Inspires You?

Who Inspires You?

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I’m inspired daily by the contents in  my email in-box.

I feel very lucky indeed to be motivated by the fabulous posts on the inspirational blogs I subscribe to.

Since I started blogging I’ve “met” the most incredible people. I feel like we know each other and as if I’m meeting them for coffee in the  morning. They’re giving and supportive and chock-full of wisdom – each in their own unique way.

There’s nothing like sipping your coffee and feeling your enthusiasm rise for the projects  you’re working on simply by reading the empowering words of my fellow bloggers.

Here are some of my favorites. I encourage you to have a look:

Do you want to: Improve your Mind, Empower your Body, Inspire your Spirit? Then check out Aileen’s terrific blog at – Kaizenvision

Are you interested in: information and inspiration for beginning bloggers? Then you’ll learn a lot at Jean’s excellent blog –     Virgin Blogger Notes.

Do you need a push toward: moving toward the life you want? Then you have to read Katie’s motivating posts at –       Momentum Gathering.

Would you like to know more about Feng Shui, interior design or Asian culture and cooking? You’ll learn heaps from Jenny’s fascinating blog: Asian Lifestyle Design (seriously check out Jenny’s recipes!)

Are your struggling financially? Could you use some: Positive Living. Positive Results? Then go to Greg’s blog and explore the Law of Attraction at: Positive Waves Baby.

Can you envision pulling up stakes and moving to a Greek island and starting a whole new life? Carla did it and is: Finding Joy in The Here And Now at: Living Happiness.

Are you overwhelmed by the complexity of your life? Does having: less stuff, more joy appeal to you? Me too! Then by all means go to Christianna’s blog at: Elegant Simple Life.

Do you crave serenity? Manal has the formula: Awareness + surrender = Inner Peace and explains how to put it to practice everyday at her blog: One With Now.

Don’t we all want someone to show us the way? Madeleine dispenses excellent advice on a myriad of topics and the: Positive realities of growing older at her blog: Age Myths.

Do bios of the struggles of now famous individuals light a fire under your feet? Hulbert brings us fresh stories that inspire us everyday at his blog: From Bottom Up.

How about some really moving words from a true philosopher? Rob amazes me with his depth at his blog: Mind Adventure.

I read many other inspirational blogs – and I’m discovering new ones each day. If I’ve left anyone out I sincerely apologize. I’ll follow up with another list of more of my favorites again soon.

Why not start your day out right? How ’bout some inspiration with your coffee?

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