Mediumship & Getting the “Secret Word”

Mediumship & Getting the “Secret Word”

Questions on Mediumship Readings and Answers: Have you ever gotten a “secret word” in a reading?

No, I don’t recall a deceased loved one ever giving me a “secret word,” and I don’t think you need one. I do recall many times saying things that a client responds to with, “Oh my goodness, that’s exactly what my mother/grandfather/wife used to say!” Or, “They always called me that!”

I can also recall times that spirit has shown a client where to find something such as jewelry, or other valuables, even when they might not have realized it was there, or missing. For example, I remember there was a missing college ring (that the deceased’s wife didn’t know was missing) that was down in a corner of the basement; and collectible coins that were found that the living relative was looking for; and undiscovered yellowed newspaper clippings about births, deaths and accomplishments of a mother’s children that she kept in an envelope in the back of their spice cabinet.

The reason why I don’t think you need a “secret word” is because being given hidden information that arises naturally during a reading is usually not only a memorable surprise to the client, but is extremely validating that you are communicating with an intelligent consciousness who is/was your mother/grandfather/wife, etc. And as a medium, I believe that the point of mediumship readings is to show that this intelligence continues after we shed the physical body.

Now, this brings me to my theory about “secret words.” I feel if you go into a reading and focus solely on getting this one piece of information in order to prove to yourself that this was really your deceased loved one, you’ll devalue all the other evidence, and miss the love they’re sending you from the other side because you’re heart and mind will be closed to everything but this “secret word.”

My advice on this is, sure mention it to them prior to the mediumship reading if you have set up such a thing (most people haven’t). It can’t hurt, but once you remind them let it go. Focus on everything they share with you during the reading. Be fully present and immerse yourself in the experience. I promise they will share memories you have long forgotten about that will absolutely validate to you that they are your loved one in spirit.

You are a vital part of making your reading successful, whether you realize it or not. If you’re agitated and annoyed that this “secret word” isn’t coming through that will affect the reading. The more relaxed and open you are, the more easily the spirit will be able to communicate through the medium, which in turn will allow more validating information to flow through to you.

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Mediumship Readings: Answering Readers Questions.

Mediumship Readings: Answering Readers Questions.

QUESTION: Can you make someone come through even if they’ve been deceased for 30, 40 or 50 years?

That’s a good question. The first thing to understand about Mediumship Readings is that a Medium cannot make a soul in the spirit world do anything. They have free will just as you and I do, and will show up to a reading if they want to. The length of time they’ve been on the other side doesn’t matter. It’s all up to them.

Interestingly enough, many times grandparents and great grandparents come through in readings even though they passed before the birth of the client. They know who you are and are aware of of you, and want to let you know they love you and are watching over you. When it’s time for you to make your journey to the other side they’ll welcome you home, as part of their soul family.

To show you that the number of decades a loved one has been deceased doesn’t matter, consider this example of a client who was researching the family tree. They knew nothing of their family beyond their grandparents, yet great grandparents and great aunts and uncles and their children (distant cousins) came through with many details of their lives to fill in the blanks about their family history. They were able to take the names and details about their distant relatives and delve more deeply into the online search of their genealogy.

Here’s a tip for you. If you have the opportunity prior to a mediumship reading, try to do some research, or learn from relatives who are still alive about your family tree. It will make the mediumship reading much more validating if you’re able to recognize the relatives when they come through.

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When Intuition Disappears – Answering Readers’ Questions

When Intuition Disappears – Answering Readers’ Questions

Today I’m opening the Powered by Intuition Mailbag and answering a question from a subscriber whose “Intuition has disappeared.”

“I’ve had ‘The Family Gift’ since my parents first recognized I knew things that I shouldn’t be able to know when I was around 3 years old.  However, almost a year ago, on December 9th, I lost my father to Cancer and he was also coerced by my stepmom to write me out of his will, which devastated and hurt me deeply!  I COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN!
Now I rarely feel, hear or see my invisible friends at all! How Can I overcome this obstacle, if it’s possible to do so. I have forgiven my Dad but the hurt won’t go away and I feel it is blocking me tremendously!
Any advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!”
MB, Alabama, USA
Dear MB,
I’m sorry to learn of your father’s passing and that you were cut out of your father’s will. I can understand how hurt you must have been. I’m glad you’ve forgiven your father though. This is a great question.
When we feel hurt, as you indicated in your email we can absolutely block our intuition. The pain caused by what we interpret to be a rejection is deeply wounding and traumatizing. Inside we may be thinking things such as, “I’m not worthy.” Or, “I could have not done this, or I should have done this instead” and we feel responsible for our loved one turning against us. Guilt is a huge block to Intuition. It’s a heavy burden and block that can and will affect many areas of our life. It can even affect our health and suppress the immune system if we believe that we deserve to be punished.
Regardless of whatever our role may have been (or not been) going over the “what if” scenario again and again will keep the pain in the present moment and keep us stuck in a vicious cycle of beating ourselves up for something that we now cannot change. Forgiving your father, your stepmom and yourself are the vital first steps to take. Of course, I understand that this is easier said than done. Daily meditation and reflection on loving them and yourself and stating that you are open to forgive will help pave the way for the pain to recede so you’re no longer a prisoner of the past and these painful emotions.
If you do feel in any way responsible for the outcome you might choose to “punish” yourself by suppressing what you call the “family gift.” If you feel that you deserve to be cast out from the family you might also feel on a subconscious level that you don’t deserve to have the family gift. It may also be a temporary symptom caused by the pain and grief you’re processing from the loss of your father in addition to the feelings of being rejected by being cut from his will.
Emotions are energy and deep pain and grief are very powerful ones. If you have read Dr. Hawkin’s book, Power vs. Force, you will be aware that every emotion corresponds to a frequency. The “higher” the frequency the more light and positive life force is contained within the emotion. This is why we are always trying to “raise our vibration.” The emotions that are denser are heavier ones such as grief and what we might call “negative” emotions.
Heavy/dense emotions do not contain as much “light.” All living creatures emit light or biophotons that can be seen under laboratory conditions. This light emission decreases when the organism is unhealthy and obviously stops when the organism dies. So when we are processing dense emotions our bodies are not in top form. Rather than traveling the bodies’ energy system and recirculating after being processed these dense emotions can get trapped. This sluggishness in the free flow of our life energy, creates what we refer to as “blocks.”

4 Steps to Raise Your Vibration and Clear Your Intuition Blocks:

1. Set aside 20 minutes a day to practice peace, love and gratitude.
Feel grateful for what you do have and review all that you do have instead of what you missed out on by being excluded from your father’s will. Feel love for your father and if at first it’s hard to feel love toward your stepmom, feel gratitude toward her for being there to take care of your father during his bout with cancer.
2. See yourself immersed in a still pond of peace. 
Focus on feeling as if this watery peace is being absorbed through your skin into every cell of your body. Feel this peace traveling through every vein in your body. See it bathing every organ. Start from the bones in your feet and see it washing and soothing everything it touches all the way up to the top of your head.
3. Send out love and gratitude. 
Feel the cleansing peace being released back into the world through your every breath as self-love and gratitude. See a golden bubble of pure light surrounding you, your father and stepmom. Feel how much love you have for yourself, your Dad and stepmom. Feel the gratitude at being alive and at having an opportunity to take what you’ve learned in life and try again each new day.
4. Forgive and let go.
Years ago I practiced with a group of Sahaja yogis and the leader of this group had a mantra that I still use to this day, “I forgive. I forgive everyone including myself.” Keep repeating that. Use it throughout the day when you feel a sense of injustice or anger toward your Dad or stepmom.
Eventually your intuition will return. It might be that at this time it’s more important to work on yourself right now rather than your intuition. These blocks may have “ballooned” now so that you have no choice but to deal with them and clear them, and most likely they were holding you back throughout your life in ways you hadn’t realized. In fact, this is probably a good thing. Clear your emotional blocks now so that you can be a fully charged clear channel for the next great chapter of your life!
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