Using Essential Oils to Get a Good Night’s Sleep Supports Intuition

Using Essential Oils to Get a Good Night’s Sleep Supports Intuition

“Sleep is the best meditation.” –Dalai Llama

Using essential oils to help you sleep

This is a guest article by Neil Maycock for Powered by Intuition.

Editor’s note: I am not an advocate of pumping up productivity at the sake of getting less sleep.

The body needs a good night’s sleep and will function much better when we  get the right amount. We also receive intuitive guidance from our dreams. If we cut our sleep time – we are cutting out several sleep cycles and may lose out on receiving vital intuitive guidance via our dreams.

Sleep loss and being tired during the day will also block your intuition so, if you are having trouble sleeping – listen to your intuition – and try these tips shared by Neil Maycock to get a good night’s sleep.

After having gone through a difficult day it is always a pleasure to go home and have a good night’s sleep. Sleep is important to re-energize our body, especially if the following day is going to be another busy one. Sometimes, for a range of reasons, we can’t sleep at night. There are many possible reasons why a person is finding it difficult to sleep. But the fact remains that if you don’t get that sleep, tomorrow is going to be a much more difficult day than it was supposed to. You need to do something about that. In a situation like that, aromatherapy essential oils can come to help.

There are indeed oils that can help relax the body and enable it to sleep comfortably. Here are some of the oils you can rely on.


This essential oil offers an aroma that is soothing and refreshing. It can be really useful when you feel stressed as it brings balance to the body. If you had a bad day, this oil can help you wind down before getting into your bed. Sometimes you are anxious without even knowing why and lavender will help calm you down.


If you are dealing with insomnia, you might want to try chamomile. Chamomile has been used to help people dealing with post traumatic shock disorder, depression and loneliness. Intense fear, anxiety and irritability can also be dealt with using chamomile. It helps calm down the body. The aroma coming out of this oil has a sedative effect on the brain allowing a person to sleep.


The neroli oil invokes a feeling of joy and happiness whilst driving away depression and anxiety. Your mood will be uplifted with the aroma coming out of this oil. You can also rely on it to help compose yourself.


Benzoin is a stimulant and antidepressant which also has relaxant and sedative powers. It’s been used in different religious ceremonies around the world to uplift the spirit. Nervousness, stress and tension can be relieved using this oil. It has a tranquilizing effect that will help you forget about the bad events of the day.


This is another effective antidote for depression and emotional problems. If offers a clean citrus refreshing aroma that has a toning effect on the nervous systems and helps deal with psychological disturbances.

How those oils can be used

There are many ways one can choose to use the oils mentioned above. The main methods are massage, diffusion and inhalation.


You can choose to inhale the essential oil by just putting your nose next to the opening of the bottle and breathe deeply in, or put a few drops onto a handkerchief or tissue and inhaling the aroma. You can also put some drops of the oil in a bowl of hot water, sit down and bend over the steaming bowl, cover your head with a towel and inhale the aromatic steam that comes out of the bowl.

The disadvantage of this method is that once the water cools down and the effect of the aroma goes away progressively. You might wake up in the middle of the night needing another session of steam inhalation so then the oil on the tissue would be a suitable and practical alternative.


There are different massage techniques used to relax the body. The combination of massage and essential oils even works better. This technique allows the compounds inside the oil to be transferred directly inside your body through your skin and the effect is almost immediate.

The downside of massage is that you might need a professional to help you out. You can’t massage all your body by yourself. The good news is you can still take a bath with a few drops of the essential oil you want in the bathtub. That should help and you can massage oil into much of your body whilst in the bath. When finished you can then soak in the bath and luxuriate in the oils and their wonderful aromas.

The effect of massage and a bath might be much more long lasting compared to inhalation but the effect may still fade away throughout the night. Diffusion might last longer.


Diffusion is a technique used to spread the aroma of an essential oil in a room. One very simple way you can do this is by getting diffusion candles. There are many of those products in the market. Just by lighting one of those candles you are guaranteed to have a long lasting effect of the essential oil for a whole night. The candles are made to last long so they will keep the room’s atmosphere exactly the way you need it to be to have a good night.

You need to be careful when using candles though. Make sure to put them in an area where they can’t cause a fire. Alternatively you could use a reed diffuser which keeps the aromas coming all day and night. The strength of the aromas really depends upon the size of the room it is situated in. Try and keep it placed away from windows and doors where the aromas will escape and dilute quickly.

There are many other oils that you can use to help you sleep. The ones mentioned above are just the most popular ones. You can also choose to come up with different blends to improve on the effect. Remember always go for naturally produced essential oils, not the artificially produced ones.

Would you like to receive intuitive guidance via your dreams? Have you tried essential oils to induce sleep? Tell us about your experience.

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